The right bathrobe for every occasion: the different models at a glance

Whether after an extensive sports workout, a relaxing day in the thermal baths or sweating in the sauna – a bathrobe can be of great use in various situations. Due to the large selection, however, you can quickly feel overwhelmed. How do bathrobes differ from each other? And which model is suitable for which occasion? We create clarity, because the right bathrobe is difficult to find.

The right bathrobe is hard to find. What models are there?

Model without a hood wear sauna bathrobe at home

There are various ways to escape from everyday life. While some like to relax in the sauna, others do sports. Yoga exercises and meditations can also help Reduce everyday stress. What should not be missing in any case: a matching bathrobe. Depending on the occasion for which you are looking for a bathrobe, different models come into question.

The sauna bathrobe

Sauna bathrobe wear comfort after showering in your own bathroom

A visit to the sauna can not only strengthen the immune system, but also your well-being. To make a visit to the sauna an all-round successful experience, you should have a suitable bathrobe with you. Sauna bathrobes protect from prying eyes before, between and after each sauna session. But the bathrobe for the sauna not only has a practical use, it also ensures a pleasant feeling on the skin. We particularly recommend models made of terry terry or velor terry. Bathrobes made from these materials impress with their high absorbency. In addition, they are cuddly soft and are therefore extremely comfortable to wear.

Is particularly suitable for visits to the sauna and thermal baths.

The dressing gown

Buying a bathrobe Tips and models at a glance

The classic dressing gown is usually made of a light material such as silk or satin. Its design can be very different. In the morning after getting up you can, for example, wrap yourself in a dressing gown with a romantic or more elegant motif. The dressing gown is always used when you come to the breakfast table well dressed but don’t want to get dressed yet. Then you can throw on the dressing gown quickly and easily. Suitable for a leisurely breakfast or after the morning shower.

The kimono

Buy a dressing gown with a kimono cut and wear it at home

The kimono is particularly popular in Asia. It has a straight cut and wide sleeves. In Europe it is offered in numerous variants. You can choose between kimono bathrobes made of absorbent fabric and light kimono-style dressing gowns. Many manufacturers rely on large flower patterns for their design. Suitable for special moments of well-being at home or as a dressing gown.

How long is the right bathrobe?

Buying a dressing gown What to watch out for Woman wearing bathrobe in bed

Floor-length bathrobes conjure up a slim silhouette, so that you can cheat a little visually. Short bathrobes are ideal for slim people. Short models can also be beneficial for those who would describe themselves as small and curvy. If you want to conjure up an elegant look, it is best to use a model with a shawl collar. A hooded bathrobe keeps your head warm after swimming or the sauna. Variants with a zipper instead of a tie belt keep body heat constant. In addition, as with the tie belt, it is impossible to slip.

Depending on the length, shape and features, the bathrobe is suitable for sauna and spa stays, after showering and bathing or for a casual look at home. Even a romantic wellness holiday can be an all-round perfect experience with a matching bathrobe.

When it comes to the material, bathrobes made of terry toweling are particularly popular. Depending on the processing of the material, a distinction is made between full terry, twisted terry, knitted terry and velor terry.