Put the dryer on top of the washing machine or next to it – 10 tips

Dryer on washing machine-dressing room-walk-in closet-white-luxury

A dryer offers several positives in the household. Even if a balcony or terrace is available for drying clothes, it is very practical, especially in winter, to have the clothes clean and soft and dry only after an hour instead of after 1-2 days or more. Modern washing machines come with a washer-dryer function included, but most of them cannot produce the same performance as a separate device. Depending on the spatial conditions, one can enter Dryer on washing machine or optionally place next to it.

Dryer on washing machine in dressing room

Dryer on washing machine-dressing room-walk-in-closet-luxury-black

The reasons why a washer-dryer make housework so much easier will not be dealt with in this article. This is more about the space, what it needs in the washing machine and how it could be practically placed.

If there is not so much space available in the apartment and even if the design of the devices allows it, a dryer can be placed on top of the washing machine. The basic requirement for this is that the two camps are at the front. It is also advisable to own devices from the same manufacturer, as they have the same dimensions and simply look better.

Place the dryer on the washing machine or next to it

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Dryers on washing machines by the same manufacturer are made with the idea that they can be placed either side by side or on top of each other. Which is why their dimensions are coordinated, as well as charge, power connection and control panel. A dryer cannot be placed on every washing machine.

Dryer next to the washing machine – modern designs

Dryer on washing machine -color-accent-modern-design

Some washing machines vibrate very strongly when spinning. However, the instructions for use of the device should state whether this is suitable for a tower construction or not. Insulating and anti-slip mat is placed on the washing machine plate and, if necessary, an intermediate frame is built.

Place the dryer on the washing machine in the built-in cupboard

Dryer on washing machine-built-in cupboard-folding doors-white-shelves-sink

It is not mandatory that the dryer is placed directly on top of the washing machine. It looks very aesthetic when the two devices are mounted in cabinets above and below with a gap between them. In this case, the depth of the cabinets should be at least 60cm. If fronts are also required, a few centimeters are left free.

Take advantage of a niche in the house – the perfect place for a dryer and washing machine

dryer-washing machine-cupboard-niche-shelves-racks

The right place to put down the washing machine and dryer are those that have a niche as a small storage room. This is wonderfully suitable for this purpose if it is at least 60-65 centimeters deep. If it is wide enough, the washer-dryer can be placed next to or on top of the washing machine. It would also make sense to mount cabinet doors that hide everything behind them.

Dryer on washing machine in bathroom – made-to-measure cabinet construction

dryer-washing machine-bathroom-cabinet-integrated-gray-high gloss

The bathroom also appears to be a good place for a washing machine and dryer. A tower installation is definitely advisable as a space-saving solution. A custom-made cupboard is used for this, which accommodates the two and does not keep them present. The washing machine is fixed and a frame is mounted on it, which the dryer keeps stable on it. The cabinet doors give the perfect final finish.

Dryer on washing machine in small bathroom

dryer-washing machine-bathroom-small-wood-white-modern

If the room is too small and really clever solutions are required, we offer installation in a specially constructed niche with dimensions exactly matched to that of the devices. This masonry variant is really sustainable and not an inch is lost. In the narrow niche aside, shelves for bathroom accessories can be integrated, as in the example photo.

Dryer on washing machine or not – what must be considered

dryer-washing machine-bathroom-laundry-modern-wall-paint-turquoise

Even if the manufacturer of the two devices is the same, it may happen that they cannot be placed on top of each other. The mistake is made by many people who order online and have not sought advice beforehand. At first glance, you can see at least one thing straight away – a drawer under the door. This is actually very practical and helps to take the laundry out and put it in more easily. On the other hand, this makes the device a few centimeters larger and after building a tower, every housewife would probably need a stool to get the laundry in and out of the dryer.

Dryer and washing machine in the kitchen

dryer-washing machine-kitchen-black-white-red-vintage

The dryer and washing machine placed next to each other usually take up far too much space, which is highly valued in the small kitchen and of course you shouldn’t turn it around lavishly. If the height of the room does not allow a tower to be built, then you should consider how the required equipment could be integrated in the interior in a visually attractive way. The example above is a small but very fine kitchen in black and white with retro elements and a functional red duo serves as a highlight, which shines high and attracts attention.

Dryer and washing machine in the small kitchen

dryer-washing machine-attic-black-white-kitchen-sloping roof

Top floor apartments are extremely romantic and unique, but this is usually seen as a disadvantage. The sloping roof does not leave many options for Fretig furniture and with the low room height there is nothing left but to call on the expertise of joiners and carpenters for help. Clever solution is just in the niche, which can be exploited under an otherwise unfavorable roof pitch, and to position the washing machine and dryer there.

The dryer and washing machine are attractively presented – practical laundry room

dryer-washing machine-laundry-modern-cupboard-shelves-storage space

Of course, it is preferable to have a separate room where the washing devices are located. In every household with children or with several members there is a real need for a laundry room so that there is no chaos of washed and unwashed clothes and etc. in the whole apartment. It also makes sense to put shelves and racks next to them for separating laundry and hanging up the clean items.

Dryer on washing machine in the laundry room

dryer-washing machine-laundry-room-small-white-wallpaper-floral-pattern

The laundry room significantly reduces the commute to work in the household. It would be best if the laundry room and dressing room are next to each other so that the laundry is put in the right place immediately after washing and drying. In principle, any room that can be connected to sewage is suitable as a laundry room. A small room or basement can easily be converted into a separate room for washing and drying clothes.

Country-style laundry room with dryer and washing machine

dryer-washing machine-laundry-room-narrow-dimensions-vintage-country-style

In addition to the shelves for separating the laundry and a stand for hanging up the already washed clothes, there is also a small sink. It is not only needed when cleaning, but also every time the tumble dryer is used. Depending on the model, the filters of the device should be carefully cleaned after use. If the sewage connection is available, it is definitely not a problem to integrate a sink.