The color yellow & the minimalist white for furnishing a Stockholm apartment

Color yellow as an accent in a renovated apartment

This bright and sunny yellow apartment is located in Stockholm, Sweden and has been specially designed for a young couple. Since the apartment from the 1920s has a relatively small living space of 80 square meters, practical built-in wardrobes were used to provide the living rooms with sufficient storage space and to create not only the living room and kitchen, but also the bedroom as a place of retreat. And it is precisely these built-in cupboards, along with some other elements, that are eye-catching in the apartment, as they attract attention with their strong yellow tone. Take a look at the gallery below and see how the color yellow was used.

The color yellow as a second color and a contrast to white

Color yellow and white for the kitchen and living room

The built-in wardrobe in the living area is the largest and has several functions. Because the kitchen and a bench are also integrated into it. A white and minimalist surface is combined with the trend color yellow, which creates a wonderful contrast. Yellow as the color of hope creates a sunny and warm atmosphere in this apartment, but at the same time looks very modern due to the simple lines, edges and surfaces of the furniture. In principle, the area with the work surface in the kitchen and the seating area are highlighted with the color yellow in the built-in wardrobe, thereby visually separating them from each other.

Yellow is the color of the furniture and accessories

Ideas for decorating with yellow and minimalist white

In order to match the rest of the furnishings to the colored built-in wardrobe, the yellow color was also used for other elements. This includes, among other things, the modern kitchen island, as well as some lamps and decorative pillows. A short corridor leads to the entrance area, which in turn leads to the attractive bathroom and bedroom. Since strong colors are not recommended in the bedroom, it was designed in white. Instead, the color yellow was used as an accent in the bedroom. The second built-in wardrobe is also located here.

Color combination yellow and gray in the bathroom 

Yellow wall paint and for the built-in cupboards in the bathroom

The third built-in wardrobe can be found in the bathroom. Another color also comes into play in the bathroom and that is gray. This can be found in the form of tiles in the wet room and for the floor, as well as in the sink, which was designed in a modern concrete look. Otherwise the color yellow is the main color here. As there are no windows in the bathroom, the wall color yellow was used to create a sunny atmosphere.

The color yellow is combined with gray for tiles and concrete in the bathroom

Concrete washbasin and wall color yellow as a modern combination

Neutral entrance area with light parquet and white walls

White bedroom design with yellow floor lamp, tray and ceiling

Small corridor in yellow between the living room and the entrance area

Minimalist kitchen and kitchen island in yellow

Modern drawers in the kitchen island offer plenty of storage space

Cozy Seitz bench integrated into the yellow partition

The parquet made of natural wood matches the yellow color

The color yellow in the seating area with built-in shelves can also be found in the cushions

Modern furniture and design of the kitchen with a gray worktop

Yellow crockery as a useful decoration to match the interior design

The contrasting colors white and yellow for furniture and textiles go perfectly together

Built-in wardrobes in the apartment - project and planning with colors

Floor plan of the apartment in Stockholm, Sweden

Project of the kitchen in the front view and view from above

The bedroom of the apartment with a small size

Floor plan and layout of the bathroom with shower

Design by Lookofsky Architecture.