Set up with the color green – the fresh greenery trend color for 2017

color green armchair-table-pendant-light-white-living room-television-lighting-candleholder-candles

Do you want to furnish your apartment in a color that looks harmonious and natural, but is contemporary and modern at the same time? the Color green symbolizes vitality, freshness and marks a new beginning. The particularly fresh, green shade “Greenery” has already been named by the Pantone color experts for the color of the coming year 2017. We will give you some ideas on how you can integrate this refreshing, yellow-green trend color into your home.

Bring nature into your home with the color green

color green living room-couch-armchair-table-rattan-floor lamp-window roller blind-window-coffee cups-etagere-pastries

You long for harmony and just want to distance yourself from the chaotic world in your own four walls. The color green fully meets these requirements. It has a calming and harmonizing effect and will get you out of your stressful everyday life. If you find it difficult to forego admiring nature through the large window front in the evening, you can let a touch of nature into your apartment with window blinds in the lively, yellow-green shade of Greenery.

The color green in the interior

color green living room-carpet-coffee table-cupboard-storage compartments-floor-lamp-pictures-decoration-bowl-metal

Greenery is also invigorating and encouraging. The lush green color is reminiscent of fresh leaves and grass and goes well with a simple furnishing style. If your furniture is more in the dark color palette, this crisp green tone can bring light and energy into your home. In this living room, the green color harmonizes with the gray and creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Comfortable poster furniture in the Pantone color Greenery

color green relaxation corner-candle holder-table-armchair-rattan-seat cushion-upholstered furniture-side table-book-potted plant

This comfortable relaxation corner consists of rattan furniture with soft upholstery in fresh green. This shade of green underlines the naturalness of the rattan and looks bright and lively. The successful combination of natural materials and colors arouses positive associations with a sunny meadow and creates a balanced and relaxed atmosphere in the living room.

Design the ceiling and furniture in green 

color green dining room-kitchen island-kitchenette-hanging lights-table-chairs-colored-candles-fruit bowl-carpet

This shade of green, which inspires freshness and lightness and at the same time stimulates the mind, can also be used for the design of individual walls or the ceiling. What sometimes sounds like getting used to, can look really great thanks to the precise color mix. Colorful accents in greenery on the ceiling and wall around the white door brighten the room. Leather chairs in this fresh green are set around the wooden table as a splash of color in the middle of the room.

Design carpeting in Greenery

color green dining area-living room-table-dishes-chairs-armchairs-fabric-cover-flowers-vase-carpet-wood-beam-mirror

If you don’t dare to design the entire ceiling in this powerful color, you can also add colored accents to the white ceiling by using wooden beams in the color green. The fine green carpet makes the dining area appear larger. The large armchairs with their strikingly flowery fabric covers provide a great color contrast thanks to the dark red and blue patterns. With good color combinations, you can also transform your home into a blooming landscape.

Cabinet fronts in white and green


In this kitchen, the high-gloss cabinet fronts are designed in rows in white and yellow-green. The cabinets in the lower row shine in this modern color and have an invigorating effect, while the upper cabinets and the entire worktop look neat and tidy in the white color. The fresh green comes into its own particularly in light-flooded rooms.

Trend color for the flooring in the kitchen 

color-green-kitchen-kitchenette-cupboards-drawers-pots-dishes-plates-kitchen towels-tomato-plates-pot-pot

A special stove has been installed in this spacious kitchen, which has a large wall cupboard in white. This piece of steel furniture is painted green and will undoubtedly attract everyone’s attention. The green tone interrupts the monotony and creates great contrasts. The great colored accent was also used in the tile floor design. The combination of the trend color greenery with a shade of brown looks natural and warm, creating an inviting and calm atmosphere.

Set up a relaxation corner in Greenery

color-green-furniture-lounger-cushion-floor lamp-carpet-cabinet-wall-wallpaper-pattern-white-blue-curtain-picture

With a comfortable lounger you can create your own relaxation corner, where you can read for hours and turn your back on the stress of the past day. This lounger with velvet cover in Chesterfield style looks chic, somewhat vintage and at the same time modern thanks to the current Pantone color. The blue and white wallpapers with fine patterns create an exciting contrast to the light carpeting.

