Put together outfit for school enrollment – which clothes & which style are best suited?

Since this special day, when the child starts school, is so important and special and the parents are proud of it, lots of photos are of course also taken. It goes without saying that great importance is attached to a nice outfit for school enrollment. In addition, the child with a special outfit feels prouder and almost like an adult. But what should you consider when choosing and what suits the occasion best? Here are a few tips on how to dress appropriately for school enrollment.

The right outfit for school enrollment – the children

Outfit for school enrollment - tips for boys, girls and parents

Of course, the clothing can be a little more official than usual. But still make sure that it is comfortable. This also applies to the shoes. After all, your child wears the outfit for school not only at home for a short time, but also for a few hours at school afterwards. Correspondingly, you should also take into account the weather: on a hot day, do without long sleeves. Instead, you can choose lighter clothing and have a thin jacket ready to wear in case the weather suddenly turns bad.

Outfit for school enrollment girls

Girl's outfit in layering look with knee-length trousers, yellow blouse and jacket

At this age, girls in particular usually decide for themselves what they want to wear. This not only applies to everyday life, but especially to such special occasions. And it’s not a bad idea at all to let them help you choose. Little girls, however, often like it quite pompous, so really princess-like with frills, rhinestones and other bells and whistles. But you will agree that this is a bit of an exaggeration for the start of school.

School enrollment outfit for girls with blue long-sleeved dress

It is therefore best to work together to find a compromise for the outfit for school enrollment. Nowadays there are all sorts of models that are simpler, but still very beautiful. It is also an advantage if you opt for clothing that can also be worn after starting school. Whether a dress or a chic blouse with a matching skirt does not matter. If you explain to your daughter that this variant is better than a pompous dress that she can only wear once, she will surely understand. Short dresses or skirts can be worn with tights if it is a little cooler on the first day of school. Leggings are also suitable for this purpose.

Sleeveless dress with fruits as motifs and ballerinas

What if the daughter isn’t a fan of dresses or skirts? Then of course it can also be chic trousers or even jeans. Nice shorts are also ideal on warm days. The cliché that girls should only wear dresses has long since ceased to apply. Therefore, with girls, you have a wide range of options. Ballerinas or sandals are perfect shoes. They’re comfortable, but at the same time not too casual. Is your daughter of a sportier nature? Then just choose sneakers!

Outfit for school enrollment boy

Boys outfit with light-colored trousers, t-shirt and gray shirt

It should be official, but at the same time comfortable and casual with the boys. You will therefore make the perfect choice with a sporty, elegant outfit for school enrollment. You can choose from both trousers and jeans. This goes perfectly with polo shirts or, if you want it to be a bit more elegant, shirts. All of these items of clothing can be worn again at any time after starting school.

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If you fear that it might be cooler on the first day of school, then get a matching cardigan. A sweater is also ideal. And what about the shoes? Depending on the taste of your son, it can be sporty sneakers or even sneakers, as well as more elegant leather shoes. The main thing is that they are comfortable.

Tips for parents

Jeans, leather shoes and a green shirt as an outfit for school enrollment

In principle, the same rules for the outfit for school enrollment apply to the parents as to the children: It should not be too overdressed, but also not too casual. The casual T-shirt is therefore better to stay in the closet. On a warm summer day, the happy mom wears a casual and chic summer dress or a blouse with a matching skirt, for example. In bad weather, it can also be a pair of trousers.

The fathers can also be a bit more casual. Men who do not like cloth trousers are therefore welcome to use jeans, which, however, are ideally darker. A nice shirt or, if you want it a little more casual, a polo shirt goes well with it.

What to wear for school enrollment – all tips summarized

Casually elegant in coral with a polo shirt and airy dress

  • Opt for an outfit for school enrollment that is more chic and elegant than in everyday life, but not overdressed!
  • Choose clothes that are suitable for everyday use and that can be worn again after the occasion.
  • All clothing (including shoes) should be comfortable and not too tight.
  • Avoid too thick clothes! Instead, buy an additional (knitted) jacket or a thin sweater that can be put on in case the weather gets colder.
  • It is best to choose a clothing style for the outfit for school enrollment that the child likes and is accordingly comfortable in.

Outfit for school enrollment - denim dress for girls and green shorts with denim shirt and sweater for boys

Blouse with butterflies and black pants

Pretty outfit for school enrollment for girls with a floral blouse and black pants

Leopard print dress

Elegant and comfortable at the same time - a summer dress with a leopard look

White, airy dress

Discreet and feminine for school enrollment with a white summer dress

Cute dress in white

White, playful dress with lace and sandals

Jeans with suspenders

Create playful outfits with suspenders and a hat to match the jeans

Casually elegant with a shirt and jacket

Sporty and elegant with a striped shirt and jacket

Ideas for the outfit for school enrollment for girls

Cute girls' clothing for the very first day of school in summer with a dress, shorts and sandals

Dresses that can also be worn in everyday life

Loose clothes on the first day of school are comfortable to wear

Stylish everyday clothing that is also suitable for the first day of school

Ideas for clothes for school enrollment for girls with long trousers or leggings

Idea for a rainy first day of school with rubber boots

Idea for a rainy late summer with a long-sleeved, polka-dot dress and rubber boots

Dark pants, white t-shirt and blue plaid shirt

School enrollment outfit for boys with blue checked shirt and white t-shirt