Mountain surfers from Jones Snowboards for winter fun

Mountain Surfer from Jones Snowboards made of wood

Mountain Surfer from Jones Snowboards is an innovative snowboard. It is the perfect companion for the popular winter sport. The special thing about this snowboard is that it was shaped by hand by the famous surfboard manufacturer Chris Christenson. Of the Mountain Surfer from Jones Snowboards is made entirely of wood and has no traditional bindings like those on an ordinary snowboard. Instead, there are foot hooks that can be removed. The boots can be pushed into this, which guarantees better steering and the snowboard sits firmly on the feet without it coming off when braking or when performing an ollie.

 Mountain Surfer from Jones Snowboards

Mountain Surfer from Jones Snowboards fun-wintersport

But if you prefer to “surf” without the hooks, you can simply remove them. Furthermore, the Mountain Surfer from Jones Snowboards a pad that prevents slipping. So that you don’t lose the board while snowboarding, you can attach it with a rope and a snap hook.

Mountain Surfer from Jones Snowboards made of wood


equipped with pad


with removable foot hooksmountain-surfer-jones-snowboards-rounded-nose

rounded nose