The white color dominates in a light attic apartment

white color -living room-wood-accents-stairs-room divider

The architecture firm SABO was invited to work on the interior design and redesign of the Paris apartment of a young fashion designer. The space in the 72 square meter attic apartment was optimally used through creative room solutions. The white color and the skylights, through which daylight flows into the apartment, make the attic apartment look open and inviting.

The white color visually enlarges the apartment

white color living area-stairs-storage-space divider

The team integrated a new wall into the interior design that doubles as a room divider, staircase, work area and closet. A yellow sliding door leads to the hallway and the kitchen. If you go up the stairs, you get to the new bedroom, where a skylight provides natural light. The steps themselves are designed asymmetrically to pay tribute to the surrounding hills and climbing culture in Montmartre.

The white color combined with elements made of wood

white-color-living room-rafter-wooden floor

The visible rafters and the flooring in the living area are kept in the same medium wood tone. Small accents in yellow-green enliven the atmosphere in the room.

yellow-green accents

white color living room-top floor apartment-green-yellow-wall shelves-niches

Since the rear wall of the shelves is painted green, the decorative items, books and picture frames on the shelves are brought to the fore.

asymmetrically laid stairs


Stair treads are laid asymmetrically, but wide enough to prevent tripping hazards due to the lack of a banister.

narrow but spacious kitchen

white color kitchen-countertop-steel-colored-flooring

In the kitchen, a small vertical garden provides fresh herbs for the dishes. Thanks to a mixture of direct sunlight and specialized artificial lighting, these can grow without any problems.

Vertical herb garden in the kitchen


A 4.5 meter steel plate extends all along the wall and is large enough to accommodate the washing, cooking and dining areas. The sink has a custom drainer. In contrast to the white kitchen fronts, there is the colorful floor covering, which is composed of 25 natural rubber strips in 14 different colors.

Steel worktop

white-color-kitchen-sink-hotplate-extractor hood

white ceramic hob on the steel worktop

white-color-kitchen-handleless-fronts-dining area-bar stool-metal-white

colorful striped floor in the kitchen


Fitted kitchen appliances and handleless kitchen fronts


Mix of natural and artificial light


special ceiling lights


Bedroom in the attic

white-color-top floor apartment-wooden floor-handleless-cabinet fronts



Bedroom with study area


white-color-bedroom-built-in wardrobe-wooden floor


Top floor apartment-design-floor plan-plan-living rooms

Top floor apartment design cross-section plan

You can find out more about the project at SABO Project