adidas Superstar – a classic that is always on trend

If so far it has seemed like just another suggestion from sneakers that are being hyped for whatever reason, then it’s time to learn the history of these iconic shoes. And that’s really interesting with the superstars! We’ll also give you tips on how to wear the iconic superstars in the new season!

Promising beginnings of the legend

The company of the Dassler brothers was founded in Germany in 1924

It all began in Germany in 1924, because it was there that two brothers – Rudolf and Adolf Dassler – decided to found a company that was to deal with the production of sports shoes, the Dassler brothers OHG. The first shoe designs were created in the laundry of the mother of the Dassler brothers and were made from rubber seals from fuel tanks and from linen fabric from military tents. Despite the lack of sufficiently good conditions, the siblings always strived for success. After not even four years of founding the company, the Dassler brothers were already providing professional athletes who were taking part in the Olympic Games with the necessary sports equipment. Fortunately, the brand’s good name was not lacking in success – the American runner Jessie Owens became a four-time gold medal winner in the shoes of the Dassler brothers OHG.

But all good things come to an end … After the Second World War, the Dassler brothers decided to split up and each of them opened their own company – Adolf started working under the adidas logo, while Rudolf became the owner of the Puma brand.

How long has adidas Superstar been around??

how long has adidas superstar been around?

Of the iconic adidas superstar First released in 1969, it immediately captured the hearts of most professional basketball players. Every NBA or NCAA player had at least a pair of Superstars in their closet, and the interest in this model was so great at the time that it was almost a miracle to get it without vitamin B. Not only did they stand out from the competition because of their interesting design, but also because of their unique quality and durability.

adidas Superstar sneakers with the typical shell toe

And since we’re already talking about their looks, it is worthwhile to dwell on this topic for a moment, because the superstars have revolutionized the way in which correct basketball shoes should look. Of course, you have to admit at this point that they are undoubtedly also unusual because on the one hand they are low cut and on the other hand they have characteristic reinforcements on the toes in the form of a rubber cover (the so-called “shell toe”).

Shoes that athletes and celebrities have come to love

The superstars were officially put on sale in 1970

The adidas Superstar sneakers were officially put on sale to a larger group of consumers in 1970 and their main representative became the best scorer in NBA history, LA Lakers player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Over time, the hip-hop scene also fell in love with the iconic adidas model and the shell toe became an essential part of the wardrobe of one of the most famous old-school hip-hop groups RUN DMC. The great interest in this model led to the fact that the name Superstar reached a completely new dimension – the group of people who wore it was so exclusive that only celebrities and well-known sports personalities could count on the superstars to upgrade their sneaker collection would. As is well known, world-famous stars often become trendsetters, and so it was in this case too. People all over the world fell in love with the superstars and while years have passed there is no indication that anything will change about that in the near future.

adidas Superstar sneakers in black and white are unisex

Are you looking for original superstars who can make you feel like a real star? Then be sure to take a look in the Sizeer online shop where a whole superstars galaxy in various colors awaits you. Both fans of the monochrome look and people who appreciate strong color accents will find something for themselves here and all of this in children’s, women’s and men’s sizes.

What should you wear the superstars to??

adidas Superstar outfit in black and white is the classic

What do Rihanna, Pharell Williams, Jhene Aiko, David Beckham and Leo Messi have in common? Not only do they form a group of the most famous representatives of music and sports stars, but they are also loyal to the superstars! So if you are wondering what to combine the adidas shoe model with, then you should be inspired by well-known and popular sneakerheads.

Universal, classic colors allow complete freedom of combination – in this case you don’t have to worry that the combination you have chosen will be too extravagant. The truth is, the superstars literally look good with anything, even a tracksuit!

adidas Superstar Ouftit with midi-length skirt with leopard print

This season we combine the characteristic sneakers with the 3-Stripes mainly with comfortable jogging pants, linen pants, with the amusing culottes and oversize sweatshirts or hoodies. Both women and men can easily wear them with a leather jacket, a stylish trench coat or an everyday look that should be comfortable and loose. The adidas Superstars are also ideal for festivals – with these sneakers, the modern duo includes both shorts and an airy dress in boho style, which has been saying that at Coachella or OpenAir’s in recent years.

Adidas Superstar sneaker outfit in black and white for men