Persian carpets as a highlight in the living room – 33 examples

Persian carpets as a highlight living room pattern colors

Persian carpets as a highlight in the living room impress with their beautiful patterns and colors and fascinate not only art connoisseurs, but also everyone who deals with interior design. Oriental rugs are a great investment, but will last for many years without losing their old charm. Perhaps you have inherited such a carpet? Or would you like to pass on a precious heirloom to your children? A Persian carpet would fill the room with rich colors and bring an exotic feeling into the house. The perfect alternative for colorful decoration if you can’t paint the walls so brightly.

Persian carpets as a highlight – absorbing colors

persian carpet-living room-purple-dark blue-furniture-sky blue-wall-paint

The oriental carpet can serve as inspiration for the colors of the living room furniture and accessories. In its complicated pattern you can see at least 10 different colors. Usually there is a dominant color like navy blue, black, or burgundy red that works well with gray and beige. The neutral colors will really underline the oriental carpet. In the example above you can see a really successful combination between plum purple and navy blue.

Persian carpets as a highlight against a neutral backdrop


Oriental rugs have many patterns and colors that immediately catch the eye. To keep the room from looking cluttered, keep the rest of the decor neutral. Cream-colored or gray upholstered sofas, white cabinet fronts and coffee tables made of acrylic or glass create a balanced look. Take a look at the examples below and think about how designers have combined colors, patterns and materials.

Persian carpets in the living room and hallway

Persian carpets as a highlight -living room-wooden floor-wooden-metal-coffee tables

white upholstered sofa and light wood furniture

living area-industrial-design-ceiling-white-light-wood-furniture

Acrylic coffee table

living room-wall-decoration-picture-frame-gray-sofa-Persian carpets as a highlight

Living room in neutral colors

persian carpet - living room-cream-colored-upholstered sofas-fireplace

muffled tones

persian carpet-modern-living-room-leather-sofa

large oriental carpet

Persian carpet-open-living-room-dining-area-wood-dining table-access-garden

Brass and coffee table Glass

persian carpet highlight living room-leather-sofa-white-metal-glass-coffee table

Persian carpets-highlight-living room-floor-to-ceiling-glazing-balcony

persian carpets-highlight-living room-fireplace-room divider-seat-dining area


Persian carpets as a highlight living room-gray-sofas-glass-coffee table

Persian carpets-highlight-living-room-weisse-furniture

persian carpets-highlight-living-area-ottoman-couch-stitch-red-upholstery

Persian carpets-highlight-dining-room-leather-armchair-wood-dining table

Persian carpet-bedroom-ceilings-plank floor-wooden chests of drawers

persertepiche-highlight-home-office-reading corner-fireplace

orient-carpet-living-room-red-brick-wall-side tables

orient-carpet-living-room-natural stone-wall-wood-shelving-system



oriental-carpet-living room-gray-sofa-wood-side table




oriental carpet-wood-chest of drawers-leather armchair




dining area-white-round-dining-table-oriental carpet