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50 Small Partner Tattoos: Romantic Ideas for a Partner Tattoo

tattoo ideas for couples anchor-maritime-halt-symbol-men-women

You and your fiancé still believe in the saying “Until death do us part” and would like to get a couple tattoo, but you still have no idea what it might look like? Then take a look at the pictures in this gallery! There are many people who hold the tattoos as a sign of their partnerships and also hope that when they have this little talisman, your relationship does not fall apart. However, a couple tattoo is not a guarantee of eternal love, but a nice sign of respect and union. Are you curious? Here are 50 cool and diverse ones Tattoo ideas for couples, which quite a few couples have already done to express their love and friendship!

Tattoo ideas for couples and best friends

tattoo ideas for couples mr-mrs-mickey-mouse-minnie-couple

Couples used to go to the tattoo parlor together to immortalize the partner’s name within a heart on the body. But there are other ways to be original too. For example with subtle finger tattoos – the latest craze in tattoo fashion! Tattoo patterns for fingers are usually very small and still very beautiful.

However, a tattoo on this noticeable area is very painful. Since the skin on the hands reappears more quickly, finger tattoos cannot always be expected to last very long.

Tattoo ideas for couples as proof of love


Get tattooed in style! Couple tattoos are a common affair, but very much dependent on individual taste. You should choose a design that both partners find beautiful and which corresponds to your individualities and temperaments.

Before deciding on a partner tattoo, you should think carefully because one day you could deeply regret it. Lovers should always keep in mind that love first makes you blind, but then eyesight slowly comes back.

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Tattoo Ideas for Couples: How to Express Your Love

tattoo-ideas-couple-birthday-anchor-watercolor-idea-blue-orange-purple-red ombre

On the one hand, you have the choice between black and white and colorful tattoo motifs. While some prefer it a little more subtle with only a few black contours and at most a few shades, others like it really beautifully colored. It is also not necessary to use the same colors for both tattoos. Just because your partner isn’t into colors doesn’t mean you have to choose a black one too.

Take a look at the example above. Both designs consist of an anchor with each other’s birthday in Roman numerals. The motifs again differ in their color. While the male has tones from the blue color palette, the other impresses with yellow, orange and red.

Different parts of the body


Also, the tattoo ideas for couples do not have to be designed on the same area of ​​the body for both partners. The couple’s flowers above are not only depicted once on the forearm and once on the back, but they also differ in their design. It is important that both motives interact with each other in certain activities. Here it happens when the man puts his arm around his wife.

Different motifs

tattoo-ideas-couple-teabag-teacup-upper arm-idea-men-women

The teabag and the teacup are two very different motifs, which individually mean nothing special, but appear much more logical next to each other. The tattoo ideas for couples can symbolize your preferences or hobbies. Maybe you both have a ritual where you always drink tea together? Then this is a good idea.

Roses for women and men


Are roses only for girls? Not at all! The romantic motifs are also becoming increasingly popular with men. So it’s no wonder that they are perfect for the partner tattoo. Discreet and attractive at the same time, they attract everyone’s attention. The designs above also hide another symbol and that is the popular infinity sign, which in this case symbolizes infinite love. The roses have the two colors pink and blue.

Handwriting lettering

tattoo-ideas-couple-inner-arm-upper arm-arrow-i-love-you-more

How about if you choose a lettering and also use your own handwriting? To do this, just write the sentence on a piece of paper and the tattoo artist will simply transfer this onto the body.

Initials with motifs


Initials are anything but rare for tattoo ideas for couples. You have the choice between a combination of the letters of both partners or each partner receives the letters of the other. Combine with some pretty motif ideas to make the design more interesting.

Quotes from films or books


Quotes from books, songs and films are at least as popular as initials. It could be a shared favorite movie or a song that symbolizes your love. Of course, you can also just look for a random quote that corresponds to the occasion, best reflects your relationship or common dreams or just sounds romantic.


The ring tattoo on the ring finger is not that noticeable and can appear very elegant and stylish. Very often this is chosen by married couples. The tattoo is not only cheaper, but also not as annoying as a real ring. Men in particular sometimes don’t like rings, so such tattoo ideas are a great alternative for couples.

Tied to a partner for eternity


A romantic tattoo that forms a sentence when both hands come together. This idea is particularly nice, because it shows the togetherness perfectly, but also works very well individually.

Couple tattoo ensures pure romance


These two people created the message “I love you more” in English with writing on their wrists.

Tattoos on the hands


This tattoo is way more eye-catching than what we usually see. If photography is your interest then this design might be right for you!

Heart tattoo – a sign of true love


Another original design when the arms of the two people come together and a beautiful metaphor at the same time: “If the halves do not come together, it makes no sense”. An amazing example of love with meaning.

Romantic finger jewelry

Bodyart-for-lovers-tattoo-ideas-for-couples-diamante-ring fingers

Puristic tattoo ideas for couple triangles


The partner’s initial tattooed on the ring wrestler


Using bodyart as a universal language of love


Couple tattoos that illustrate the chemistry between the two


Couple tattoos on the wrist


Flower tattoo stylized


Two foxes


Immortalize your marriage date


Forearm tattoo ideas


Couple tattoo X and O


Tattoo ideas for couples


Cross on the forearm


Sayings for motivation


Stylized initials


One Love 


Feather tattoo


Gorgeous finger tattoos


Anchor tattoo for lovers


Stylized love arrows and hearts


Body art inspired by playing cards


Eagle owl and tree couple tattoo

matching-finger-tattoo-ideas-for-couples-tree-eagle owl

Subtle tattoo ideas for couples – little hearts


Tattoos on the wrist


Caution! Explosive love!


Wedding tattoos with love arrows and silhouettes


Mandala that composes


Foxes tattoo ideas


Partner tattoos inspired by cartoons


Laser swords – tattoos for couples


Stylized arrows on the forearm


key and lock


Love birds tattoo design