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25+ cool and subtle tattoos on the wrist for women with meaning!

From minimalist tattoos to meaningful self-love tattoos, tattoos are becoming increasingly popular and a whole host of new and exciting trends are coming our way every year. But as much as we love large back tattoos, they are difficult to admire without the help of a mirror. Thighs, ribs and hips? All cute, but 90 percent hidden under clothes. Small eye-catchers that quickly catch the eye: Subtle wrist tattoos, on the other hand, are among the most popular classics of body art and are characterized by their attention to detail. The filigree works of art are perfect for women who are thinking of getting a tattoo and don’t want to have half their bodies painted right away. Are you looking for ideas for a small yet meaningful tattoo? Then look no further, because today we will show you all the most beautiful designs and motifs and explain what they stand for!

Subtle tattoos on the wrist: it hurts a lot?

Disney friendship tattoo pictures subtle tattoos wrist

The benefits of wrist tattoos are actually obvious: you can see your work of art anytime you want. But you can always hide it easily with your clothes or a nice bracelet. Okay but does it hurt? That is probably the question that every tattoo fan asks himself before deciding on a certain part of the body. Now that every person is different and pain is always individual, it is difficult to say how it will work out for you. Since the layers of skin in this area are very thin, the wrist is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. However, only smaller and subtle tattoos can be done here and therefore you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

Anchor tattoos on the wrist

Anchor tattoo motif meaning subtle tattoo wrist women

A subtle tattoo on the wrist is perfect for small, emotional, and meaningful messages. The anchor is without question one of the oldest and most popular tattoo motifs and its meaning goes back to ancient times. If you want a symbol associated with strength, courage and security then an anchor tattoo is an excellent choice for you! The motif also stands for love and support and can also express the connection to home and one’s own roots. As varied as the meanings, so are the options for getting an anchor as a filigree tattoo on your wrist. But regardless of whether it is rather simple and minimalist or combined with other motifs in a true-to-detail manner: the result is always a breathtaking and meaningful tattoo that catches the eye.

Filigree bird tattoos

Bird Tattoos Meaning Tattoo Subtle Wrist

They can fly and symbolize freedom: No wonder that birds have always fascinated us humans. For a beautiful and subtle tattoo on the wrist, you can choose from a wide variety of designs and bird species, so you are guaranteed to find the right motif! From filigree swallow tattoos to phoenix tattoos, birds are also very popular in the tattoo world with both men and women. For example, the swallow represents loyalty and happiness, while a hummingbird represents joy and hope. Birds as a tattoo motif are the perfect choice for everyone who has survived a difficult time in their life and are excited about what the future will bring.

Butterfly as a motif for subtle tattoos on the wrist for women

Small tattoos meaning subtle wrist tattoo

Because of their intricate details and bright colors, butterflies make for stunning subtle tattoos on the wrist for women. Besides being one of the most beautiful beings in the world, they are also rich in symbolic meanings. Just like birds, the butterfly comes first for light-heartedness and limitless freedom. So such a pretty tattoo could be a nice reminder to always stay positive and hopeful. In some countries, such as China and Greece, the butterfly is associated with the immortality of the soul. Or have you had a particularly difficult time and have surpassed yourself? In this case, too, you would be in good hands with a butterfly tattoo!

Yin-yang tattoo meaning

Yin Yang meaning subtle tattoos wrist women

Would you like to get a filigree tattoo on your wrist with meaning? How about the yin-yang symbol? It comes from Chinese philosophy and combines the opposites of life. As a tattoo motif, it is often an expression of the idea that everything has an opposite and only then forms a whole. In the modern world, the yin-yang symbol also stands for eternal love and loyalty and is therefore ideally suited for a minimalist partner or friendship tattoo. Whether in a simple design in black and white or colorful and combined with other elements: the Yin-Yang tattoo is always a real eye-catcher.

Flower tattoos on the wrist

Sunflower Tattoo Design Meaning Minimalist Tattoos Wrist Women

They are pretty, decorative and look very feminine: flowers are without question one of the most beautiful motifs for a simple tattoo on the wrist. Should it be a blossom, a branch or a bouquet of flowers? Or how about a sunflower tattoo? When it comes to choosing, virtually anything is possible and almost every flower has its own meaning and attraction. For example, the lotus is associated with enlightenment and rebirth, while the rose, depending on its color, stands for passion and love.

Subtle wrist tattoo with meaning

Semicolon Symbol Meaning Subtle Tattoos Wrist Women

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about wrist tattoos is that you can see and admire them every day. For this reason, the body part is perfect for a small and filigree work of art that has a very special and personal meaning for you. Whether it’s the letter of a loved one, a self-love tattoo or the currently popular body positivity tattoos – just choose something that is important to you and that says a lot about your character. Let your tattoo serve as a reminder of the tough times you went through or the goals you want to achieve. For example, one of the most powerful and simple motifs you can get is the semicolon. It symbolizes solidarity for those struggling with mental health problems. The symbol represents a sentence that the author could finish but chose not to. Such a filigree tattoo on your wrist will always accompany you on your life path and give you the strength to keep fighting.

Subtle tattoos on the wrist: the most beautiful motifs for women!

Anchor tattoos meaning tattoo trends 2021 subtle tattoo design wrist

Small but still a real eye-catcher: flowers as wrist tattoos

Flower tattoo motif small subtle tattoos wrist women

Look what your favorite flower stands for and get it tattooed

meaningful tattoo motif for women delicate tattoo wrist

Subtle tattoo on the wrist as a reminder that you always have to think positively

subtle tattoos women wrist self love tattoo pictures

Add some color to add a cool and exciting touch to your bird tattoo

Filigree Wrist Tattoo Women Bird Tattoomotive Meaning

A loved one’s letter is a super simple, yet very effective design

subtle tattoos wrist tattoo trends women

The anchor for a filigree tattoo on the wrist

subtle wrist tattoo women anchor tattoo motif meaning

Combine several motifs that have a very special meaning for you

Friendship tattoo pictures subtle tattoos women wrist

Are you a free spirit? Then birds would be ideal for your small wrist tattoo

small tattoos wrist women minimalist tattoo design pictures

Colorful butterflies as small friendship tattoos for women

Friendship tattoo for women small tattoo discreet wrist

Or how about a little heart tattoo?

small wrist tattoo women friendship tattoo pictures

Tiny flowers for a unique little wrist tattoo for women

Flower Tattoo Meaning Small Tattoos On Wrist Women Tattoo Trends

Simple and yet very meaningful: initials as wrist tattoos

minimalist tattoos trend subtle tattoo wrist women

The rose is one of the most popular and beautiful motifs for small tattoos for women

Rose tattoo motif meaning delicate tattoo wrist images

Subtle tattoos on the wrist for you and your best friend

Partner tattoo small discreet wrist tattoo

Wrist tattoos are first and foremost about attention to detail

3d butterfly tattoo design small tattoos on wrist women

Yin-Yang as a partner tattoo

delicate tattoo wrist small friendship tattoos women