Bring color into the bedroom

color-green-bed-headboard-gray-bedspread-pillow-table-lamp-vase-flowers-bedside table-alarm-clock-wallpaper-patterned-wall

Do you want to let your bedroom shine in a fresh spring color. Even if the wall color stays the same, you can create an enchanting look through the selection of colored fabrics. For example, choose a bedspread or a night lamp in Greenery and transform your cozy relaxation area into an attractive and individual place to read or listen to music.

Colored fireplace in the bedroom

color-green-bedroom-bed-white-bedspread-fireplace-armchair-stool-table-lamp-garden-door-mirror-tiles-wooden floor

This bedroom was furnished in white, which makes the room look larger. A rustic stove with small tiles in green provides long-lasting, pleasant warmth. With the combination of white, beige and green as a colored accent in the room, you can conjure up a harmonious overall picture. This great color scheme will make it easier for you to wake up in the morning. If you have enough free space, you can spend quiet hours on a comfortable armchair in front of the fireplace.

Wall design in the color green

color-green-wall-decoration-alarm-table-night-lamp-armchair-rattan-cushions-living area-sink-mirror

With this great, green wall color, one immediately thinks of fluttering leaves in the forest or of a meadow as far as the view extends. The green tone makes the room appear cozier and fresher. As a contrasting color in the transition room, the blue was used as the wall color. This expressive color combination is loosened up by the white washbasin cabinets.

Freshen up children’s rooms with yellow-green

color-green-children's room-bedroom-wall-shelf-bedspread-patterned-desk-lamp-bedside table-chairs-decoration

If the children’s room was furnished in plain white with furniture made of light wood and you do not want to commit yourself to a colored piece of furniture, you can also set accents in the children’s room with colored bed linen. Bed linen in Greenery with brightly colored patterns in orange or pillow cases in this color just look great.

Color combination of green and blue

color-green-children's room-niche-light blue-dark blue-loft bed-sheets-striped-pillows-stool-plush-animal-bedside table

And the great thing is that you can always create your own creative color combinations. With children, preferences change quickly and the colored textiles are a good opportunity to fulfill your child’s wishes. If the blue tones predominate in the color scheme, you can set up a small stool in green and also pick up the same color tone in another place in the children’s room, for example here with the colored bedside table.

 Color on different levels

color-green-children's room-bedroom-bed-pillow-bedclothes-carpet-pattern-desk-hanging lamp-blue-wardrobe

You can achieve an interesting, colorful design through the targeted use of contrasting colors on the ceiling and on the floor in the children’s room. A dark blue lampshade hangs from the ceiling and the window blinds are also in the same shade of blue. The color green dominates down on the floor and the pillows also shine in lush green. The deliberate positioning of the colors is reminiscent of the arrangement of heaven and earth.

Loving details in green

color-green-children's room-bed-duvet-pillow-doll-wall-blue-night-lamp-books-picture-picture-frame-flourishes-princess

Do you want to set up a cozy girl’s room in warm pastel colors? You can create a fairytale atmosphere even without the typical pink elements. For example, with a picture frame in green with lots of flourishes, you can transform the room into a wonderful paradise for girls.

Trendy eye-catcher in the children’s room


Do you want to convert your guest room into a nice children’s room? With Greenery you can, for example, like to spice up the white furniture in the room. The colorful rear wall of the shelf catches the eye, attracts attention to the cute cuddly toys and invites you to play.

Curtains in Greenery

color-green-board-children's room-seat cushion-stool-carpet-round-pendant-lamp-children's book-shelf-potted plants

If you want to add fresh and cheerful accents to the room, you can easily achieve this with the help of colorful curtains. In this small, round room, the curtains take up the juicy color of the carpet and create a special atmosphere.

Colorful banister

color-green-staircase-corridor-glass-wood-door-wing-geometric-figures-colored-railings-colored-metal-parquet floor

Is the stairwell too plain and monotonous for you? For example, paint the banisters in fresh green, blue and white and you will notice the difference as soon as you step in and the stairwell will look inviting.