Tips for viewing the apartment: The good impression has weight

Tips for viewing a flat good-impression-clothing-men-women

Finding a new apartment can be frustrating. Especially when the viewing appointments drag on for months because either there is no suitable property to choose from or the dream apartment is being given to someone else. The latter can, however, have a direct influence on apartment hunters. Although the competition for coveted apartments is particularly high in large cities, if you leave a good first impression with the landlord, you often already have one foot in the door to your dream apartment. Our tips for viewing an apartment will help you make a good impression on the landlord.

Landlords can already determine whether a prospective customer is eligible for the apartment in the first seven seconds decide. That’s how long it takes to get a first impression. Showing yourself from your best side helps to convince the landlord of yourself. However, you shouldn’t pretend.

Tips for viewing the apartment – Sympathetic demeanor

Tips for viewing a flat good-impression-man-suit

A positive impression is created primarily through sympathy. Politeness and good manners should be a matter of course when viewing an apartment. In plain language this means: You give the landlord a firm handshake to greet you, introduce yourself and say goodbye after the viewing. A well-groomed appearance and neat, clean clothing are also well received. If you want to underline your seriousness, you can also wear business clothes. There are suits for men like this one while women put themselves in the limelight with trendy blazers in autumnal temperatures. A positive overall impression is rounded off by arriving on time – anyone who comes too late for the viewing appointment is quickly regarded as unreliable.

Apartment Viewing Tips – Complete Documentation

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In addition to sympathy, financial security is one of the decisive reasons whether a prospective customer is awarded the apartment. It is therefore best to present all the required documents for inspection. These are usually:

  • Copy of identity card
  • Proof of income
  • Rental debt exemption certificate
  • Schufa self-disclosure

In most cases, it is already clear from the advertisement of the apartment which documents are required and in what form they are to be submitted. Sometimes brokers or landlords prefer to be sent by e-mail, sometimes only those interested have a chance who submit all documents directly during the viewing. If you play it safe and bring all the required documents with you, you increase your chances of getting the apartment.

Tips for viewing the apartment – seek the conversation

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Especially with mass viewings, it is difficult to be remembered by the landlord. Only those who have the opportunity to prove themselves in a conversation can convince the apartment owner of themselves. Asking questions about the rental property is a good opportunity to start a conversation and at the same time to signal interest in the apartment. Good topics are shopping opportunities, house sharing or maintenance of the apartment. This way the landlord sees that there is genuine interest and can immediately assess whether the interested party fits into his property.

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