Turquoise curtains – 33 great ideas for exoticism in every room

turquoise curtains loft style stripes armchair clinker stone wall white bed cream

Turquoise is a color that is very popular for several reasons. On the one hand it makes us dream of tropical islands and warm countries in the cold winter, on the other hand it gives the room a pleasant freshness in the hot summer. The beautiful color can be wonderfully combined with many other colors. Because of this, are turquoise curtains a great choice to design the interior and we are going to show you some great decorating ideas for the different rooms of the apartment. Let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful color!

Turquoise curtains as accents to white

curtains turquoise curtains accent white furniture carpet stripes lamps

Turquoise and therefore also turquoise curtains go particularly well with the white color. This creates a simpler, yet more elegant style that is suitable for any room. If you want to emphasize the beach theme that the turquoise curtains radiate, you can choose a sandy color instead of white or old pink, coral or salmon color. The interior is particularly lively with a combination of exotic cocktail colors. So add a bright pink and yellow to the turquoise accents and you will immediately feel like you are on vacation.

Turquoise curtains in a glossy look

turquoise curtains gloss living room armchair white fireplace carpet floral glass table

Turquoise curtains can be chosen in different designs. On the one hand, of course, there are the transparent variants that allow daylight to shine through and have a delicate look. Thick fabric is also suitable for turquoise curtains. With its help, you get an attractive privacy screen that guarantees more privacy. If it is a shiny fabric, the accessory is all the more elegant. You are also welcome to look for curtains in which the turquoise color was only used as an accent in the form of different patterns or you can combine turquoise curtains with those in a different color.

Turquoise and gray

turquoise curtains gray combination blinds idea romantic interior

 Curtains with turquoise Aztec patterns

turquoise curtains geometric aztec pattern white couch leather gray

 Exotic turquoise

turquoise curtains exotic living room furnishings yellow armchair stool

 Turquoise curtains for the bathroom

turquoise curtains shower curtain idea bathtub furnishings

 Turquoise accents in the curtain

turquoise curtains accents sideboard exotic look floral motifs deco vases

 Romantic curtain design

curtains turquoise living room sofa zigzag purple chair coffee table

 Turquoise stripes

curtains turquoise living room beach style stripes fireplace ceiling design

 Small living room with colored curtains

curtains turquoise wall covering wood sofa leather black side table metal

Curtains turquoise laundry room hallway white door wood white wall design

curtains turquoise tuell shower curtain bathroom idea bathroom rugs gray

curtains turquoise transparent tropical flair orange tiles

curtains turquoise black idea window decoration living room furniture modern

curtains turquoise romantic design bedroom bed linen white laminate

curtains turquoise neoclassical interior design corner couch gold accents

curtains turquoise mint green vintage style salmon color cushion stool antique

curtains turquoise classic children's room bedroom modern bedside cabinet

curtains turquoise children's room design bed blanket colorful watercolor look

curtains turquoise youth room girl idea colorful bedspread

curtains turquoise industrial style kitchen dining area curtains color accents

curtains turquoise bright flowers motifs black leather couch parquet white

curtains turquoise bay window dining room design window front chairs

curtains turquoise dark armchair dining table glass white

curtains turquoise bathroom idea side table black bathtub gloss

curtains turquoise accents yellow green bedroom stripes carpeting

turquoise curtains transparent pattern ombre purple brick wall white

turquoise curtains fabric opaque plant deco chair wood

turquoise curtains modern living room idea round couch fireplace floating effect pebble

turquoise curtains classic style side table wood vase deco

turquoise curtains light blue pattern accents bed checkered bed linen