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53 ideas for tattoo templates motifs and their symbolic meaning


In this article we would like to introduce you to 53 interesting Ideas for tattoo templates and also explain their meaning. When considering getting a tattoo, there are a few things you should know about. To give you a brief overview, you can scroll through this article.

Ideas for tattoo templates: The classic rose tattoo


Due to its many thorns, the rose was often immortalized on the skin as a symbol of a life that was not too easy. Today the beautiful flower as a tattoo represents a symbol for immortal love with extreme passion. But not only the motif, but also the different colors of the rose play a major role in the symbolism.

If you are not so into colored tattoos, a rose also looks very beautiful in black and white! Here, too, you can create impressive works of art with details, shading, shapes and lines!

Eagle tattoo

The eagle is one of the most famous and imposing birds of prey and is well known as a symbol and heraldic animal. In Greek mythology, among the Egyptians and the indigenous peoples such as Aztecs and Incas, gods and the cult of the sun were depicted in the shape of an eagle. Romans set the eagle as an army symbol for the Legion and it established itself as a heraldic animal in history that Germans, Austrians and Americans know particularly well. It is not uncommon for the bird to be associated with nationalism or other political currents. Most of all, the eagle signifies strength, pride, power and wisdom. When it comes to tattoos, it depends on how the subject is presented. The most beautiful effect is achieved by an eagle in flight. However, a little more space is required and it is usually stabbed on the chest, back and upper arms.



The swallow, like the eagle, is one of the classic tattoo motifs. It used to be a sign of seafaring, because for seafarers the bird meant that the coast was close by. Sailors have swallows tattooed on their chests, believing that in case of misfortune, the bird will carry their soul out of the sea to heaven. In this sense the swallow stands for hope. On the other hand, with the chosen partner, these birds stay with them all their lives. That is why the motif is often engraved in pairs and symbolizes partnership, togetherness, loyalty and kinship.



Another bird is extremely popular as a tattoo motif – the hummingbird. It is probably the smallest known bird, although there are 330-340 different species in the world. Because they look small and cute, they become very popular, especially with women. Hummingbird tattoos stand for freedom and celebration, as they flap their wings exceptionally quickly and are therefore extremely flexible. Most of the time, you choose the motif when something beautiful has happened that has completely changed your life. Hummingbird tattoos are rarely shown in large, which is why they are very suitable for subtle areas that are not always obvious.

Moth / moth


Moths or moths come as a variation of the butterfly and are mainly associated with wings through the metamorphosis from larva through pupation phase to large individuals. Exceptionally, moths can be found everywhere on earth in the polar regions. In nature they are very sensitive beings who perceive everything in their environment through their fine receptors and these properties are also symbolically transmitted through the tattoo. As a personal totem, the moth stands for sensitive people who have strong intuition and also healing powers. They often find themselves in the role of protector and caretaker and accept everyone involved for who they are. The moth energy is optimistic, shows spirituality and can teach us to free ourselves from unwanted influences and to find our personal joy. Moths wrap their wings around their bodies in a very interesting way and are accordingly represented as a tattoo.


Ideas for tattoo templates -motive-tattoo-meaning-seagull

The seagull is primarily associated with the sea and the beauty of flight. It is a symbol of freedom and independence, but also of tenderness. For seafarers, such a tattoo is often a constant reminder of their home, of their loved ones, of the mainland. Fishermen wear the tattoos as a symbol of a good catch. Seagulls are also known as prison tattoos and represent the freedom you have lost. Selected motifs are often engraved on the back of the hand or shoulders.

Owl or eagle owl

Ideas for tattoo templates -motive-meaning-owl-uhu-skull

Owls are birds of prey that hunt primarily at night and are rarely seen during the day. They are dangerous, silent hunters, and perhaps for these reasons people fear them. In the legends and myths, these birds are seen as harbingers of bad luck and death, but on the other hand they are a symbol of wisdom and goodness. So you can find owls as a sign of schools, universities and books. In esotericism, the owl is viewed in a positive context with transmigration of souls, the subconscious, with dreams and as a power animal. In many cultures, the bird of prey is primarily associated with death and misfortune. Here it is of great importance how the subject is represented. An owl is often represented with a clock, a mirror or a key. This symbolism expresses the connection between the soul and time, the inner life.



Stars are one of the most popular tattoo designs. Like other tattoos, they originally come from the sailors and symbolize the way home. Here, however, several different types are to be distinguished. Here is a quick overview of some of them and what they mean:

  • Star with a tail, shooting stars – happiness, success, wishes that come true
  • nautical star – for orientation in difficult times
  • Star of David – six-pointed, a symbol of Judaism, has a spiritual meaning for the unity of heaven and earth
  • Pentagram – five-pointed, with the point downwards – symbol of the devil, upwards – protection and balance
  • several falling stars – a certain difficult time in the wearer’s life





Ideas for tattoo templates – rockabilly cherries


Swallows, anchors, stars and cherries are very common in rockabilly fashion. These are also very popular as motifs on clothes, accessories or as tattoos. In Japanese culture, cherries are a symbol of purity and self-discovery. In the West, cherries are a symbol of temptation and freedom.

