Learn to dance and get more than just a sense of tact

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Numerous peoples have traditional music, to the rhythm of which they like to move their bodies. And this does not mean rhythmic movements that often resemble a primitive dance on the volcano, but graceful folk dances that have become the characteristic symbol of the entire nation, such as bolero for the Spaniards, flamenco for the Andalusians, sirtaki for the Greeks, salsa for the Cubans and Puerto Ricans, Tango for Argentines, etc. In the meantime, some types of dance have become so popular worldwide that they are practiced more than sports with tournaments. Essentially, learning to dance has many advantages – developing physical culture, building social relationships, and great fun, big and small.

Learn to dance and improve attention, reaction and lifestyle

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Sports activities such as running, cycling or weight training undoubtedly have a positive effect on the heart and circulation, and promote stamina and flexibility. Dancing unites these and brings about an intellectual level through musical interaction. One hour a week is enough to keep the mind and body fit, they said RUB researchers (Ruhr University Bochum) in a study fixed. The neuroscientists have developed a dance program especially for seniors between 60 and 94 years of age. After six months and only learning to dance for one hour per week, they were not only physically fitter than before, but also improved their alertness and cognitive abilities considerably.

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The variety of movements to the most varied of music offers the opportunity to live out the dance expression. Dances differ in speed, dynamics and speed, so everyone can choose according to their impulses and individual characteristics. Coordination, flexibility and quality of movement are trained and strengthened, and social awareness is also promoted. Dancing knows no boundaries and both children and adults of all ages can benefit from it.

Learn to dance with which shoes

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Learning to dance does not require great equipment like other leisure and sports activities. Good looks, graceful posture and elegance are required on the dance floor. Therefore you have to feel comfortable and radiate the same. At the beginning, when learning to dance, a pair of comfortable shoes, such as sneakers or light heeled shoes, is sufficient. The investment in good classical dance shoes enter into. It is always advisable to choose shoes with straps or laces instead of open pumps that you can slip out of quickly. And be careful, only those who can walk on their shoes can dance on them.

Learn to dance styles and dance


Many different folk dances have developed in different cultures and the number of people who dance together is decisive. With group and couple dances, the particular difficulty lies in coordinating and harmonizing with one another as far as the dance is concerned. From a Intelligence research from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York it is known that no other physical activity has such a positive effect on mental performance as regular dancing. Anyone who dances with a partner has to react skillfully to their movements and at the same time synchronize their own with the rhythm. In order to achieve this, numerous cognitive processes are promoted, especially all decisions are made unconsciously. Leading, like being led, increases the number of decisions that have to be made in couples dancing. Therefore, dancing also makes you smarter.

Dancing can do a lot more than just look pretty

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The most popular and probably most attractive couple dances that can be acquired in a dance class are the Latin American ones, which are mainly native to Cuba, Puerto Rico, Argentina and Spain. In big cities, Germans prefer to dance salsa, tango, merengue and mambo. The freestyle couple dances have the greatest effect on intelligence – Samba, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Jive, and Paso Doble. Depending on the situation, new movements in the choreography are acquired again and again, such as a turn or a lunge, and everything should be perfected in fractions of a second. Despite the careful planning of the dance and countless exercises before a performance, it should look spontaneous and not unwound.

Anyone can learn to dance and there is such a thing as two left feet

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Regardless of age, anyone can enroll in a dance class. Dancing means more than just moving to the beat of the music. It liberates, inspires, trains and trains, it unites body, mind and rhythm in one. Like the other arts, dance is a way of expressing feelings and conveying them. Learning to dance doesn’t necessarily mean performing in front of a large audience, which is why you have to focus on the fun of movement.

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