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Bird Tattoo for Women and Men – 50 Ideas, Templates & Meanings

Bird tattoo as a silhouette on the wrist eagle in black

Once again, we would like to introduce you to a trendy and popular tattoo design that is a common choice among both men and women. What is meant is the bird tattoo, which is chosen in the most diverse forms and variants. The bird as a symbol of freedom not only adorns larger areas of the body such as the chest, back or thighs, but is also suitable for smaller accents on the wrist, finger, foot or neck. And here the birds cannot just represent a complicated portrait. Minimalist motifs are also in great demand and are particularly suitable for the small bird tattoo. Furthermore, with Vogel Tattoos you have the choice between simple blackwork tattoos and colorful variants. If you would like to see some ideas and examples for all of these variants, the 50 bird tattoo templates that we have put together for you can be very helpful. Be inspired by them and work out your own personal design with your tattoo artist.

Bird tattoo meaning

minimalist seagull in black and clouds made of dotwork

The bird tattoo can’t just be a symbol of freedom. Depending on which bird was depicted, the tattoos can also have other symbols. And differences can also arise in the various religions or cultures. We would therefore like to introduce you to some of the most popular birds and their different meanings.

  • the owl – Happiness, grace, wisdom, superiority, messenger of death, fear
  • the dove is on the one hand an international symbol for peace, but it also has other positive meanings: fertility, new beginnings and rebirth, family, hope, beauty, victory, harmony, success, Christianity
  • Eagle – Courage and bravery, strength, self-confidence, conviction, independence, honor, superiority, protection, masculinity, wisdom, freedom
  • swan – Beauty, elegance, grace, love, family, loyalty, balance, purity, enlightenment
  • humming-bird – Daring, vitality, loyalty, family, maternal love, monogamy, new beginnings, courage, passion
  • Crow – Knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, death, magic
  • swallow – Energy, strength, tirelessness, hard work, love, kinship, joy, hope, peace (especially the white swallow), life
  • penguin – Unity and family, perseverance, adaptability, patience, communication
  • Phoenix Bird tattoo meaning – virtue, hope, immortality, magic, mythology, invulnerability, goodness
  • gull – Freedom, adaptation, ingenuity, creativity, social
  • larch – Dawn, happiness, opportunity to win
  • peacock – Beauty, grace, unity (due to the dense feathers of the tail), patience, compassion, sincerity, optimism, hope, faith, happiness, wealth, symbol of the male sex, arrogance, pride

small tattoo with birds on a branch

Of course, this is only a small selection. In principle, all bird species can be chosen. If you combine birds with other motifs, you can put together a very individual meaning and message. So the tattoo with a bird cage is to be understood negatively and means captivity, coercion, misfortune and also grief. For this reason, it is rarely found. If you take the same cage, but leave it open and depict a bird that is fleeing, it takes on a completely different meaning. This is why additional motifs have such a big impact.

Penguins tattoo with crescent moon

Of course, your bird tattoo doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything. If you just find a particular bird beautiful, you have just as much right to get a tattoo. A species of bird does not necessarily have to be shown. Simple black silhouettes in the form of a flock of birds tattoo as the main or accompanying motif are just as pretty to look at and often adorn the bodies of men and women. However, a single bird silhouette can also be chosen as a tattoo. You can find an example of this in the cover picture. As you have already seen in the list above, the phoenix is ​​not infrequently chosen as a motif, although it is a mystical, unreal bird. The phoenix bird tattoo, however, has an interesting meaning that makes it so popular. The bird of paradise tattoo is also popular, but also the kiwi as a bird tattoo.

Black and white or color?

