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40 subtle tattoo ideas for women on various parts of the body

subtle tattoo ideas for women waist pulse lettering

In women, tattoos are a symbol of self-expression, freedom and self-awareness. A large tattoo is guaranteed to cause a stir. However, a smaller, unobtrusive tattoo may sometimes be a lot more interesting and mysterious. Who inspiring small tattoos for women is looking for, can enjoy the following images and be inspired by them to create your very own design.

Subtle tattoos for women – an overview of the best parts of the body

subtle tattoo ideas for women foot-mountains-nature

The best places for small tattoos for women are considered to be wrists, neck, forearm, fingers, ear lobes and also the area behind the ear. Anyone who already has experience with tattooing knows for sure that these areas on the body are suitable for less painful sticking. In contrast, places directly above a bone (e.g. the ankle or collarbone) are more sensitive and cause greater pain. On parts of the body where the skin stretches a lot when you gain or lose weight over the years, it is better not to get a tattoo. Some parts of the body have their advantages – with arm tattoos, the skin stretches much less than on the stomach, back or thighs.

Small tattoos for women as a form of personal jewelry

subtle tattoo ideas for women cat-diamond-partner-peace-fingers

The tattoo should be something very personal. Above all, it is important that the tattoo meets personal taste and that it can be expanded if necessary. A careful analysis in advance is therefore necessary in order to avoid any disappointment afterwards. Choose a motif that corresponds to your passion, your hobby or your character and that will still apply to you in several years.

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Subtle flowers


Flower motifs are anything but rare in women. And that’s no wonder, considering that they exude femininity and romance. From the classic roses to tree blossoms and even romantic meadow flowers, everything can be chosen and that on any part of the body. The delicate neck is just one of the many possibilities.

Colored flowers


The neck tattoo is very cute, but some don’t like the fact that they don’t get to see their own tattoo that way. Decide for yourself what you think is the best area. The advantage of subtle tattoos is that even black designs look very delicate, provided that fine lines are used. Colored motifs are even more conspicuous.

Black and white floral motif


The variants for flower motifs are numerous. So take enough time to find a suitable design. Not only natural motifs can be designed, but also abstract, minimalist or geometric. The small flower in the picture above is in the area of ​​the ankle, where it comes into its own especially in summer and in combination with a pair of beautiful sandals.

Rose in three phases


Although this three-part tattoo design takes up a bit more space, it remains delicate and feminine. The reason for this is the fine lines that make up the rose petals and the delicate pink. There are three stages in the blooming of the rose flower, starting from the bud. A very nice idea, as we think, which is particularly suitable for narrower parts of the body such as the arm, foot, calf or neck.

Wave as a sign of strength


The wave motif is usually a symbol of strength and power. After all, the sea is known for its mightiness and power. However, you can easily interpret another meaning in the wave if you find the subject interesting. Or maybe you just love the sea or water sports. Then the idea is just as suitable and can be modified as desired.

Pets and favorite animals


Pets are an important part of our lives these days. It is not uncommon for you to take on the role of a real family member. If this is the case for you too, you can immortalize your pet on your body. You can also honor your first pet from childhood in this way and keep them in memory. Or maybe you have a favorite animal that you would like to represent on your body? Then you can also choose a small size for this.



Your hobbies are a special characteristic of you! Do you like to travel or do you dance a lot? Are you passionate about riding a bicycle, motorcycle or car, or do you love extreme sports? Now you have the opportunity to symbolize your personal hobby with a suitable motif. For music this can be sheet music, for travel a map and for photography a camera. Come up with something!

Subtle tattoo ideas for women – a friendship sign of a relationship


Small wrist tattoo – bird motif


Love You handwriting


Subtle finger tattoo crescent moon


Tattoo as proof of love


Tattoo motif


3D motifs for arm and forearm


Typewriter font


Small tattoo – a talisman


Butterfly tattoo on the leg


Sea horse tattoo on ankle


Feather tattoo behind the ear

subtle-tattoo-ideas-for-women-behind-the-ear-peacock feather

Subtle tattoo ideas for women – rose on the finger


Diamond tattoo


Stylized elephant


Mini hearts on the little finger


Star contour


Colored flower tattoo


Anchor tattoo motif


Ladybug ying and yang symbol


Mickey and Minie Mouse


The infinity symbol

Endlessness symbol tattoo shoulder font ideas templates

Forearm Tattoo Love


Small tattoo on the ring wrestler


Stylized arrows


Foot tattoo swallows

tattoo swallow foot ankle lower leg ideas

Stylized eagle owl