Fragrance trends 2016 – what’s hot in perfumes this year?

Fragrance trends 2016 - perfumes-women-evening-seductive

Just as the fashion trends change every year, so do the preferences for perfumes. Sometimes playful and sweet, then again tart, fresh or sporty. We’ll reveal what’s hot this year and which will be the absolute insider tips for the new year. Fresh spring fragrances, fruity-sweet tones in summer, herbal additives in autumn … every season brings with it new fragrance trends for 2016. In the following, you will find out which new perfumes are eagerly awaited in the coming months.

Fragrance trends 2016 – Spring is freshly approaching!

Fragrance trends 2016 perfumes-women-spring-cherry blossoms

Spring stands for energy, dynamism, freshness and departure. Nature awakens to new life and everything stretches and stretches to experience new adventures. True to this motto, the spring fragrances in 2016 are full of energy and freshness. Fresh citrus fragrances are particularly popular this year. The great thing about these fragrances is not only their pleasant, invigorating scent, because the citrus odor also increases the oxygen content in the brain. This leads to improved performance and can lighten the mood.

So the perfumes not only smell excellent, they are even good for your health!

But then only lemon would be too boring!


Of course, the floral and fruity notes should not be missing this year. The trend in 2016 is clearly towards lovely notes such as lily of the valley, violet, peonies or lilacs. Juicy fruit notes are also on the rise. This year, fresh mandarins, grapefruits and berries are very much used in the perfumes to create unique fragrance combinations.

Sandalwood or musk are other nuances that are justified this year.

Fragrance trends 2016 – Summer is going to be cheeky!

Fragrance trends 2016 summer-fruity-sweet-coconut-melon-pineapple

In the summer of this year, you wear wild, playful and fruity fragrances. Creamy aromas of pralines or marshmallows are combined with fruity-sweet tones and rounded off with fresh notes. No matter what the weather is, with these scents the summer is always hot!

The flacons are also often kept playful and lovely. Often decorated with flowers and bright colors, the bottles also ensure a good mood in the bathroom. Pastel is another shade that is popular in perfume bottles this year.

Fragrance trends 2016 – The great herbal kitchen


Benjamin Eidem for Michael Kors Extreme Blue

Herbs are not only of great importance in the kitchen and in naturopathy. They have now also found their way into the world of fragrances. This year, especially when it comes to men’s perfumes, the focus is on herbal additives that express strength and a typically masculine character.

Michael Kors has created a dynamic fragrance with its Exreme Blue, for example, which creates a very unusual fragrance experience with notes of juniper and sage. Another insider tip is the Michalsky Berlin Parfum for Men, which with its distinctive, masculine note and nuances of tonka bean, lavender, sandalwood or bergamot, will turn the heads of women by the dozen!

Fragrance trends 2016 – what’s coming when?


While new fragrance creations from Jil Sander, Michael Kors, DKNY, Otto Kern or Pierre Guillaume have come onto the market, a few more new perfumes are eagerly awaited in the next few months.

The exact dates for the new releases are not yet known, but there are new perfumes from Hugo Boss, Prada Parfums, Dolce & Gabbana or Gucci announced.

The new perfumes from Burberry – Mr. Burberry and My Burberry Black


Until the new perfumes from Burberry, With the names Mr. Burberry and My Burberry Black come onto the market, you still have to be patient. The exact release dates are not yet known here either, but the new fragrance experiences are unlikely to be expected before autumn 2016. One List of currently popular fragrances can be found, for example, on

In the waiting time, however, we can be content with the newly released January and February collections, and it’s not far until spring. With the numerous new releases, summer can only be sunny, fresh and just perfect!