Store, sort and care for tools correctly


Over time, small and large repairs arise in every household – and with a little manual skill this can often be done quickly without professional help. It goes without saying that suitable basic tools must be available. But what actually belongs in the tool case and how are the hammers, drills, screwdrivers and the like clearly sorted, maintained and stored? We are happy to help the hobby craftsmen and give useful tips for storage.

Storing and sorting tools correctly – this is part of the basic equipment


Hobby craftsmen often find a tool case tempting – but actually less than half of its range is needed in a household. Instead of buying a complete set, it is worth investing more in individual high-quality tools. This basic equipment is easy to use and should not be missing in any household:

– Spirit level, pocket tape measure and carpenter’s pencil;

– multi-function knives, multi-purpose scissors and cable cutters;

– claw hammer;

– Phillips screwdriver, ring spanner, wrench, possibly also – a cordless screwdriver

– Pliers: pliers and side cutters or combination pliers, flat-nose pliers;

– Drill with right-left rotation;

– Saws: for wood – Japanese saw, for metal parts – Puk saw, for the garden – pruning saw;

– voltage tester

All of the tools listed can be found in hardware stores or online, for example at Engelbert Strauss.

Storing and sorting tools correctly – different options for organization


At the latest when the basic equipment has been purchased, the question of storage arises. Tools are stored in cool, dry rooms – metal parts do not tolerate frost and moisture particularly well. The batteries in electrical appliances are also sensitive to frost. Depending on their own circumstances, the hobby craftsmen have two options to choose from:

Anyone who owns a garden shed or has access to the basement can use a Wall the tools append. A sensible sorting – for example according to function / measuring, cutting, drilling / or according to area of ​​application / house or garden / – ensures order.

Another option is the tool case – it can be arranged extremely space-saving and at the same time clearly arranged. The high-quality design made of metal is suitable for storage in cold rooms / garage, garden shed, basement / better than the cheaper option made of plastic. The plastic tool bag can instead be stowed in a cupboard in the house / apartment.

Useful tip – always keep a first-aid kit close to the tool set.

Store tools correctly – helpful care tips


If you don’t want to buy new tools every year, you can keep your basic equipment in good condition. Proper care is particularly crucial for the longevity of the metal details. That means – devices are cleaned thoroughly with a brush after each use and only stored in a dry place. They should be lubricated at least once a year to prevent rust. Anyone can sharpen scissors and knives with a whetstone as required. To ensure that the devices and tools really last a long time, they should never be used for purposes other than those for which they were intended!