The right glasses for long work at the screen

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Long days in the office strain your eyes. The work on the screen then becomes more and more exhausting – it can also lead to headaches. Back problems are also inevitable if you have e.g. B. adopt a wrong sitting posture in order to see the screen content clearly. This is remedied by so-called computer workstation glasses, special glasses for long work at the computer.

When does it make sense for you to wear glasses like this for long periods of work??

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It is best to do this before you notice any physical discomfort. As soon as you have to squint your eyes while working or stretch your head towards the screen, a visual aid may be necessary. At what age this is the case for you cannot be said in general terms. That depends on your personal eyesight. At the latest when presbyopia is added to your “normal” nearsightedness, there is a need for action. Then you should get information from a glasses manufacturer, whether special display workstation glasses are the right solution for you.

What are VDU workstation glasses??

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Such glasses are primarily characterized by the fact that their glasses are divided into three zones, each of which has different visual strengths.

In the middle is the largest zone. This is the viewing area of ​​your screen – the point that you look at most of the time.

At the lower edge is the close range. This allows you to see when you look at your keyboard or use a notepad. Your office phone should also be similarly far away.

• At the top is the far range. You use this when looking at the wall calendar, for example, or when someone walks into your office. However, the frame must be large enough so that all three viewing zones can be accommodated in the lens. A glass height of 30 mm is a guideline.

Glasses for long work – how to increase wearing comfort

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When selecting display workstation glasses, you should also pay attention to the following:

• Make up your mind Plastic glasses. They are lighter than mineral glasses. This difference in weight is greater for computer workstation glasses than for normal visual aids, since the glasses are usually higher and therefore heavier.

• Put in the version also on light materials.

• Let you’r Anti-reflective glasses. This is especially worthwhile in offices where there are many different light sources.

• Decide on a frame with flexible hinges and ironing, because these are more comfortable to wear.

Glasses for long work – other useful tips

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• If you work at the screen for more than three hours a day, three-zone varifocals are recommended for you.

• Your employer must support you in purchasing VDU workstation glasses. For this you need a corresponding confirmation from your ophthalmologist, optician or company doctor. You can find more information on this subject here.

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• Before having office glasses made, it is advisable to measure the distance between the eyes and the monitor. To do this, sit in a natural posture there; Your eyes should be roughly level with the top of the screen.

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