Short hairstyles for women over 50 – the most beautiful ideas and care tips!

Short hairstyles from 50 long bob hairstyle Sandra Bullock hair trends

No matter how old a woman is – she always wants to look beautiful and stylish. As they age, most choose to cut off their long mane. Fortunately, there are an infinite number of very elegant short hairstyles for women over 50 that show us all that you can always look good and stylish! Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Jane Fonda – all these stars are living proof that older women can also wear cheeky short hairstyles. But what are the right haircuts? Which hairstyle goes with your glasses and does your hair need special care? We’ll tell you the answers to these and many other questions in our article! Let yourself be inspired by our great picture gallery!

The most beautiful short hairstyles for women over 50 – the pixie haircut

Short hairstyles for women over 50 Pixie haircut brown hair hairstyle trends

Short hairstyles for women over 50 look really beautiful and elegant. However, if you’ve had long hair all your life, know that a shorter haircut should be cut every 4 to 6 weeks. The pixie haircut is one of the easiest hairstyles to care for and is the perfect choice for all fashion-conscious women aged 50 and over. Since the cut conjures up more volume, it is ideal for everyone who has fine and thin hair. Regardless of whether it is tiered, smooth, casual with curls or fringed tips – it is extremely versatile and can be styled very differently. The hairstyle has lightness, style and frames your face in a unique way.

Hally Berry Hair Pixie Haircut with Long Bangs Sassy Short Hairstyles

A pixie haircut with long, side bangs will help you successfully hide the problem areas and the small wrinkles. A short pony, on the other hand, stretches the face optically and a frayed, slightly longer pony ensures that your hard facial contours appear much softer. Jamie Lee Curtis and Halle Berry are both over 50 and look amazing with the trendy hairstyle. Style your hair in a modern sleek look, fringed upwards or elegantly to the side with delicate water waves.

Short hairstyles for women over 50. Pixie haircut gray hair hair care

A beautiful pixie with an undercut is also one of the most popular short hairstyles for women over 50. It gives you an upbeat look and makes you look a few years younger – which woman doesn’t want that? The undercut hairstyle looks elegant and at the same time cheeky and has been very popular with young and old for several years.

Classic short hairstyles for women over 50 – short bob

Sharon Osbourne hair color red short bob haircut sunglasses fashion trends

The bob hairstyle is actually a haircut that will never go out of style and it is an excellent choice for all ages. With increasing age, not only does the skin change, but also the hair – it becomes drier, thinner and the first gray streaks appear at the latest. A short bob will bring momentum back into your mane, give it more volume and make it look more lively. A chic, short pony does not make the haircut look too strict and distracts the eyes from the small wrinkles. But that’s not exactly what you want? How about a deep side parting? It provides more fullness and looks very noble and stylish.

The classic – long bob is ideal for all age groups

Short hairstyles for women over 50 Jane Fonda long bob haircut with bangs

You don’t want to part with your beautiful, long hair completely? The long bob is of course one of the most popular and beautiful short hairstyles for women over 50. One of the most famous bearers of the hairstyle is actress Jane Fonda and she undoubtedly looks stunning! What makes the hairstyle so popular? On the one hand, it can be adapted to absolutely any face shape and, on the other hand, it can be styled very differently. Whether tiered, with or without bangs – the long bob is one of the classics in the fashion world for good reason. Both completely straight hair and delicate waves go well with this look.

Cheeky short hairstyles for women over 50 – the shag haircut

Shag Haircut With Bangs Smokey Eye Makeup Instructions Easy Hair Trends

Wild, fluffy and anything but boring – the shag cut is making a real comeback in the fashion world this year. The cult hairstyle was worn by many fashion icons and stars such as Jane Fonda, Jennifer Aniston and Chrissie Hynde in the 70s. Now she is back and has long graced the heads of various celebrities. The cool, casual look is achieved through the uneven tips. The cut is particularly advantageous for thin hair because it gives you a nice volume upgrade. Thick hair, on the other hand, should be cut very frayed and thinned. The shag cut is considered a unisex hairstyle and works best on heart-shaped and oval face shapes.

