Yoga wheel and exercises for the whole body

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Yoga Rad is a simple but very effective fitness device that is used for stretching, training and relaxing the entire body. It’s great for beginners who need some assistance with some yoga positions. For advanced practitioners, it can be helpful to go deeper into the asanas. A yoga wheel can be wonderfully integrated into daily training and helps to stretch and strengthen the back area. This means that various exercises can be done and a massage effect is also promoted. However, this is a wheel that is actually movable and requires a certain amount of practice.

What is a yoga wheel?

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As the name suggests, the yoga wheel is actually a wheel. It is mostly made of sturdy plastic or possibly wood and has a padded surface. Its diameter is about 35 centimeters and width – 15 cm, and can be loaded up to 150 kilograms. There are many benefits to integrating a tool like the yoga wheel. It can be integrated into yoga internships by both beginners and advanced practitioners. Above all, it is helpful for different back bends and for the precision of different exercises. Further advantages of the simple tool are:

  • comfortable stretching
  • Release of tension, especially in the back area
  • Improvement of flexibility, balance and movement dynamics
  • Variety and enrichment of the training

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A yoga bike can generally be integrated into the daily training program in a varied way. It is mainly used for different back exercises, but it can also be used for stretching before or after training. For beginners, it is particularly helpful to slowly approach yoga positions such as “Kapotasana” (“dove”) and “Chakrasana” (“bridge”) and to practice balancing. Advanced users can use a yoga wheel to modify the already known exercises or perform difficult positions with more precision.

Yoga wheel for back bends

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The round device is primarily intended to support the back bends in yoga. The upper body is bent backwards and it stretches vigorously. In this way, the breath flows more freely, the spine and the whole body become more flexible. If you have support, you can do the exercise more precisely and more easily and slowly approach difficult yoga exercises. The back bends are generally the countermovement of the preventive measures that we often perform in everyday life and, especially for people who spend a lot of time sitting, they serve as a good balance.

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Yoga wheel is actually not part of traditional yoga. It was invented by two yoga teachers and is now a trend in the USA. It should help with strenuous asanas that require a special balance position. When stretching and stretching, the back, hips and spine are supported and the complicated exercise is easier. This is especially helpful for beginners. Advanced users can make their training more varied. However, a yoga wheel can be used at all levels and no previous knowledge is required to use it.

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The yoga wheel is ideal for training balance and modifying the regular training program. It can also be used for Pilatis and strength exercises. It promotes the stretching or opening of the chest, shoulder and chest and thereby enables deeper breathing. Finally, the shoulder muscles are relieved and back tension is released.


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The yoga wheel is also a valuable aid for difficult asanas that require more flexibility. The back is supported and the execution of the exercise is specified or intensified. The round tool is particularly helpful with “Kapotasana” and “Chakrasana”. In addition, these and other asanas can be modified and the bike can be used as a support for legs.


Yoga wheel chakraasana exercise aids body

Due to its size, a yoga wheel can be used at home or taken with you to yoga classes. This not only changes the traditional asanas, but also improves and deepens individual positions. For example, “Chakrasana”, also called “wheel” or “bridge”, can be performed more easily. Performed correctly, these exercises have many benefits for the body. However, it requires a certain agility and flexibility. These skills can be gradually improved with the help of the round tool.

Exercises with yoga wheel

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In order to make the yoga positions easier and thus also suitable for beginners, various aids such as blocks, belts or even yoga wheels can be used. This allows you to slowly approach the individual postures. However, you can first let an experienced yoga teacher show you the exercises in order to prevent possible mistakes and injuries. Most of the time, the asanas look lighter than they actually are and you need a certain amount of previous knowledge to perform them correctly. In the following we present a few simple exercises with the yoga wheel that you can easily do alone at home.

Massage, back stretching and back bends with the yoga wheel

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Sit on the mat and place the bike under your back. With your legs up, slowly lift your hips and lie down on the bike. Roll it vertebra by vertebra, stretch your arms backwards and roll yourself backwards until your head touches the floor. Put your forearms on the floor and try to grab the bike with your hands.

Plank with yoga wheel

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Get into a plank position and put the bike under your feet. Now pull both feet alternately and roll the wheel towards your nose. This exercise trains the core and strengthens endurance. Advanced practitioners can try to lift their hips up and bring their body into the yoga “dog downward” position. It gets even more difficult when you try to balance with just one foot on the bike.

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Stretch your legs with the yoga wheel – preparation for the splits

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First get on your knees and place your arms on the floor next to your shoulders. For additional stability and support, you can take two blocks and place them on the left and right. Then start with either the right or left leg and place it on the yoga wheel, then carefully roll further forward. The further forward the wheel is rolled, the more intense the stretch becomes. When tension is greatest, hold in this position for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

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Although the yoga wheel provides support in performing the exercises and especially back bends, you should always be careful with it and when practicing yoga in general and pay attention to the singals of the body. If you notice that an exercise is not really good for you, you shouldn’t strain your body, but respect its limits and give it more time. After all, it is about improving the flexibility and overall condition of the body.

Yoga wheel: a versatile fitness device

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A yoga wheel is suitable for everyone who likes to try out new fitness equipment. For many who carry out their training program at home, it can be a real enrichment, because it can be used to modify the known exercises. In addition, it takes up little space, is light and can be taken anywhere.

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Yoga fans can really benefit from the yoga wheel, regardless of whether they are beginners or advanced. The wheel is a tremendous help, especially when you bend back. It can also be helpful to support the Bach muscles and improve endurance. In addition, you can approach intensive exercises such as plank or asanas, which require more flexibility such as “Chakrasana” and “Kapotasana”.

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