Boho Style Outfit – How to Get the Look You Want

outfit in boho style tunic dress skirt beach belt leather

The boho style has been fashionable for quite a while. The main reason for this is its charisma. It radiates freedom, womanliness, attractiveness and at the same time innocence and thus ensures a good mood. If you are into this look and want to try it out this year, our tips for creating from Boho style outfit help.

Boho style outfit – tight pants

outfit in boho style trousers tight-fitting brown velor blouse

Something that should not be missing in your wardrobe for the outfit in Boho style are tight-fitting trousers. These can be made of cotton or velor, whereby the latter should preferably be a shade of brown. You can then choose a striking blouse in suitable colors and a braided leather belt. Another detail that is typical of the Boho style is the fringes. So combine them with your boho style outfit.

Boho style outfit – dresses

outfit in boho style dress white tip tips

Another important piece of clothing for the Boho style are the dresses. The length does not matter. You should pay more attention to the colors. The colors ivory, sand yellow, black are suitable. For more colorful variants, you are welcome to combine several light colors with each other. Added to this are the lace details and embroidery typical of the boho style outfit.

Boho dress with a leather belt as an accent

boho dress idea beige leather belt accessory chain

Tunics for the outfit in boho style

outfit tunic boho white pattern sandals jeans sunglasses

Tunics have an elegant and at the same time sporty-casual style and can therefore be combined with various items of clothing such as jeans or shorts and chosen for the beach outfit. They are attractive and also comfortable to wear, which is why they are usually found in almost every woman’s wardrobe. The colors play an important role so that these can also be worn as a boho style outfit. Ecru, cream, green, or sandy yellow are best. Models with colorful accents and patterns are also suitable.

Shoes for the outfit in boho style

outfit in boho style sandals stones fringed suede shoes

In principle, you have freedom of choice here. The shoes for the outfit in Boho style can be sandals as well as boots, boots, sneakers or heel shoes. Ideally, they should also be made of leather or imitation leather. The shoes can be decorated with different stones, ethnic motifs, fringes and many leather straps.

Suede boots with lace for the boho style

boho boots leather pointy stones feathers outfit idea indians

Outfit in boho style – the jewelry

boho style jewelry metal necklaces bangles handbag sack

Whether earrings, necklaces or bracelets – the main thing is that it is colorful and large. Various metals, wood and imitation ivory are used as materials. It is particularly striking and suitable for the boho style outfit to combine several bracelets or necklaces with one another.

Boho style outfit – combine several bangles

boho style jewelry stones turquoise bangles chain tunic hat black

The handbag for a boho style outfit

boho handbag colorful pattern knit leggings outfit tunic

Although the backpacks are also well suited for the boho style outfit, the handbags are probably the most popular. These are small in size and worn over the shoulder. Choose a fringed or sack-shaped handbag.

The right make-up, manicure and hairstyle for the outfit in Boho style

boho hairstyle plait blouse earth toe sunglasses bike

With regard to the hair, everything is allowed that is reminiscent of the beach style and ensures a romantic look. This includes braids and waves in loose hair, all variants preferably in a disheveled look. Then there is also the casual bun. Hairbands, headbands and scarves are suitable accessories.

For the boho style smokey eye effect

boho makeup smokey eye hair band lace

The boho style is all about the look of the eyes. For this reason, the emphasis should also be placed on the make-up for the boho style outfit. The best way to do this is to use eye make-up with a smokey eye effect. The eyeshadow can be chosen in gold or silver. In addition, add some makeup for velvety skin, some blush and shine with the help of lip gloss for the lips.

outfit in boho style hair pigtails make up smokey eye arm warmers

When choosing the manicure for the boho style outfit, make sure that the nails are shorter so that they have a square shape. You are free to choose the color for the nail polish.

boho manicure colors salmon rings stones jeans sea

style boho roses blouse floral headband jeans pants short

boho style outfit dress flowers tunic hair wreath chain