Modernize the house and turn it into a smart home: this is how your home is networked!

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Cooking, heating, ventilating, providing the right lighting – anyone who transforms their home into a smart home can make themselves comfortable. The networked technology takes over (almost) everything – and you don’t even have to modernize the entire house!

Smart home for beginners: It doesn’t have to be the complete package

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Smart home or home automation basically means nothing other than that “intelligent” building technology autonomously carries out the desired actions at the desired time. The individual devices also communicate with each other and can be controlled with a smartphone while on the move. Beginners can start with individual smart home components, it doesn’t have to be the full range.

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Some solutions simply work with timers. For example, you can raise the blinds in the morning and lower them again in the evening. This is the simple variant. Equipped with an additional solar sensor, roller shutters also react to external influences such as solar radiation. They then close automatically as soon as the radiation reaches a certain intensity.

Should you modernize your house soon you can use the opportunity to network a wide variety of devices with one another. How about this, for example: As soon as you switch on the light in the bedroom, the coffee machine in the kitchen switches on automatically while the heater preheats the bathroom. To ensure that everything works smoothly, it is better to hire a specialist company to install more complex home automation systems.

Home automation for more protection and security

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The control of the building technology via the smartphone offers convenience and more security. All you have to do is install a corresponding app. Is the coffee machine really switched off? Should the oven preheat for the evening pizza? In principle, all of this can be clarified and initiated from any location.

There are also numerous ways to protect yourself against burglars and dangers such as fire with smart home technology. Modern smoke alarms not only sound loudly when there is a fire, they also raise the shutters at the same time to free escape routes. If a break-in attempt is made, special glass break sensors switch the lights on throughout the house, trigger an alarm call to the police and inform you on your smartphone. When it comes to security, it is advisable to play it safe and hire experts to set up the smart home solutions.

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