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Chest tattoo for women – 60+ gorgeous templates and ideas!

Tattoo breast woman ideas mandala with rose tattoo design template

This year is all about minimalist and small tattoo designs. In addition to dainty finger and foot tattoos or those behind the ear, chest tattoos are also gaining more and more popularity. This part of the body is particularly popular with both women and men. However, the search for the right motif can sometimes be a real challenge. Have you already decided on a new tattoo and need some inspiration? Then read on – the most beautiful ideas for breast tattoos for women as well as many great templates can be found in our article!

Chest Tattoo for Women – How Painful is it?

Chest tattoo for women templates tattoo sayings ideas

Since the pain threshold is different for everyone, the subject of pain is very individual as with any other tattoo. However, the skin over the chest and sternum is extremely sensitive and thin, which is why this part of the body, together with the back, is one of the most painful of all. It can get very uncomfortable, especially below the chest and in the area of ​​the ribs. But the good news is that the body gets used to it after a while. If this is your first tattoo, we would recommend that you opt for a smaller design for the time being.

Tattoo on the chest for women – what to pay special attention to?

Chest tattoo for women flower tattoo with butterflies ideas

Before you decide on a chest tattoo and make an appointment in the tattoo studio, there are a few little things that you definitely need to consider.

  • Remember that the abdomen and chest are the two parts of the body that are most prone to change over the years. The breasts will change their shape, especially after pregnancy, or if there are major changes or fluctuations in weight and during the natural aging process.
  • The likelihood of connective tissue sagging is even greater if you have naturally large breasts.
  • The following applies to a breast tattoo for women "Less is more." – A smaller motif in soft colors looks much better and more elegant than a large pattern in black.
  • You should also adapt the tattoo to your own style – for example, if you prefer to dress in light pastel shades, a dark tattoo would attract too much attention and in some jobs this is not so popular.

Chest Tattoo for Women – These motifs and designs are best for this

Flower tattoo roses meaning chest tattoo woman templates

A chest tattoo can highlight your feminine side in an excellent and unique way. It is ideal for larger as well as for smaller and delicate pieces of art. The most popular motifs for a chest tattoo include various mandalas, flowers and butterflies. Below we show you many more great ideas and templates that could adorn your body.

Delicate and creative tattoo sayings 

Tattoo sayings templates tattoo motifs for women small

Give your cleavage tattoo a very personal touch by getting either an inspirational quote from a book or film or the name of a loved one. Lettering is a timeless classic in the world of tattoos and for good reason – they look very sophisticated and elegant. The area around the side of the chest is particularly suitable for chest tattoos. No matter if big or small – there is enough space on the ribs for everything and the possibilities for designs in this area are endless. Writing under the chest would be another great option. The best thing about these tattoos is that they can be ideally combined with other motifs – such as butterflies or flowers.

Beautiful mandala tattoos on the chest

Dekoltee tattoo mandala tattoo design templates

Beautiful, elegant and imaginative – mandalas are another very popular motif for chest tattoos. They look most beautiful in the area under the breast. It is up to you whether the tattoo is adapted to the shape of your breasts, lengthened or adorns your body all the way down to your stomach. There are absolutely no limits to your imagination – whatever you like is allowed! But since a chest tattoo is always very close to the heart, we recommend that you take a little more time to choose the right motif – you really have to like it very much and it would be even better if it also had a meaning Has.

Feminine flowers as a motif for chest tattoo for women

Dekoltee tattoo ideas butterfly with flowers tattoo design

Flowers in all different sizes and colors are among the most popular tattoo designs and are perfect for a tattoo on the chest. Whether a soft blooming lily or a rose with thorns – it underlines your feminine side. Minimalist tattoos have been very trendy in recent years and at the same time offer many advantages – on the one hand, fewer lines have to be engraved, which automatically means less pain and, on the other hand, they look much softer and finer.

Sunflower Tattoo Design Meaning Tattoo Chest Woman

Sunflowers are also very welcome for a décolleté tattoo. Not only does this motif look good, it also has a very deep meaning. Nowadays it is used very often in connection with the environment and nature and is a symbol of love, hope and joie de vivre.

Phoenix chest tattoo for women

Wings tattoo chest templates phoenix tattoo motif meaning

The phoenix tattoo is another timeless classic that is very popular with both women and men. Pierced horizontally under the breastbone, it looks extremely elegant and adapts wonderfully to your body silhouette. A phoenix stands for rebirth, the cycle of life and the ability to achieve high goals – everything that most people would like to wish for.

Tattoo chest woman elephant mandala tattoo design meaning

Even if the chest is one of the most painful parts of the body for a tattoo, the result is definitely worth it in the end. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a beautiful and filigree tattoo, but can hide it every now and then if necessary. It is not always visible and when it does, it will delight absolutely everyone who sees it. Especially in summer on the beach it will create a wow factor and attract everyone’s attention. Combine some tattoo styles with each other and in this way give your chest tattoo even more dimension and character.

Cleavage Tattoo for women 

Chest tattoo for women templates flowers tattoo motifs with meaning

In order for a tattoo to come into its own, the right part of the body plays a very important role in addition to the motif. A tattoo between the breasts is very daring and only suitable for the very brave of you, but it still looks cool. A combination of a flower with light shades and fine lines looks very exciting and unique.

With a chest tattoo, the scars from a mastectomy hide

Breast cancer tattoo design templates butterfly tattoo meaning

Many women opt for a breast tattoo after a mastectomy – this way you cover up their scars and turn them into beautiful ornaments, birds or flowers. It looks good and helps wearers to feel good again in their own bodies. In the USA, the organization Personal Ink ( has even developed an app where every affected woman can upload a picture of her own breasts and try out different motifs for a breast tattoo. If someone finds the right motif and wants to decorate his body with it, the donation-dependent team recommends a tattoo artist in the area who already has experience with such tattoos.

Koi fish cleavage tattoo 

Koi Fish Meaning Tattoo Design Templates Japanese Style Tattoos

Japanese style tattoos are very detailed, usually have a very deep meaning and therefore most likely will never go out of style. The Koi fish, also known as carp, is a classic Japanese tattoo motif and is strongly associated with Japanese culture and history. It stands for strength, courage and assertiveness. Since a Koi fish is almost always stabbed swimming upwards, it is perfect for a tattoo on the chest.

Chest Tattoo for Women – More Beautiful Templates and Ideas

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