Planning a move: Helpful tips for a relaxed and stress-free move!

Whether it’s because of a job change or because you need a change, moving is a part of life and we’ve all been through it at least once. With all of the details and bits and pieces to take care of, moving house can quickly become a stressful experience that can affect even the best of planners. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to make our lives easier and to make the whole process a little more relaxed and stress-free. However, so that everything goes smoothly and you can set up your new apartment in peace, you need to plan your move carefully. In our article we reveal what you should pay particular attention to, as well as many helpful tips and tricks!

Packing moving boxes Tips Planning a move is easy

Have you made your way through the jungle of applications and already signed the rental agreement for your dream apartment? Congratulation! Now comes the question: How do you organize yours? relocation preferably? How many moving boxes will you need? Good organization and discipline are essential to ensure that the move to the new home is stress-free and that you don’t forget anything important in the end!

Planning a move: A checklist makes moving house much more relaxed

Planning a move Tips Organizing a change of residence

Organizing a move costs money, time and requires a lot of effort and strong nerves. All the hectic pace and time pressure can ultimately lead to some important tasks and points being forgotten. Not sure where to start? To save yourself such confusion and excitement, we recommend that you create a checklist. Here’s a great way to chop off anything you’ve already done. You can keep an eye on everything from the first to the last task. Get yourself a moving folder in which you can sort all important receipts, contracts, financial documents and any papers.

Think about a realistic budget

Planning a move Tips Packing moving boxes Organizing a change of residence

So before planning your move, it is very important to come up with a realistic budget in order to be aware of all the costs that will come your way. Are you going to need a van or a truck for that? And who will drive this one? Do you have skilled craftsmen and strong guys in your circle of friends who can help you carry the boxes and furniture?

Start packing early and dispose of anything that you haven’t used in a long time

Organizing a change of residence Packing moving boxes Tips Planning a move

If you are planning to move, you should of course get enough moving boxes for your belongings. Even if it sounds tempting to pick up a few boxes from the supermarket for free, we would recommend investing in high-quality, sturdy moving boxes. The last thing you want is for a cardboard box to fall apart in your hands and break your homemade bedroom decor. And another helpful tip from us – the heavier the boxes, the more strenuous the move will be. So it’s better to pack a few more boxes than fill everything up to bursting. Whether you’ve lived in your current apartment for 5 months or 5 years, you have likely accumulated a ton of things that you no longer use or need. So clear out the closet and basement and donate everything that is useless to you but still in good condition.

Use the correct boxes and label each box

Organizing a change of residence Planning a move Tips

With all the stress of moving house, particularly heavy boxes are certainly the last thing you need on the day of your move. To avoid this, it is advisable to pack the heavy items such as books, dishes and flower vases in small boxes and lighter items such as clothes and bed linen – in larger ones. This will make your job easier and ensure that the boxes won’t tear when you carry them. Label the boxes with different colored markers and stickers. So you will immediately know where everything has to go and unpacking afterwards will be much more relaxed. It would also be helpful if you pack a small “first night bag” with the things you need most. This includes, for example, a toothbrush, toiletries, clothes and everything you will need in the evening or the next morning.

Hiring a moving company tips planning a move