40 pregnancy outfits inspired by actress Blake Lively!

Pregnancy Outfits Blake Lively Evening Dress Off Shoulder Disney Look

Looking good for 9 months throughout pregnancy is unfortunately not that easy. Finding the right fashion that also fits your own style can sometimes be a real challenge. But it is precisely during this exciting time that every woman should feel confident and all the more comfortable in her own skin. With Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds, child number three is on the way. The actress has always been known for her superb style, but her pregnancy outfits are just as epic and gorgeous. You shouldn’t even look for boring and veiled maternity wear in your wardrobe – it always highlights your baby bump in a fashionable and proud manner. Many fashion tips and the most beautiful pregnancy looks from fashion icon Blake Lively, which you can also style, can be found in our article! let yourself be inspired!

Pregnancy Outfits – What’s Trending?

Pregnancy outfits summer trench coat white pants sandals Blake Lively Style

More and more shops and brands are being filled with fashion for the expectant mothers and this year all women are giving looks that could hardly be better suited for pregnant women. Trendy cullote pants with a wide cut, loose tunics and shirt blouses, boyfriend looks – literally everything is included! Silk, cotton, jeans and knitwear emphasize and flatter your figure in a wonderful way. Small details such as sequins, belts and embroidery deliberately put the baby bump in the limelight.

Beautiful pregnancy outfits with wrap dresses

Pregnancy Outfits Wrap Dress Summer Trends Blake Lively Hair Style

Blake Lively is one of the few Hollywood stars who puts their own outfits together. Even during pregnancy, the actress does not renounce her noble style and is the real proof that you can dress stylishly despite a round baby bump. Whether as a dress, blouse or cardigan – the wrap-top tops are available in an infinite number of variations and are also very practical. Since they are usually cut a bit wide and gently mirror the stomach area, they are particularly recommended for all women who still want to hide something. Blake Lively shows us that a mid-length wrap dress with a deep cleavage can be a real eye-catcher. Whether patterned or plain – this classic looks very striking and modern.

Stylish pregnancy outfits from Blake Lively

Pregnancy outfits dress striped pattern red coat flowers Blake Lively pregnant style

That horizontal stripes aren’t particularly flattering on the figure is arguably a total myth, and this look is proof of that. It emphasizes the actress’ small baby bump in a very feminine and inconspicuous way. The red coat in the trendy floral pattern gives the whole look exactly the necessary touch of glamor.

Pregnancy Outfits Midi Dress Elastic Dark Blue Messy Bun Blake Lively Movies

Highlighting the small belly has been particularly popular in recent years, and more and more pregnant women are proud to show their curves. The tight-fitting and elegant silhouette of a tube dress offers you a wonderful option to show off your body. It looks just gorgeous, especially with a slightly larger waist circumference. Regardless of whether it is plain-colored with a casual denim jacket or elegant with high heels – the tube dress is very versatile and a real summer hit this year. A beautiful messy bun hairstyle and fresh eye make-up round off the whole look.

Airy maxi dresses for pregnancy outfits in summer

Pregnancy outfits maxi dress yellow neon colors denim jacket summer fashion trends

Airy maxi dresses are a simple yet gorgeous option for all pregnant women who want to look beautiful too. Fabrics like cotton and linen are not only very popular, they are also wonderfully comfortable and airy. Simply add the matching accessories and shoes and your summer look is ready. Hardly any blonde would look as good in a yellow dress as Blake Lively. The actress looks just beautiful in the maxi dress and the casual denim jacket creates a cool style break.

Pregnancy outfits dress floral pattern summer trends Blake Lively swang

This look by the actress is clear proof that various prints are real experts at successfully concealing a small baby bump. Especially in sunny weather, a dress with a delicate and colorful floral pattern looks simply adorable.

Pregnancy outfits with mini dresses

Pregnancy Outfits Blake Lively Fashion Mini Dress Nude High Heels Sandals Blonde Hair

Legs will be shown this summer! Would you prefer to conceal and hide your little ball? Showcasing your long and beautiful legs with the help of a cute mini dress is the perfect way to do this! Whether in slightly falling fabrics such as silk or cotton – the choice is up to you. They can be combined simply and sportily with ballerinas or sneakers as well as elegantly with high-heel sandals.

Pregnancy outfits pleated skirt floral pattern stripes shirt Blake Lively fashion icon

The midi skirts are currently conquering the fashion world and rightly so. Pleated skirts that reach above the knee and are slightly flared look totally stunning. On top of that, they are wonderfully comfortable and give your look a special charm and airiness. Since the midi skirts are usually not worn on the hips but below the chest, pregnant women can also choose the trendy pieces. Combine these with blouses and shirts for a cute summer outfit. You don’t want to go without your favorite skirt in winter too? The fashion icon Blake Lively shows us that it can be used to create great pregnancy outfits even in the cold months. High-quality leather boots and the matching winter accessories make your midi skirt absolutely suitable for winter.

