Urban style – living and fashion shaped by life in the big city

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Nothing is missed in the big city. A mixture of cultures that give the individual clothing style a new value. The urban style of today exudes coolness, looseness and fashion awareness and does not remain indifferent to comfort. Unusual accents and distinctive combinations give the big city style its typical face. This can be monochrome as well as colorful, creative designs. The symbol for the idiosyncratic spirit of the inhabitants of the metropolis is reflected not only in their clothes, but also in their style of living.

Urban style – trends from fashion and interior influence each other

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In the big cities, fashion is taken for granted as part of culture. As an expression of individual freedom of thought, but also the freedom of women, fashion is a sensual and quick response to the present. The German fashion designer Gabriele Strehle shares in an interview for Süddeutsche Zeitung To deal with fashion is to say ‘yes’ to life. As an expert, she believes that loving, studying and cultivating surfaces is a very profound business. In this sense, all arts reflect society. Design, whether product design or fashion design, even express it more clearly. The exhibits do not hang in museums or on shelves, we see them everywhere in everyday life on the street. And like a real art scene, a metropolis like New York or Berlin has a unique power of suggestion. International life and style go hand in hand and result in urban style living.

Urban style living in the big city – accents for an unforgettable look

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In the German capital, the art scene affects fashion and fashion affects the art scene. Many designers live and create there and they are not indifferent to the unmistakable character of the big city. For the well-known fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer, who lives there himself, Berlin means a desire for modern, urban, young interiors and he calls it the German New York. Fascinated by the urban style mix with influences from all over the world, he reveals another facet of himself – ‘the pure desire for living’. GMK reveals its passion for furnishing & Lifestyle and trusts his tried and tested tips for a stylish interior. Discover his absolute interior favorites and Guido Maria Kretschmer Trends at OTTO.

Urban style living according to the motto: Show me how you live and I’ll tell you who you are

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The recognized designer himself communicates that fashion & For him, living are matters of the heart that are closely linked because both express one’s own personality. Then according to the motto: Show me how you live and I’ll tell you who you are, urban style includes a desire for modern, young interiors. Bold combinations with structures and accents, as well as clothing and room design, reveal self-confidence and attention to detail.

 Urban Style – The combination of rough industrial charm, inspiring art and cozy big city flair

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The fashion scene is based on industrial chic and the interior design as well. The so-called used design is characterized by extremely robust, high-quality materials and a timeless, simple design. Brown-red materials such as structural steel, clinker brick and cow leather only look superficially porous or used.

Urban style is a sense of time that everyone can experience in the big city

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Velvet gives a majestic shine and reflects the surrounding colors and lights in a striking way. The fabric itself looks particularly chic and becomes a highlight without assistance. If it is placed in contrast to a rough surface, it comes into its own and serves as a balanced center in the overall picture.

Urban Style – Refined mix of original things from yesterday and today


A reference to the past is often made in fashion and ambience. Today’s details combined give a new, fresh effect and the style remains constant. Contemporary design strives for simplicity for the sake of people and gives free space for the important ones. Neutral colors always work, and they also look particularly stylish.

Reduced urban style mix with influences from all over the world

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A mix of structures – contrary materials and surfaces creates tension in the design. Light pastel tones, which are still called sorbet tones in the specialist field, are one of the current trends. Rough structures, metallic and shimmering surfaces combine to create a cool and at the same time fresh aesthetic. A balanced mix is ​​achieved through stylish accents typical of different styles – Scandic Design, Mid-Century and Modern.

Urban style & classic elegance in an old Berlin apartment


Retro is part of the urban style and an attractive mix of structures goes well with it. Memories of the past can be leitmotifs from an era, a color or style elements. Optical harmony is created through the skilful use of minimalist pieces of furniture and nostalgic stucco elements loosen up the simple austerity. Just like the two different black and white uneven patterns keep the ensemble simple, but not at all boring.

Urban style meets city chic – when comfort is paramount


Geometric shapes and filigree straight contours appear stable, but graceful. Transferred from architecture, grid-style textiles are based on geometric honeycombs and the choice of neutral colors underlines the three-dimensional effect. Color accents attract attention and steer the gaze in a certain direction.

Interior design and fashion are very closely linked and, above all, shaped by the way of life of contemporary people. It is not at all surprising that designers like Guido Maria Kretschmer are not only good at fashion.