Renovate the kitchen with a full home – plan the process and redesign cleverly

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If you want to renovate your kitchen, you don’t necessarily have to stay with friends or relatives in the meantime. Instead, you can plan the renovation well in order to deal sensibly with the resulting housing situation. You don’t need to wash your cups in the bathtub or become addicted to fast food because of this. To help you with this, we have put together some useful tips for you in this post.

Renovate the kitchen and stay at home

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Home remodeling professionals and those who have remodeled a kitchen actually claim that the best way to get through this would be to temporarily move. However, this option is not always feasible in practice. Hence, if you need to live in your home while renovating the kitchen, here are some tips you can consider. First and foremost, it is important to be fully aware that a kitchen renovation is a challenge.

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You need to take into account the fact that it will be noisy and messy in your apartment or house during the process. You will also likely have to live in a cleared room where only the coffee maker works for about a week first. However, this is a normal flow of events when remodeling a kitchen.

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You can also experience frustrating delays and unexpected change requests. It is best to focus on maintaining moderate control of the situation because trying to hold on to it will only make things more difficult. This would also be a good time to practice yoga or learn meditation. Not only will these variations help you find a quiet place during stressful moments, but they are also a great excuse to leave the house. Find good courses or go to a park.

Plan and organize

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Prepare for the renovation by planning in a timely and organized manner, as well as following a few steps before the demolition begins. Try to find enough time to pack the things out of the kitchen and hire moving help if necessary. Also consider whether you can consume the products from the refrigerator in good time or store them somewhere. Maybe you have a garage or basement where you can keep the groceries cool.

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Consider the cost of food and other gastronomic matters throughout the kitchen renovation budget. Also try to adapt your daily habits to the situation. Also note that shopping trips in the supermarket or hardware store require some time management, but offer variety on the positive side. However, do not neglect your healthy lifestyle, which you normally maintain through quality foods and other activities.

Setting up a makeshift kitchenette

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If possible, try to improvise a mini kitchen in a different room. Also, consider what equipment you might find useful for throwing together meals. Some suggestions in this regard would be, for example, a coffee maker, kettle, toaster, slow cooker, portable electric grill or pan and possibly a mini fridge. In general, you need compact kitchen appliances that you can move around with little effort.

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For most kitchen renovations, organizing such an event is a real challenge. So think about how you can cover multiple food preparation needs with a small amount of kitchenware. The inner courtyard, a hose or a tub could be useful for this. For example, rinsing out a bowl of batter in a small sink or in the beautiful bathroom would be a rather bad idea.

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Make a list of the things you don’t necessarily need and can leave out when setting up the kitchenette. This can help you a lot in saving space until your new kitchen is ready and the boxes are unpacked.

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When packing the old kitchen, place a trash can or garbage bag nearby so you can dispose of unusable items immediately. In doing so, ask yourself if you can find a use for these in the renovated kitchen to speed up the process.

Use a room as a construction-free zone

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Determine a habitable dining room as a reasonable space for your stay during the kitchen renovation and possibly also make this known to the building contractor. In this way you avoid cutting through and storing tools, aids and everything that comes out of the kitchen. The best options are rooms that aren’t bedrooms and aren’t right next to or above the kitchen.

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If they need to stow the new cabinets or tiles, workers should spread out into the tightest of spaces. If the room is next to the kitchen then you need to be vigilant as it can be a tricky location. One day a box of instruments can be kept there, but the next there can be several devices.

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Regardless of whether you use a grill, take take-away or cook with a slow cooker, you need a dining table on display. One possibility in this case would be to use your terrace or veranda when the weather is nice. Otherwise, temporary folding tables, which you can equip with a pretty tablecloth, are just as suitable for such purposes.

Prepare the appropriate daily menu

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Camping and life without a kitchen have a lot in common, including cooking under the stars. If you’ve always wanted to improve your skills, this is your great opportunity. Explore simple recipes and techniques for cooking foods that you have never tried on the grill, for example. It is best to keep the kitchen utensils and the accompanying spices in your makeshift kitchen. Now that you also know that batter and other messy things are out of place, it is time to get used to the reality of your temporary menu. This could mostly consist of foods that you can quickly cook or grill outdoors. This includes warm soups, muesli and bread and butter, which you can also prepare without much effort.