The downsizing trend – good reasons for living in a tiny house

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The topic of downsizing has been on everyone’s lips since yesterday. The wave spilled over from the USA to Europe. In the neighboring EU countries there are actually houses and apartments with a living space of less than 10 m²! “Tiny Houses” is the name of the trend that is gaining more and more fans, but is still leading a shadowy existence in Germany. It doesn’t have to be a mini apartment or a construction site truck in which all of life takes place. But the basic idea is exciting: If you use less space, you use less energy and thus help to protect our environment. There are even more good reasons for downsizing apartments and special challenges that need to be overcome. The present article deals with this topic.

Good reasons for the downsizing trend – living in a few square meters


Small houses are extremely rare in Germany. That will probably change in the long term.

Sometimes people have to move from a large apartment to just a few square meters. The most common reason is that the apartment has become too expensive. However, moving to a smaller apartment also offers powerful opportunities. There are very pragmatic and obvious reasons that make living in a small space a sensible decision. The following list shows the top 5 reasons for pro downsizing

Reason 1: lower rental costs

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Small apartments cost less. If you move from a large apartment to a small apartment, you will immediately save money. However, this usually only applies if the small apartment is not in a preferred location in the trendy district. Because it is also quite possible to spend an exorbitant amount of money for a few square meters. Therefore, keep your eyes open when choosing an apartment. Again, it is necessary to check the actual square meter prices. They should not be above the local average rent. The area in which this is moving can be found out using the rent index for the municipality or city. Alternatively, a call to the locally responsible tenants’ association can help, whose contact details can be found on the website of the German Tenants’ Association can be found by search request.

Reason 2: save additional costs

Those who live in a small apartment heat less. Whoever heats less saves heating costs. Apart from that, the costs for communal consumption such as water and sewage are also reduced in a small apartment. In a small apartment there are usually fewer and smaller electrical appliances. This saves energy and thus electricity costs.

Reason 3 for the downsizing trend: Creativity is stimulated


Anyone who has lived in a large area up to now has a very specific way of looking at rooms and facilities. Less space has to be dealt with more carefully. There are many tricks to make small rooms appear larger and it is amazing how much storage space can be created even in a 40 m² apartment. The German website of the tiny house movement holds among other things on her blog lots of photos and reports on how to set up tiny dwellings. Anyone who does not have so few square meters available, but lives in a small apartment or flat, is with them 8 tips for furnishing small apartments also well advised.


Small and fine: bright colors, creative wall design and the choice of suitable furniture turn a small apartment into a cozy retreat.

Reason 4: Put the superfluous to a good cause

There is no place for anything superfluous in a small apartment. It is necessary to part with furniture, mothball pictures or clear out dishes, clothes or books. In a small apartment, it is much easier to notice when unnecessary objects clog the surfaces. When moving into a small apartment, the best time has come to sort out everything that is more of a burden than support.

There are grateful buyers in every city. People who are less financially wealthy are happy about well-preserved dishes, pretty clothes or luxury items that are unaffordable for them, such as pictures, vases and other decorations. Many a downsizing household has found that an unmanageable amount of blankets and pillows, accumulated over years of life in a (too) large apartment, render priceless services to other people in winter. Trousers, sweaters, coats, hats, sleeping bags, tents, sleeping mats, shoes, gloves or rain capes that have been heaped up to date, sometimes bought for a one-off use, are really better off with the needy than in a box in the attic.

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In almost every place there is a church gate that gratefully accepts such objects. Alternatively, social department stores look forward to being contacted. The addresses can be found, for example, in the yellow pages or on the websites of the responsible cities and municipalities. That social department stores also offer employment to the unemployed, like This article shows is another good reason to downsize.

Reason 5: save time

Those who live in a small area have less tidying up and less cleaning. The consequence of this is that residents of small dwellings have significantly more free time. This is now available for the really important things in life. Family life, healthy exercise, meeting friends or relaxation and recreation can take up more space in the private lives of residents of a downsized apartment.

Conclusion: Downsizing gives you time, money and quality of life


Downsizing isn’t just about saving money. Downsizing is much more than that. Because the basic idea behind it has a lot to do with sustainability. Reflecting on yourself, thinking about what is really important in the household (and in life), doing without the superfluous and concentrating on interpersonal relationships are consequences that can develop from a conscious life in a small space. And by the way, you can use it to enrich the lives of some other people – quite apart from the fact that mucking out your own property creates a lot of space for new, creative furnishing ideas. Less is more in many ways.

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