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Biomechanics Tattoo – 50 images with robotic motifs and 3D effect

Biomechanics Tattoo back-spine-bones-man-woman-wing

A Biomechanics tattoo is a real eye-catcher and has grown in popularity in recent years. Men usually have biomechanical tattoos tattooed on the calf, upper arm, whole arm, back and chest. With these tattoo motifs, 3D effects and optical illusions are in the foreground. Biomechanical tattoos are supposed to show what happens under the skin as if it had been torn open. Organs, bones and muscles are replaced by machine parts and other mechanical instruments.

Biomechanics tattoo on the calf

biomechanics tattoo calf shock absorber strut machine parts

Biomechanics tattoos represent a mixture of mechanics and organic life, of man and machine. Bones and joints have been replaced with metal parts and gears. Instead of muscles and tendons, you see cables, tubes and chips. The idea is to simulate a third dimension under the skin. A shock absorber on the calf is perhaps the most popular biomechanical motif that should replace the leg bone.

Biomechanics tattoo on the back


Science fiction fans in particular who love stories and films about Ciborgs, cyberpunk worlds and “biomechanoids” wear biomechanics tattoos. The meaning of such a tattoo depends on the wearer. For many, these usually represent the fight between good and evil, human versus machine.

Tattoo on the back and whole arm

biomechanics tattoo back man whole arm spine

Biomechanical tattoos achieve unique three-dimensional effects and are generally quite complicated. A high level of perfection is required of the tattoo artist because many small details have to be reproduced realistically. The best tattoo artists skillfully play with light and shadow, stage different textures and create masterful depth in their designs.

3D biomechanical tattoo design on the lower leg


For biomechanical tattoos all colors and shapes are used to represent the musculoskeletal system of a robot. Colored tattoos are also great choices.

In our picture gallery you will find a small collection of tattoo designs on the subject of biomechanics. The motifs are extremely diverse and look super realistic. Have fun browsing!

Chips and mechanical elements 


A battery instead of a heart


Robot parts instead of a human skeleton


different colors can be used for the tattoo


a skull motif subtly integrated into the tattoo design


realistic tattoo of a complicated mechanism – on the calf

biomechanics tattoo calf shock absorber strut robot parts

3D shock absorber on the calf

biomechanics tattoo calf shock absorber strut tattoo 3d effect

Fire in the background

biomechanics tattoo calf robotic leg strut tattoo fire background

3D effect when the skin was torn

biomechanics tattoo calf shock absorber piston spring colored

Metal pistons and gears


Tubes and tubes replace muscles and bones

biomechanics-tattoo-upper arm-calf-leg-robot

Stereo under the skin

biomechanics tattoo forearm music stereo system

3D biomechanics tattoo on forearm


Tribal motifs

biomechanics tattoo tribal leg man images

Lion motif integrated in the large tattoo on the back

biomechanics tattoo back man lion machine parts

Biomechanics tattoos on the ribs for women


Mechanism under the skin


Skeleton motifs and red accents

biomechanics-tattoo-upper arm-skull-red-ink

red cables instead of artheria

biomechanics-tattoo-upper arm-red-cable-man

Tattooo biomechanics on the upper arm

biomechanics-tattoo-upper arm-robot-parts-3d-effect

biomechanics-tattoo-upper arm-mechanism-silver


biomechanics-tattoo-upper arm-green-robotic-arm

biomechanics-tattoo-upper arm-chest-gertiebe


biomechanics-tattoo-heart-upper arm-gears-gear

biomechanics-tattoo-heart-upper arm-shoulder-robot-parts

biomechanics tattoo heart muscle gears cable colored

biomechanics-tattoo-heart-upper arm-metal-tubes

biomechanics-tattoo-heart-chest-upper arm-metal parts


biomechanics tattoo whole arm red accents

biomechanics tattoo whole arm robot parts under skin





biomechanics tattoo whole arm colored man







biomechanics tattoo upper arm chain gear gears skull