Elegant wedding outfits

Pregnancy outfits Blake Lively evening dress long black jewelry

Invitations to various festive events are also common during pregnancy. Unfortunately, in most cases you no longer fit into your normal evening dresses. But that is not a cause for concern. There are really beautiful and elegant models that put your belly in the limelight. Actress Blake Lively’s attitude towards boring maternity wear is more than obvious: if you have it, flaunt it! The skin-tight fit of the dress perfectly accentuates your feminine curves and highlights the small baby ball in a particularly elegant way, while the deep back neckline distracts the eyes from it.

The most beautiful pregnancy outfits for the cold months

Pregnancy Outfits Knitted Sweaters Jeans Winter Fashion Trends Blake Lively Pregnant

Jeans and thick wool sweaters are boring and nothing special? Not if, like the heavily pregnant actress, you combine them with a woolen cape and stylish high heeled ankle boots! Nothing belongs in a future mother’s wardrobe as urgently as comfortable and well-fitting jeans. This garment is timeless and can be easily combined with everything, making it the perfect basis for many trendy looks. Pregnancy jeans with a stretch waistband are super comfortable and pack your baby bump in such a way that it doesn’t pinch anywhere. These are now available in many different models and washes. A beautiful blazer creates a beautiful silhouette and is an irreplaceable item for all women who value style and class even in their 9 months. Wear it without buttons so that it doesn’t cramp your stomach too much.

Pregnancy outfits dress tight midi dress wool coat boots blake lively style

Whether a cape or poncho – these tops are made for the windy days of the transition period. The garments are also ideal for all women who no longer want to compromise between fashionable, practical and warm outfits for their pregnancy. They can be combined very easily and stylishly, play around the baby bump nicely and are simply unbeatably comfortable. Blake Lively seems to be of the same opinion. Recreating this look isn’t that difficult – all you need is a tight knitted dress and a poncho. Over knee leather boots create a casual look with a slightly rocking touch.

More pregnancy outfits inspirations from Blake Lively

Pregnancy Outfits Heans Coat Blue Stripes Shirt Blake Lively Hairstyle Hair Color

Wherever the actress goes, she enchants everyone with her cheerful charisma. And this works particularly well with this trendy maritime stripe look.

Pregnancy Outfits Midi Dress Bodycon Blue Off Shoulder Pumps Messy Bun Hairstyle

The actress is undoubtedly one of the best-dressed pregnant women in the world and always looks stunning. The strapless, tight-fitting dress emphasizes the growing baby bump in a unique way.

Pregnancy Outfits Dress Off Shoulder Floral Pattern Sandals Blake Lively Hairstyle

At the top rocky with a leather bustier and at the bottom like a fairytale with a delicate, inconspicuous flower pattern.

Pregnancy Outfits Dress Cropped Neon Colors Sandals Blake Lively Style

This look is perhaps one of the most beautiful pregnancy outfits by Blake Lively and is reminiscent of the 80s thanks to the wild curls. The neon colored stripes of the dress perfectly highlight the growing baby ball.

Pregnancy Outfits Dress Boho Look Mid-Length High Heels Nude Blake Lively Style

The actress did not miss the fact that the ethnic and African patterns are totally in trend this year.

Pregnancy Outfits Summer Dress Floral Pattern Sandals Blake Lively Hairstyle

This look could encourage all pregnant women to show your feminine curves to the world instead of constantly hiding them. The sophisticated cut-out and floral details deliberately accentuate the growing baby bump.

Pregnancy Outfits Evening Dress Long Off Shoulder Blake Lively Outfit Elza Dress

The Hollywood star has proven once again that a round baby bump is no reason at all not to dress in style for the red carpet and looks absolutely flawless in this sparkling blue dress! It is as if the actress took this stunning dress straight out of the closet of a Disney princess – from Elsa’s in “Frozen”.

More stunning pregnancy outfits from Blake Lively

Pregnancy Outfits Winter Wool Coat Mini Skirt Blake Lively Pregnant Hair

Pregnancy Outfits Winter Poncho Coat Boots Blake Lively Pregnant Style

Pregnancy Outfits Mini Dress Wide Cut High Heels Sweater Blake Lively Style

Pregnancy outfits mini dress pink pastel colored pumps zebra print trends summer

Pregnancy Outfits Oversized Sweaters Boots Winter Fashion Trends Blake Lively

Pregnancy Outfits Midi Dress Red Elastic High Heels Sandals Messy Bun Hairstyle

Pregnancy Outfits Dress Bodycon Blonde Hair Blake Lively

Pregnancy Outfits Dress Elastic Mini Dress Black Pumps

Pregnancy Outfits Jeans Shirt Blouse Oversized Blake Lively Street Style

Pregnancy Outfits Blake Lively Jumpsuits Red Summer Fashion Trends Blonde Hair

Pregnancy Outfits Blake Lively Princess Dress Light Blue Eye Make Up

Pregnancy Outfits Blake Lively Pregnant Dress Yellow Neon Colors Summer

Pregnancy Outfits Mini Dress Light Blue Pastel Color Sandals Blake Lively Style

Pregnancy Outfits Jumpsuit Animal Print Knit Scarf Blake Lively Pregnant Style

Pregnancy Outfits Mini Dress Navy Blue Summer Trends Sandals High Heels

Pregnancy Outfits Summer Dress Floral Pattern Blake Lively Hair Color Blonde

Pregnancy outfits Blake Lively fashion tips velvet dress midi dress fashion trends