Privacy and sun protection made of wicker in the modern house

Privacy and sun protection wicker-terrace-garden-wooden floorboards

A modern house was conceived by Sporaarchitects Design and realized in Debrecen, Hungary in 2014. The concept evolves around the post-modern architecture in the same city and the traditional materials. The result is a modern home with characteristically straight proportions and large-format windows Privacy and sun protection is guaranteed by panels made of mesh.

Privacy and sun protection are part of the modern exterior

Privacy and sun protection-wicker-garden-terrace roofing-flat roof house

The interior is characterized by a minimalist style – open spaces, white walls and concrete ceilings. The bright wooden flooring made of natural wood enlivens the atmosphere and makes the inside of the house appear cozy and cozy. The floor-wall-ceiling design can also be traced through the entire interior space in the bedroom. This is just as simply furnished and the bathroom attached to it serves as a highlight. It is separated by an elongated glass wall and completely glazed on two sides.

Woven privacy and sun protection for the garden and terrace

Privacy and sun protection -weave-panels-house-side-garden-plot

The house is framed by a base laid with wooden planks, which runs on one side into a modern covered terrace. This is accessible through the living room and appears to be connected to it. The living room is shared by the living room with a view of the property and a modern, open kitchen-cum-living room. The furniture is functional and simple, inspired by midcentury living concepts.

Modern house with a terrace in the middle of the property

Visual and sun protection -woven-modern-house-flat-roof

Modern flat roof house with terrace accessible through the living room 

Privacy and sun protection -weave-terrace-terrace roofing-wooden floorboards

Wooden wicker panels secure the private sphere


Visually attractive and useful – mesh panels ensure privacy 


Modern architecture and use of traditional materials 


 Privacy and sun protection made from traditional materials


 Privacy and sun protection made from natural materials 


Large format windows need to be sensible  Privacy and sun protection


Wooden floorboards outside and floorboards inside


The inside of the house – modern and cozy

View-and-sun protection-living-room-modern-concrete-ceiling-kitchen

Modern, minimalist kitchen-living room in white

modern-open-kitchen-white-concrete-ceiling-kitchen-island-wooden floor

Bedroom with attached bathroom 

bedroom-bathroom-integrated-glass-wall-walk-in-hall floor

Bathroom and bedroom separated by a glass wall

bathroom-modern-glass-wall-frosted glass-concrete-ceiling-wood

Modern bathroom with large pattern tiles as an accent on a wall


Plan and room layout of the house

View-and-sun-protection-braid-modern-house-plan-living space

Schematic representation of the Privacy and sun protection panels 


* a project by Sporaarchitects design