Trending wood: design elements that are preferred

wood white kitchen-trend-matt-fronts-oak-worktop-yellow-wall units

Wood is experiencing a renaissance and is now very popular in your own four walls. The reasons for this are obvious: Recyclable, sustainable, high quality, individual, healthy – these properties make the natural material the current design trend. The variety of wood types in terms of color, structure, strength and longevity enable optimal solutions for numerous areas of application and inspire at any time with their warm appearance.

Which wood is the trend?

wood-trend-which-type of wood-most-in-demand-oak

10 years ago the beech was very popular among the types of wood. But oak has established itself as the dominant European wood species since 2010. With its technical properties, it can be used flexibly and is also very versatile in terms of color. Whether natural, dark smoked or whitewashed – the even grain of Oak wood is always in the foreground and brings a calming and characteristic feeling of living into every home.

Pendant lights made of wood as a design trend


Wood does not have to be present everywhere in a room in order to develop its full potential and is wonderfully shown to advantage in the form of a hanging lamp on the ceiling. Wooden pendant lights do not have to look old-fashioned, but are very modern in various designs and in any case stylish and elegant. Renowned lighting manufacturers and designers offer diverse interpretations of the trend towards naturalness and combine organic design with the latest LED technology. Quite many design examples see this article.

Wood discs and tree trunks – pure nature in your own four walls

wood-trend-apartment-wood-slice-tree trunk

It has long since ceased to be just a smoothly sanded and painted surface. Rough and faulty structures create originality and are used in a variety of ways in interiors. Furniture and decorations made from real tree trunks, for example, bring nature into the home and give every room a cozy atmosphere. Since it is a natural product, each tree trunk is unique and individual. Features such as unevenness and existing cracks are not to be regarded as annoying, but as a special highlight that makes such a piece of furniture so charming.

White kitchens in combination with wood – a permanent trend


Whether modern handleless models or cozy country house kitchens: white remains the most popular kitchen front color this year as well. No wonder, because white looks elegant and timeless, brings brightness into the room and makes small rooms appear larger. This uncomplicated color can be easily combined with all other colors, but the classic combination of “wood and white” always works and simply goes with almost every furnishing style. Worktops or back walls made of wood, for example, are often combined to create handleless kitchens with high-gloss or matt lacquer fronts in white. Individual wood accents also create a more homely atmosphere and skilfully loosen up the appearance of purist white kitchens.

Wall cladding made of wood

wall cladding-wood-trend-old wood-light-dark-mixture

Wood has a long tradition as wall cladding. Wood paneling was really fashionable in the 1980s, but was frowned upon for a long time in residential areas. Thanks to a variety of trendy decors and many colors, the wood wall paneling is celebrating its comeback and can easily be adapted to any living style.

With wood you have almost limitless design possibilities without having to forego comfort, modern materials and high-tech. Discover the variety of types of wood and get a piece of nature in your own four walls!