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37 Upper Arm Tattoo Ideas For Men – Maori and Tribal Motifs

Upper arm tattoo manner-tribal-maori-motive-gecko-tiki-enata

A Upper arm tattoo is a large tattoo or series of small tattoos that covers the entire upper arm. The tribal and Maori motifs are particularly suitable for this part of the body. Note the different meanings of the individual signs and you can design a tattoo yourself that you like, looks beautiful and has a special meaning.

Ideas for tribal upper arm tattoo

Upper arm tribal tattoo manner-tribal-shoulder-chest-red-accents

Learn more about the Polynesian tattoo motifs such as Gecko, Tiki, Enata and work them into your own design. Turtles, manta rays and shark motifs are also often preferred by men because these creatures are associated with many positive properties. If you plan to combine several motifs with each other, consider the various design options. Tribals, smoke, flames, and wind make good background motifs.

Tribal upper arm tattoo with meaning

Upper arm tribal tattoo manner-Polynesian-cultures-inspired

A large upper arm tattoo is a good option if you want to have smaller tattoos done over. Choose a topic so that the individual tattoo motifs flow into one another. You still need to know the dimensions of your arm so that the motif fits in there. Plan more than one session for an upper arm tribal tattoo because the sting can take longer. It all depends on the complexity of the subject, your pain tolerance, and the length of each session.

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If the tattoo covers a larger area, the piercing should be done in stages. Of course, the complexity also plays a major role. Because Polynesian tattoos are generally characterized by very complex and detailed motifs. Most often the tribal motifs have a Maori, Aztec, Hawaiian and Samoan origin. The upper arm is a very popular place for tattoos among the indigenous peoples, especially since it looks very masculine and strong. The motifs on this part of the body stand for strength, power and religious beliefs.

Aztec upper arm tattoo 

Upper arm-tattoo-men-tribal-motifs-black-aztecs

The Aztec Empire was the largest in Mesoamerica, now Mexico. In the 16th century it was settled by Spaniards and other autonomous peoples. The Aztecs left a very special symbolism. Some of the motifs still live in thousands of tattoos around the world today. The Aztec tattoos mostly have a warlike and religious character. Ornaments and motifs that were found in temples, paintings, on grave goods and walls are transferred to today’s tattoos. In addition to black ink, green, red and turquoise colors are often used. The composition of the motifs is often reminiscent of mosaics. The most popular symbols include the sun, the eagle, the feather, the snake, the head of the fighter and various motifs associated with nature, heaven and earth.

Maori upper arm tattoo

Upper arm-tattoo-men-tribal-motifs-arm-male

Maori originally come from New Zealand and have a strong personality of their own. This lies primarily in the individual lines and the repetitive motifs. Curvy lines and spiral ornaments are often depicted. The traditional way of applying the ink to the skin is extremely painful. Known as “moko”, it was incorporated by carving the skin instead of needles. Maori mostly tattooed their thighs, face or buttocks and it symbolized status and prestige. Nowadays the traditional motifs serve as inspiration and are mixed with other ornaments.

Samoan upper arm tattoo

Upper arm-tattoo-men-tribal-motifs-black-upper body

In Samoan, the tattoos are called Tatau, which is closely related to the current name of the expressive images on the skin. Samoan tattoos are characterized by a very pronounced contrast. Large black, densely covered areas and fine parallel lines, mixed with a variety of different motifs, describe this unique tattoo style. Geometric shapes like squares and triangles are also very often found in body art designs. Usually the motifs are engraved over a large area, on parts of the body such as the back, arms, legs and express cultural affiliation and origin.

Upper arm tattoo and meaning of the motifs – turtle

Upper arm tattoo men tribal motifs turtle

The tribal tattoos often depict motifs from the animal world. These are very strong beings who are accepted as personal totems and to some extent transfer their spiritual powers to the respective person through the tattoo.

Turtles may not be the world’s most fond of animals in the animal kingdom, but they are known for their keen survival instincts. It is precisely this approach to life that makes this tender animal a powerful totem among indigenous peoples all over the world, but also today. From the Japanese to the Indians, people tell countless legends with turtles as a key feature. In some stories the turtle is the deity of the coasts, in others – the creator of the continents. Turtles are a symbol of feminine energy, because they follow the movements of the moon, just as women anoint. Nowadays the turtle is mostly associated with health and longevity, wisdom, stability and peace.

Upper arm tattoo men tribal motifs lion wickerwork

People have been fascinated by this majestic animal since their first days. Although the lion is more typical of the Middle Eastern and African cultures, it is known as a symbol of power, courage, strength and great strength. On the other hand, the Egyptians saw the lion as a symbol of the sun and the embodiment of passion. This powerful civilization also built a temple city – Leontopolis to honor this sacred animal. A lot of emphasis is placed on the lion’s eye in the graphical representation. It just sees everything and perceives everything that is noisy.

Upper arm-tattoo-men-tribal-motifs-black-and-white

Let different motifs merge into one another

Upper arm tattoo woman tribal design maori motifs

with black filling or striped

Upper arm tribal tattoo manner-filling-with-stripes

Manta rays symbolize strength

Tattoo manner-tribal-manta-fish upper arm

add tribals to an old tattoo

Upper arm tattoo manner-tribal-motifs-Polynesian

Shades and intricate details

Upper arm tattoo manner-tribal-polynesian-motifs

Upper arm tattoo manner-tribal-motif-shadow-geometric

Tribal bear motif

Upper arm tattoo manner-tribal - bear-paw-claws

Tribal wolf tattoo

Upper arm tattoo manner tribal wolf paw

with red and black color

Upper arm tattoo manner tribal red accents

Sun, shells and other Maori motifs


pierce a Celtic ribbon


Upper arm tattoo manner tribal motifs meaning lines

Upper arm tattoo manner tribal maori turtle shark teeth

Upper arm tattoo manner-tribal-celtic-maori

Upper arm tattoo manner tribal maori motifs meaning

Upper arm tattoo manner-tribal-maori-back

Upper arm tattoo manner-tribal-maori-arrows-geometric-shapes

Upper arm tattoo manner tribal sun star motif

Upper arm-tattoo-manner-tribal-breast-maori

Upper arm tattoo men tribal motifs upper body ornaments

Upper arm tattoo manner tribal orange blue color

Upper arm tattoo manner-tribal-maori-polynesian-motifs

Upper arm tattoo manner tribal maori gecko shadow

Upper arm tattoo manner-tribal-filling-black-lines