What does clearing out in Berlin cost? Price examples and information

A new life abroad is waiting, a house is about to be sold, older relatives are moving to a nursing home or there is a death in the family – the reasons for clearing out are many and varied. If you do everything yourself, you have to put a lot of time and nerves into the project. Not to be underestimated are the many physically demanding jobs. When you weigh the cost-benefit ratio, budget resolution from a professional is a good deal. A clearing company does not need more than 8 hours of working time for a 2-room apartment. The prices, on the other hand, vary greatly from region to region and depend on many factors. If a household is to be dissolved or cleared out in Berlin, you can expect the following costs.

What exactly does clearing out in Berlin include?

Clearing out in Berlin - costs, duration and tips

Clearing out means breaking up and clearing out individual rooms, entire apartments or houses, basements, garages and even garden houses. Old objects and furniture are also disposed of. Clearers remove carpets, wall shelves, lamps, curtain strips, hanging cabinets, screws and nails from walls and ceilings to restore the apartment to its original state. The property will be completely emptied and handed over swept clean. “Swept clean” means handing over the property in a clean state. The physical exertion should not be underestimated, especially if the apartment is on higher floors without an elevator.

Costs for clearing out Berlin

Costs for clearing out Berlin with a container

The prices for a Clearing out in Berlin are based on the number of square meters of the area to be cleared, the volume of work to be done, the type of objects to be disposed of and the location of the object, e.g. floor, hillside, etc. Roughly, you have to cost around 500 euros per room for an apartment liquidation estimate. The calculation basically includes all costs such as arrival and departure, hours worked, transport and removal of garbage and hazardous waste.

old objects and furniture are also disposed of

Here are some cost examples as a guide:

  • For clearing out a small one 1 room apartment (30 – 35 m²) the costs amount to around 500 to 650 euros.
  • At a 2 room apartment (60 m²) the costs are between 800 and 1,200 euros.
  • At a 3 room apartment (80 m²) you can expect around 1,500 euros for a complete apartment liquidation.
  • At a detached house (150 m²) with several rooms including attic and basement, you can estimate about 3,000 euros.
  • The cost of clearing out a garage (15 m²) are on average 450 euros.
  • The price for one basement, cellar (15 m²) varies depending on the amount of waste and accessibility and averages between 300 and 1000 euros.
  • For one Attic (25 m²) the price starts at 500 euros and is also dependent on the effort and the type of waste.

However, it is always worthwhile to agree a fixed price with the clearing company so that there are no surprises in the billing. The fixed price is a binding price offer that serves as a cost basis.

Clearing out Berlin for Messie apartments

Clearing out Berlin for Messie apartments

Messie apartments present a special challenge when clearing out. Many people know these trashed apartments from TV programs, where worthless things and rubbish hardly leave any space in the living room to move around freely. The messie syndrome is therefore referred to as “litter syndrome” or “compulsive hoarding”. The costs are well above average because these apartments are usually in a very poor condition. Clearing out a messie apartment with 60 square meters can cost over 3,000 euros.

Are the costs of clearing out tax deductible?

Are the costs of clearing out tax deductible?

Just like the services of moving companies, household liquidations, clearing out and evictions are among the household-related services that can be claimed for tax purposes. As a rule, they are recognized by the tax office at one fifth of the costs. This means that if you have incurred costs of 1,000 euros for clearing your apartment, for example, the tax office will recognize 200 euros of this.

Household resolution by the professional with a container