Ideas for tattoo templates- feather tattoo


In many cultures, the feather and bird motifs play a major role as they symbolize the element of air. Even with the ancient Egyptians the pen had a religious symbolism, with the Indians the pen stood for truth, courage, strength and bravery. In ancient Rome she was seen as a sign of Juno, the queen of the goddesses.

Detailed or stylized, a feather tattoo is not just a fashion trend, but a sign of openness, freedom and lightheartedness, communication and intelligence. The feather tattoo can also be interpreted as a symbol of creativity – for centuries, people wrote with quills and ink.

Ideas for tattoo templates – peacock


The peacock is a popular tattoo motif due to its special plumage in the positive symbolism, which is equally suitable for women and men. The colorful, beautiful bird basically symbolizes rulership, vanity, beauty, wealth and luxury, passion, immortality, pride and narcissism. The peacock tattoo is best suited as a large-area motif on the back, side or chest.

Tattoo template ideas – phoenix

tattoo template-back-tattoo-design-phoenix-meaning

The firebird with reddish yellow plumage is a symbol of renewal and return. The phoenix is ​​a good tattoo motif, especially if you have to change your life through a drastic experience or if you want to remember a new beginning in a positive way. The colors breathe even more symbolism into the tattoo.

A phoenix with fire and flames can also be connected for pain, sadness and leftover ashes.

Body art work with tribal motifs

black cat tribal tattoo template ideas

To this day, tribals are very popular as tattoo templates. The Maori tribal symbols consist of simple curved lines and patterns that are attributed to the fire and are mostly executed in black. These motifs are still used wonderfully to highlight certain parts of the body and usually allow great design freedom.

Tattoo template ideas – dragons 

linear illustration dragon design tattoo template ideas

Dragon tattoos have been engraved for a long time and have not lost their appeal to this day. Dragons can be found in almost every culture. All possible properties were ascribed to him – the dragon embodies the power of the ruler, intelligence, he is a good luck charm and a symbol of fertility, purity, hope, but also of jealousy.

A dragon as a tattoo also stands for the wearer’s struggle with himself. It is just as suitable as a chest tattoo as it is on the back.

Butterfly is symbolic of change and renewal


Butterflies are a popular motif for beginners. They can be engraved in a wide variety of designs and sizes – from photo-realistic to abstract. The variety of colors is just as great and there are many possible combinations with other motifs such as flowers. As a result, all parts of the body are actually suitable for this tattoo.

The tattoo symbolizes the development from the caterpillar to the butterfly, as well as the resurrection and immortality of the soul.

Tattoo Template Ideas – Wolf

Howling wolf tattoo design inside forearm design

Depending on the region, the wolf tattoo has different meanings. The howling wolf is often used as a tattoo motif, although it is a bit melancholy and often seems lonely and abandoned. Wolves represented in a shadow represent strength, the black color emphasizes the dark side of the wolf. The black wolf is wild, dangerous. However, the wolf as a tattoo is a powerful statement about the wearer and a warning to others.

Christian tattoos – cross


The cross – the connection between the divine and humanity is an ancient symbol and popular tattoo motif. The horizontal line represents the earth and the vertical line indicates the sky. The cross tattoo is suitable both as a single motif and wonderfully in combination with other motifs.

The rose is symbolic of love in one life


Rose with thorns drawing


Tattoo template with roses and musical elements


Shark&Rose tattoo template

red rose shark tattoo ideas tattoos

American Indian tattoo template

tattoo template indian headdress feather

Feather as a mediator to the spirit world


The ancient Egyptian sun god Re


Peacock feather tattoo motif

peacock feather design tattoo ideas templates

Bat as a motif can be engraved as a tribal

tribal bat tattoo design template

Tribal lion head tattoo


Fox in tribal look

tattoo template-tribal-fox-stylized-body-art

Butterfly motif with initials


Linear tribal butterfly


More tattoo template ideas: wings


Sparrow on clef


Flowers with color


Schwerz & heart


Playing card ace

Tattoo template design playing card ace burning

Tattoo template with dandelions


Nature inspired illustration


Arrows in opposite directions

ideas tattoos arrows tattoo motif template

Motifs from the Asian region


Samurai motif

Samurai warrior two-swords-ideas-tattoo template

Lettering in the infinity symbol

Tattoo template endless symbols lettering

Octopus template


Ideas for tattoo templates with musical motifs

Guitar flower tattoo abstract motifs ideas template

Note closings 


Abstract illustration


Libra tattoo idea

Libra stylized zodiac tattoo design ideas

Flower motif


Superman tattoo template