Beauty trends according to the Oscars 2019: These are the best make-up and hairstyles of the stars!

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The stars showed their best side on the red carpet of the Oscars 2019. The ceremony became the venue for glamorous evening dresses and chic suits, for expensive jewelry and designer shoes. During the event, it became clear which beauty trends are hot this year. Charlize Theron surprised with a chin-length bob and a new dark hair color, Ashley Graham appeared with a classic bun and Lady Gaga presented a look inspired by Audrey Hepburn. We have put together the most beautiful celebrity hairstyles and make-up for you.

Beauty trends according to the Oscars 2019: bun hairstyles and glittery eye shadows

Beauty Trends Oscars 2019 updo bun Lady Gaga white hair

Lady Gaga, who was inspired by the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” for her look, wore a black strapless dress and had her platinum blonde hair pinned up in a teased bun. As for the makeup, the singer chose shimmering ice blue eyeshadows and a subtle pink lipstick for her grand entrance.

Beauty Trends Oscars 2019 evening make-up idea updo blush cheeks eyes emphasize Ashley Graham

Plus-size model Ashley Graham exuded classic Hollywood glamor. Her wild mane has been combed back strictly and styled into a bun. Multiple velvet bows, tone-on-tone with her black evening dress, added a playful touch to the hairstyle. A subtle make-up with nude lipstick and slightly shimmering bronze eye shadow rounded off the look.

Beauty trends according to the Oscars 2019: chin-length bob and opaque lipstick in an accent color

Beauty Trends Oscars 2019 chin-length bob chestnut hair color side parting Charlize Theron

Oscar winner Charlize Theron surprised everyone with a new look. The naturally blonde actress had her hair dyed brown a few hours before the start of the awards ceremony. The hairstylist Adir Abergel also gave her a new haircut. Charlize wore her new chin-length bob with a side parting so that her gorgeous sapphire earrings were shown to advantage. Perfect for this: the bright red lipstick automatically drew everyone’s attention to the beautiful lady.

Beauty Trends Oscars 2019 rouge cheeks pink lipstick nude eyeshadow short chin-length bob Emilia Clarke

Actress Emilia Clarke’s hair has had to go through a lot in recent years. She had dyed her mane platinum blonde for her role in the television series “Game of Thrones”. The shooting has already come to an end and Emilie, who likes to experiment, has a new hairstyle. She walked the red carpet this year with a chin-length bob and straight dark brown hair. A girlish make-up with pink blush and lipstick in a soft berry nuance loosened up the strict look of the haircut.

Beauty trends according to the Oscars 2019: braided braids and accentuated eyes

Beauty Trends Oscars 2019 Braided Hairstyle Updo Amandla Stenberg Cat Eyes Nude Lipstick

Cornrows is the name of the trendy braided hairstyle that Amandla Steinberg proudly presented on the red carpet. It is a braided hairstyle in which the hair is braided as close as possible to the head. The individual braids can then be tied together to form complex patterns. In addition, the actress emphasized her eyes with a curved eyeliner.

Beauty Trends Oscars 2019 long hair African braids hair band double metallic Danai Gurira

Danai Gurira presented the classic variant of the cornrow hairstyle. The name is derived from English and is made up of the words for corn and row. The braids are braided in straight rows from the forehead to the back.

Beauty trends according to the Oscars 2019: chestnut hair color and bronze eyeshadow

Beauty Trends Oscars 2019 Chestnut Hair Color Bronze Eye Shadow Lip Gloss Emma Stone

A new hair color can change the whole look. The blonde actress Emma Stone seems to know that too, because she went among the brunetties before the Oscars. The gentle shade of chestnut with a red undertone highlighted the even porcelain complexion of the Oscar winner. She accentuated her bright blue eyes with eye shadow in copper.

Beauty trends according to the Oscars 2019: deep ponytail / bun on the neck and lipstick in berry nuances

Beauty Trends Oscars 2019 Gemma Chan casual bun neck eyes kajal emphasizes Gemma Chan

While some opted for classic hairstyles, others opted for glamorous hairstyles. Gemma Chan had styled her hair in a casual bun on the back of the neck. The back of the hair was teased up to give the hairstyle more fullness. The hairstyle went perfectly with the playful pink dress that the fashion icon wore in the evening.

Beauty Trends Oscars 2019 eyes kohl emphasize faux lashes ponytail black hair Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves and Angela Bassett both went for a deep ponytail. The make-up with lipstick in berry tone looked young and fresh and added the finishing touches to the styling.

Beauty Trends Oscars 2019 Deep Ponytail Purple Lipstick Kajal Eyes Angela Bassett

Beauty trends according to Oscars 2019: glamorous waves and nude lipstick

Beauty Trends Oscars 2019 blonde hair bob hairstyle pink makeup eyeshadow glitter lucy boynton

Lucy Boynton also showed herself with a chin-length bob. In contrast to the sleek version by Charlize and Co., she opted for loosely styled waves that gently framed her face. The expressive make-up with pink eyeshadows on the upper and lower eyelids and pink blush on the cheeks transformed the actress into a femme fatale.

Beauty Trends Oscars 2019 medium length bob waves style center parting regina king

Regina King, who won an Oscar for supporting actress that year, wore her shoulder-length bob relaxed with light waves. The talented American of Mexican origin also kept make-up to a minimum. Sheen Lipstick, a combination of lipstick and lip gloss, supported the natural lip color of the actress. She had accentuated her eyes with kohl.

Beauty Trends Oscars 2019 long wavy hair golden eyeshadow lipstick glitter glamor look Thessa Thompson

The glamor girl Thessa Thompson wore a black Chanel dress with gold sequins. The make-up with shimmering bronze eyeshadow was chosen to match. She had pulled her curly hair back.

Beauty trends according to the Oscars 2019: straight hair and natural make-up

Beauty Trends Oscars 2019 straight hair parting middle headband glitter Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz and her colleague Jennifer Lopez wore their long straight hair with a parting (in the case of Rachel in the middle, while Jennifer opted for a side parting). So that the simple everyday hairstyle doesn’t look too boring, Rachel decided on a glittering hair ornament.

Beauty Trends Oscars 2019 medium length hair side parting smooth volume Jennifer Lopez

This year, too, numerous stars inspired us with their Oscar looks. We summarize the beauty trends for 2019 for you:

1. Straight hair is making a comeback. Long hair can be worn with a side parting like Jennifer Lopez’s or styled into a chic classic bun like Ashley Graham’s. The chin-length bob offers an everyday alternative for short hair. Haircut requirement: you must have thick hair.

2. Braided hairstyles like cornrows are totally in. They look young and fresh, but to make them last a long time, a hair length of at least 15 cm is necessary.

3. A deep ponytail and a casual bun on the neck are both everyday hairstyles that look very feminine at the same time. Perfect for the first date.

4. Nude matte lipstick is the biggest makeup trend for the coming summer.

5. The lipstick can be combined with pink blush and pink eyeshadow.

Beauty Trends Oscars 2019 Celebs best makeup and hairstyle ideas