Progressive lenses in trend – why multifocal glasses are worthwhile

Progressive glasses in trend -practical advantages

Gone are the days when multiple pairs of glasses were constantly being changed – one for working on the computer, one for a walk with friends, one for reading. The multifocal glasses offer a practical solution in that they can correct myopia and presbyopia at the same time and are also well suited for the intermediate area as screen work glasses. No wonder that the all-rounders are enjoying great popularity – varifocals are undoubtedly trendy.

The trend towards varifocal glasses – what are multifocal glasses actually?

Progressive lenses in the trend reading advantages

In contrast to single vision glasses, the progressive lens consists of three areas, each area has different strengths. Above is the zone for distance vision / more than 2-3 meters /, which seamlessly merges into the so-called intermediate area – it corrects visual acuity between 0.7 – 2 meters. At the very bottom is the near vision zone. The edge zone lies to the left and right of the defined field of view – a minimally blurred area that most people unconsciously correct by moving their heads.

The complex manufacturing process enables all areas to be inconspicuously incorporated into the glass. In any case, the edge zone is perceived differently by everyone – that is why most manufacturers offer several variants with differently sized edge zones.

What must be considered when buying multifocal glasses

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Before the Buy varifocals A visit to the optician is recommended so that the prescription can be determined precisely, then the lenses are centered and then a suitable frame is selected and adjusted accordingly. The appropriate values ​​are very important for the end result and customer satisfaction.

Those who seek detailed advice from the optician often also receive useful tips for the later familiarization phase. Basically, the golden rule applies – whoever is earlier / approx. from 40 years / opts for varifocal glasses, you will get used to them faster. Above all, it is important to wear the glasses as often as possible right from the start. Usually, most people feel well after a few days and can wear the glasses without any problems, but in individual cases headaches and possibly dizziness can take one to two weeks to get used to it. A simple trick can help – moving your head down / up more slowly than usual at the beginning.

Progressive lenses in trend – what are the differences in quality?

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Once you have decided on varifocals, you can choose between different versions and packages – standard, comfort, premium. But how do varifocals actually differ??

High quality glasses in premium quality are manufactured according to your own requirements and lifestyle. They have small edge zones and a comfortable frame. After receiving the glasses, the glasses can also be adjusted if necessary. The end product is therefore created in close cooperation between the optician and the manufacturer.

There are several variants to choose from for the purchase yourself – online shops offer many models and are more flexible compared to eyewear shops, but there is no on-site advice. Eyewear shops, on the other hand, offer good advice, but the choice is usually limited. as Manufacturers like prove to be optimal for example, which combine the advantages of both alternatives in one service. You have a network of partner optics, where everyone can get detailed advice and order their new glasses.

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