Top furnishing styles for 2016 – These trends provide a breath of fresh air

Top furnishing styles for 2016 trends-modern-living room-gray tones-metal-accents-screed-flooring

The exhibits at the furniture fairs made it clear: 2016 will see a significant change in furniture and furnishings. While the past years were dominated by white and gray and the reserved vintage look was popular, strong colors, reduced constructions and exciting mixtures of different furnishing styles are now causing a sensation. We’ll show you which highlights you can expect in the coming season. The following furnishing styles are discussed:

• Country house

• Scandinavian look

• Retro

• Pop Art

• minimalism

• Jungle feeling

• Wallpaper trends

• pastel tones

The variety of furnishing styles remains – a new mix is ​​coming

Interior styles 2016 trends-bedroom-retro-industrial-gray-upholstered bed-wooden floor-wall cladding

To the delight of all interior design enthusiasts, the variety of styles is great. The spectrum ranges from Scandinavian chic to colonial to country house and vintage. The high demand in the furniture industry proves that more and more consumers are orienting themselves towards the furnishing styles. It has long been observed that both stationary furniture stores and mail order companies orient themselves towards consumer behavior and present suitable arrangements according to the tastes. Online shops for furniture and living accessories such as, But well-known magazines in the living industry also regularly present sources of inspiration for living ideas in line with the styles in order to make furnishing easier for the consumer. Everyone is now able to design their home like a professional interior designer and to stage a concept perfectly.

Furnishing styles country house and Scandinavian


A look at the trends of the year makes it clear that a lot is happening in terms of style. The development towards one is particularly striking reduced look, which applies to both furniture and the entire interior. The country house style, which has been very lavish in recent years and sometimes overloaded with patterns and knickknacks, focuses on the essentials in 2016. Simple shapes, natural materials that can age stylishly and old-school craftsmanship characterize the country look of the future.

Top furnishing styles for 2016 -trends-Scandinavian-white-open-plan living area

The will continue to be represented Scandinavian interior style. However, less present than in the past. Here, too, natural materials such as solid wood, cotton and the like make a big entrance. Clear and simple shapes are just as important as light woods and friendly colors. What shouldn’t be missing from the Scandinavians are geometric patterns and shapes. In 2016, geometry is celebrating a big comeback in the home environment. The Scandinavian style is predestined to use diamonds, squares and straight lines for furnishing. Whether pillowcases, curtains, carpets or plaids – you can now skillfully set accents with geometric patterns!

Retro and Pop Art – furnishing styles are on the rise

Furnishing-styles-2016-trends-bedroom-pop-art-wall-decoration-wall-shelf-room divider-glass-wardrobe

In 2016, the Retro style be. Expressive colors such as yellow and petrol can be used generously. The 50s, 60s and 70s are decisive for the retro look. Graphic patterns are a must. With regard to upholstered furniture, the furniture fairs reinforced the impression that sofas with low seat heights are on the rise again. Velvet covers, which were typical of those times, and dark colors are also in demand. The following video from this year’s IMM Cologne furniture fair in Cologne provides interesting insights into the current furnishing styles and trends:

Among the woods, oak and beech are still popular with retro chic. But dark teak is also used. However, if you want to interpret the retro style in a modern way, you are not allowed to copy the furnishings from back then 1: 1. Rather, it’s about combining the typical classics with modern minimalism. This mix creates the most beautiful furnishings that satisfy the longing for reduced interiors. Of the Minimalism generally plays a major role at the moment. The focus on original values ​​and the renunciation of the unnecessary is in the foreground and prompts the living space to be freed from ballast.

Even Pop art is a theme in 2016 and gives the interior design world the opportunity to show the crazy side. Bright colors, dramatic motifs and the charm of the 50s ensure a very individual furnishing character. In our article on Pop Art you will find suggestions for designing rooms.

Jungle feeling in the living room


Exotic prints bring a jungle feeling into your living room and ensure a refreshing atmosphere in all rooms. In 2016, splashes of color are a must-have in every apartment, and integration is guaranteed to be successful with a touch of the exotic. Floral patterns in particular are welcome and bring a lot of color into play. The rainforest look can be implemented with plenty of green. We have great living ideas and pictures for them in Online magazine at discovered.

Walls become rustic


The walls are a bit more rustic this season. Because instead of boring woodchip, wallpapers with a concrete, brick or tile look create an extraordinary spatial effect. The imitation of coarse masonry materials provides new scope for wall design.

Pastel tones remain


Attention pastel lovers: the soft colors remain a hit! Pink tones and sky blue transform rooms into inviting quiet zones and bring a maximum of serenity with them. In order to increase sales, manufacturers come up with more and more unusual names for the new trend colors. So don’t be surprised if you don’t find anything under rose and sky blue. Better keep an eye out for unusual names like “Serenity” or “Frozen”.