Suitable short hairstyles for women over 50 with fine hair

Short bob with bangs haircut blonde hair dark approaches hair trends

As a rule, thin and fine hair require volumizing haircuts. Since the hair becomes thinner towards the tips with increasing length, you are very well advised with a short hairstyle. For those who want a beautiful and elegant cut, the pageboy might be worth considering. The bangs that end just above the eyebrows look extremely voluminous and dense. Another suitable hairstyle for fine hair is the buzzcut. Since no more than 9 millimeters of hair remain on your head with this cut, the trend is only for the very courageous women over 50.

Helpful tips for short hairstyles for fine hair

Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair and Glasses Pixie Haircut Dark Blonde Hair Color

  • Strands provide more volume – Different highlights and strands look great and add body and structure to your hair.
  • If you have your Blow dry your hair upside down, the hairline appears less flat than usual. For extra volume, you can blow-dry your mane against the parting.
  • A side parting makes thin hair look much more voluminous and can sometimes work wonders.
  • Layered haircuts, such as a long, asymmetrical bob, will make your hair look fuller, so it is the best choice for you.

What short hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses?

short hairstyles with glasses shag haircut with bangs blonde hair with strands

The glasses have now become a fashion statement and can give your look that certain something. Not sure which short hairstyle for women with glasses would go best with it? In general, almost all hairstyles can be worn with it, but you should pay attention to a few things:

  • Do without curls – The curls in combination with glasses overwhelm your face. Light beachy waves, on the other hand, are a real eye-catcher and look very nice and discreet.
  • Regarding the Parting there are no limits to you. No matter whether parting in the middle or on the side or none at all – everything can be worn with glasses!
  • With the pony you should be a little careful. We would rather advise against straight bangs – together with the glasses they cover the face too much. Well-fitted side bangs will flatter your face, so they are a better choice.

The right hair care for short hairstyles for women over 50

Short Hairstyles from 50 Long Bob Salma Hayek Hairstyles Hair Trends

Unfortunately, even if you’ve always looked after your hair very well, the hormonal changes in your body affect it too, making it thinner and drier. Since hair growth declines after a certain age and the hair roots are supplied with fewer nutrients, you should resort to shampoos and care products that are tailored to mature hair and use hair treatments regularly. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are two substances that you are most likely familiar with from skin care. They can also work wonders for your mane – all the products they contain provide your hair with enough moisture and make it look livelier and shinier. Argan oil helps prevent hair loss and is another miracle cure for beautiful and healthy hair.

Make long bob haircut with side bangs curls yourself

For radiant hair, care from the inside also plays a very important role.

  • zinc is extremely important for the immune system and also makes the hair more resilient and healthier.
  • Biotin, Also known as vitamin B7, it is involved in many metabolic processes in the body, such as the conversion of carbohydrates, protein and fatty acids. It adds shine and body to your hair and is very beneficial for the skin and fingernails as well.
  • Panthenol has an anti-inflammatory effect and supplies the hair with moisture. The active ingredient is the best choice for all women over 50 who also suffer from itchy and dry scalps.

Short hairstyles for women over 50 – Choosing the right hair color

dark red hair color bob haircut with glasses micro bangs hair trends

Most women have their first small, gray hair around their 35th birthday. Many then choose to over-color them. But which nuances are best suited for this?

  • In order to hide the gray lines and create a smooth transition, it is best to go for a light blonde.
  • Warm, brown tones such as chestnut and caramel look particularly good on women with light skin and give them a fresh, youthful look.
  • With dark-haired women, gray hair is unfortunately the fastest. Dark, rich, brown shades are great for you and make for a fresh and elegant look.

Many more great inspirations for short hairstyles for women over 50!

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