Women’s wetsuit in bright summer colors by Cynthia Rowley

Wetsuit for women shorty-long-sleeved-pastel-tones-summer-mood

There are many things we would like to do one day: travel across the country, bake our own bread, learn to surf. Some of these desires can only remain ambitions, but we have discovered a motivation that would inspire you to pursue your dream of learning to surf. A Wetsuit for women by Cynthia Rowley, who takes surf fashion to the next level. The label is known for its beautiful color-blocking ensembles and you can recognize its stamp in this collection at first glance. Wetsuits have never looked so chic!

Color blocking wetsuit for women

Wetsuit for women -shorty-colorblocking-blautoene

A comfortable wetsuit is very important for every surf rider because it protects the body from wind, water and strong sunlight. Most importantly, men’s wetsuits need to be comfortable and functional, but women need more. Cynthia Rowley’s eye-catching designs enhance the body-hugging silhouette with short shorts, long sleeves and eye-catching patterns.

Wetsuit for women with a striking pattern

Wetsuit for women -2mm-designer-prints-tiny-atlas

The spring collection includes 4 new models that are available in several colors: Colorblock, Athletic Stripe and patterned suits with 2 different floral motifs. All wetsuits are rounded off with colorful overlock seams that give the design a graphic touch.

Material: neoprene

Shell: 80% nylon / 20% spandex

Lining: 100% nylon

Thickness: 2 mm for warm waters

A small pocket on the back

Centered zip and Velcro

Available at Cynthia Rowley

abstract prints and beautiful colors

wetsuit-women-2mm-shorty-dark purple-prints

Wetsuit in soft pink with a floral print



Colorblock wetsuit in shades of pink


Pink and white


black and white and red zippers on the sides


black wetsuit with white stripes


Athletic Stripes model in blue and yellow


Wetsuit in jeans look

Wetsuit for women shorty-denim-jeans look




wetsuit-women-shorty-cobalt blue-red-flower-motif

Wetsuit for women shorty-colorblocking-neon colors