Idea for a bird tattoo on the thigh for women with crescent moon and flowers

Whether you choose a colored or black and white bird tattoo depends on your taste, but also on the type of bird. The hummingbird, for example, is known for its colorful plumage, which is why it is perfect for a colored tattoo. In fact, only then can it really come into its own. A penguin, swan or a swallow, on the other hand, are naturally black or white and can therefore also be depicted in this way, but this does not mean that colored interpretations are not possible. A black and white bird can also be surrounded by colored additional elements. All of this should be thought through in advance and discussed with your tattoo artist later. Sure, he can give you a few helpful ideas and tips.

For which areas of the body?

Hand tattoo with swallow and hexagon 3D effect

We have already mentioned that the tattoo with bird is a universal motif, which in principle is suitable for all areas of the body. Therefore, on the one hand, the correct range is more determined by the gender and taste of the wearer. The women tend to prefer areas of the body such as the neck, thighs, feet or wrists, but this does not mean that they do not choose other areas as well. Men, on the other hand, often dare to work on larger motifs and use large areas such as the back, chest, stomach or upper arm or thigh.

colorful bird and symbol as inspiration

When choosing the right area of ​​the body, however, the species of bird can also play a role and vice versa – once you have chosen the area, the species of bird can sometimes also depend on it. Small and more delicate birds such as the hummingbird, the corn, the sparrow or the larch are great for smaller tattoos and can be used for a bird tattoo on the wrist, neck, behind the ear and the like. Large and, above all, magnificent bird species are usually more suitable for larger areas, as they come into their own there and can be displayed in their full glory. For example, you can choose the eagle, phoenix or peacock as a bird tattoo for the back or as a bird tattoo for the chest.

Ladies bird tattoo with flowers on forearm

All in all, we would like to emphasize once again that these are not strict rules and that you can ultimately design the tattoo and place it where you want. It’s your body and your subject, after all, and you want it to please you first and foremost. Our tips and ideas should only serve as a suggestion and stimulate you to think so that you are completely satisfied in the end. But now take a look at other ideas for the bird tattoo for men and women and see how they work on the different areas of the body.

symmetrical idea for both arms with cranes and dotwork

geometric elements for the bird tattoo triangle with phoenix

geometric bird tattoo for ankle crane origami

colorful forearm tattoo with yellow birds and purple background watercolor

large phoenix bird tattoo for arm and chest

Wrist tattoo with flying bird

Men's bird tattoo for forearm

Bird's eye view idea for a woman's back zentangle

Idea with crane and Japanese motifs water lily and mountains

small bird tattoo with penguin and watercolor effect

Men tattoo with blue maize and flowers for arm

minimalistic bird tattoo with green branch and dove of peace

Seagull with abstract geometric motifs Maomi tattoo

cute motif with twig and sparrow on the ankle

Upper arm tattoo idea with hummingbird and geometric design

Peacock in green and blue with beautiful meaning and watercolor

Back tattoo with black ravens and moon

beautiful women tattoo with bird and floral motifs

Shoulder tattoo flying corn for women

Black and white robin with a red accent as a male or female tattoo

Sparrow tattoo in orange and black in a watercolor look

Symbol love with swallows as arm tattoo

Tattoo with dove and clock with meaning peace

Birds as a little accent mountains on the foot

Bird with the effect of a sketch and color accent in light blue

Bird tattoo 3D eagle head on forearm

Bird tattoo of impressive eagle with colored eye in 3D

Bird tattoo for men with swallows and lettering

funny portrait with a bird's head and a hat made of newsprint

abstract design for chest tattoo in the shape of an eagle

Eagles as a classic for men tattoos

Suggestion for shoulder and upper arm in light blue with clock and raven

Watercolor and graffiti effect for a woman tattoo with a bird

attractive raven in black crow tattoo

attractive watercolor tattoo with flowers and hummingbirds for the back

attractive arm tattoo with phoenix in black and white

colorful parrot with mosaic effect as a bird tattoo

Owl tattoo means wisdom blackwork

colored arm tattoo with peacock for men

hard-working swallow for the hand in black

Foot tattoo with yellow bird and meadow flowers

Bird tattoo templates for hummingbird peacock and phoenix