Combine blue pumps: How to find the right outfit for every shade of blue!

Blue heeled shoes are in again! At the beginning of spring we would like to introduce you to some great outfit ideas with the classic, which are ideal (but not only) for this season. Whether for a walk on the weekend or for the office, blue pumps combine wonderfully with different outfits. We reveal in the article which colors go with the most popular shades of blue.

How to combine blue pumps?

How to combine blue pumps with other shades of blue

As one of the most popular colors in general, blue is also a popular choice for women’s shoes and it lines up right behind black and shades of brown. In order to find the best color combination for your blue pumps, the exact shade of blue plays a crucial role. You have to determine this first and only then look for suitable combination options.

There are as many shades of blue as there are women who want to wear them. In the following we summarize the most popular of them and reveal which colors you can wear them.

Midnight, Navy and other deep, dark shades of blue

Dark blue heels with navy blue dress Meghan Markle Style

Perfect for fall and winter, but also a favorite in warmer weather – dark shades of blue look fantastic with white. So good that there is even a whole genre of fashion that deals almost exclusively with these two tones: maritime.

Spring outfit in navy blue and yellow

The problem is, this color combination is so often used in conjunction with a marine theme that it’s easy to look nautical even when you don’t want to. If you wear navy blue pumps with white but at the same time want to avoid getting ship-related comments, our first tip is not to wear stripes. Instead, look for pieces with floral or geometric prints that combine navy blue and white. You should also avoid accents in red with this combination, as they further emphasize the maritime look.

Other colors that look great with these deep shades of blue include fuchsia, deep orange, and almost any shade of green. Dark blue pumps combine great with yellowish green tones like chartreuse and lime.

Navy blue pumps combine tips colors

Also, all colored shoes tend to look great when paired with their own color (whatever the hue), but navy blue looks especially amazing when worn with blue clothing. Whether you go for baby blue, cobalt or navy blue yourself, navy blue pumps undoubtedly look great when paired with other shades of blue. Go for a fresh white base and add some splashes of yellow or green and you have an unbeatable outfit.

Midtones: cobalt, pop and royal blue

Cobalt blue pumps with torn jeans and a white shirt

If we take a look at the color wheel, we can immediately determine that orange is the complementary color of medium blue. Therefore, wearing the two colors together creates a very dynamic combination. Other colors that go well with medium and royal blues are light, vibrant, and medium blues-greens, almost any shade of purple, white, and black.

like blue pumps combine with other colors

If you want to combine bright blue pumps, you should wear them with either a dress or a blouse with a vivid print. Alternatively, you can also choose a neutral color such as black, white or gray and set accents with your shoes and other accessories in this color.

Combine soft, muted and gloomy blue pumps

Blue pumps in a subdued tone with gray jeans and a blazer

Muted and gloomy blue tones have such a beautiful, soft, relaxed look that they are perfect for combining with light to medium neutral colors and earthy tones such as cream, taupé, nude and beige. These colors can also be combined very well with your favorite jeans.

If you’re looking for a little more contrast, try teaming up those soft shades of blue with the following colors:

  • vibrant pink tones
  • deep golden yellow
  • medium to dark red tones
  • or rich, chocolatey brown tones

Light, sky, powder, baby and other shades of pastel blue

Combine pastel blue shoes with gray

Many women find pastel blue extremely attractive, but because it is so light it is not always as easy to combine as some other shades of blue. The color that always goes well with it is white. The pastel blue tones can be combined very well with light to medium earthy neutral tones or almost any gray tone.

Combine blue pumps in pastel with light jeans and beige sweater

Black can also go very well with light blue, but you need to be very careful with the rest of the accessories. Stick to a simple, limited color scheme. When you wear pastel blue pumps with a black dress, your belt, bag, and any non-metallic jewelry should match your shoes as closely as possible.

Pastel blue pumps combine with light denim

So far so good. When we move past the neutrals things get a little tricky. But all you really have to do is match the tone of your clothes to the tone of your shoes. Unless both tones appear in one print, you should stick to soft tones like peach, pale yellow, soft to medium-toned pinks, lavender and mint-colored greens.

Aqua, teal, turquoise and other shades of blue-green

How to combine blue pumps in turquoise in spring

Light and light shades of greenish blues and bluish greens are perfect for spring and summer, while darker shades of teal and turquoise are especially good for cooler weather. On top of that, they’re some of the most fun shades of blue to work with. Maybe that’s why any class of turquoise, teal or aqua is almost always on trend.

Green-blue pumps combine outfit ideas with skirt and jeans

If your pumps are on the blue side of the spectrum, consider pairing them with shades of orange, especially light to medium shades like coral and peach. Darker blue tones, which are more on the green side, contrast nicely with deep red and rust tones. And almost any shade of blue that falls into this watery category looks amazing with other shades of blue and green. They just look magical together.

Another great combination is offered by brown tones as well as other medium to dark earth tones and neutral colors. The contrast in these color combinations is so pleasant that you don’t really need many other choices.