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Many people still associate boxing with mere punches. It is one of the sports that trains the whole body, keeps it on its toes and has now become a trend. Boxing has nothing to do with the annoying bar fights, because if you want to make serious progress, you have to behave in a disciplined manner and perform well. And that doesn’t just apply to the ring or the training center, because boxers also have to watch out for their bodies, their eating habits and their exercise outside of the box. At the same time is the sport quite suitable for many age groups and both genders, because fighting in itself is by no means the focus. This article shows what effects boxing training has on the body, how boxing can be trained and what needs to be paid attention to.

What effects does boxing training have on our body??

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If you don’t believe how strenuous and effective boxing is, you can do a very simple test: set the kitchen clock to three minutes, position yourself in the room and move around the room while dancing and boxing with force. If you still use real strength and body tension, you will be out of breath after three minutes – depending on your general fitness level. Presumably your arms are trembling too and if you try to catch a ruler, you will probably not get it. But doesn’t that happen to a boxer? Of course not, because he trains and thus sets the conditions for the effects that affect the body:

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force – every boxer does strength training. Of course not like pure strength athletes, because these muscle masses would make fixed movements difficult or even prevent them. Strength training focuses on the whole body, because only strong legs can hold a position in combat. If this training is varied and designed in such a way that physical weaknesses can be compensated for, weight training even has a positive effect on shoulder or back pain. The reason: The necessary muscles are strengthened and the back muscles are supported by the trained abdominal muscles.

persistence – As already indicated above: No matter how hard a boxer hit, it doesn’t help him if he is panting on the ropes after two minutes. For this reason, endurance training follows. In everyday life it can consist of jogging, cycling and swimming – so variety is required here. Training in the studio is also common. Sprint skills are also trained. The advantages: The training strengthens the whole organism and strengthens the cardiovascular system. If endurance training is held in the fresh air, the immune system also benefits.

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coordination – As with any martial arts, you also have to know where parts of the body are at all times in boxing. This is not only important for balance, but also for attacks or for your own defense. An opposing blow cannot be blocked if a boxer cannot gauge how to move to block without losing balance. The benefits of improved coordination are practically self-explanatory. After all, they also protect against falls or mishaps in everyday life.

Reflexes – Here again, what applies to any martial arts: In the course of training and with increasing experience, your own reflexes improve. The brain usually needs a certain amount of time to process the information provided by the eyes and pass it on to the limbs. During the training, the brain’s performance is also trained and the reflexes improve. This is of course due to two factors: On the one hand, the brain learns certain movement sequences that apply to this sport and links them directly to valid triggers. If it now recognizes a trigger, it sets the body in motion before it can even be considered. On the other hand, boxers become more fixed and more focused in their movements through good training, which improves their reflexes.

By the way, there are different versions of boxing. If you are hardly interested in fighting yourself, you can choose the »light version« in many studios. These are also good for the elderly.

Set up a small boxing studio at home

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Of course, there is no getting around a good studio to learn boxing. The idea that anyone can box off with their fists is actually correct, but in the end it does not result in correct boxing. Nevertheless, there is of course nothing to prevent you from setting up a small training room at home:

Punching bag – it is extremely practical and helps when you want to get rid of frustration. Here exist quite different designs. When attaching the bag, however, you should not only ensure that it is fixed to the ceiling, but also that the bag hangs in the middle of the room. Otherwise it could hit a window. To move the sack out of the way, there are special rails on which it can be moved.

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Boxing pear – the boxing pear is less massive than a sack, but it trains the reflexes. It is located on a flexible column so that it vibrates with every touch and is therefore more difficult to hit. Punching pears are suitable in smaller rooms and for anyone who is not sure whether the ceiling can withstand a punching bag.

Claws – they are great for fighting a living opponent at home. There are different models, but they always have some attributes. They are made of synthetic leather, have a thicker filling and either have slots for the hands or a strap. Larger models can also easily be used for kickboxing.

How high is the risk of injury?

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Those who only box for movement and limit themselves to punching bags, air boxing or claws have a very low risk of injury. Sure, something can always happen, for example if the fist hits stupidly. It looks different, of course, in sparring or even in fights. There are helmets here, the hands are in boxing gloves and there is general attention to safety, but a blow can always go wrong. This is especially true of those who without protection in the ring rise.

Conclusion – why not give it a try?

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Boxing is a versatile and effective sport that is quite suitable for all age groups. Especially since there are “combat-free” versions that have only a low risk of injury. The only important thing is to find a good studio and learn the basics under the eyes of an experienced trainer. He also pays attention to popular accident mistakes such as clamping your thumb under your fingers when making a fist.

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