Make your dream home a reality … This is how it works

Schwedenhaus facade, Nordic-like front garden

The adventure of building a house begins nowadays with the fight for a plot of land. Due to the desire of many and the temptingly low interest rates, building land is more popular than ever. Anyone who was able to assert themselves in the race for a building site has already covered a good part of the way to the dream house. Now it’s about – within the framework of the Specifications of the development plan – plan the dream home.

1.) The size and shape of the house

Realize the dream of a luxurious villa with pool

First and foremost, the plot of land will decide what shape and size the house will one day be. Basically, the more rural the building, the larger the plots will be. And larger plots can mean either a bigger dream home or more garden space. If you want to be inspired, you should take a look at the different floor plans. These are available for very different property areas as well as for very different construction variants from bungalows to single-family houses, semi-detached houses to two-family houses and city villas.

– The floor plans of the bungalows are between 99 and 164 square meters.

– There are ideas for single-family houses between 109 and 196 square meters.

– Semi-detached houses are calculated in a size between 114 and 164 square meters.

– Two-family houses measure between 160 and 192 square meters.

– The floor plans for city villas range from 96 square meters to 184 square meters.

The size of the dream house is determined by the area of ​​the plot, the intended use (see point 2) and the budget.

2.) Floor plan planning means looking into the future

Own home dream home plan floor plan

The floor plans mentioned under point 1 are a good starting point for the detailed planning of the floor plan. Those who build themselves have the option of having a say in large parts of the room layout. Of course, it must be possible to implement the individual wishes purely architecturally and statically, but there is definitely scope here. Anyone sketching a floor plan must first take a look into the future: What else should be part of the house in addition to the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom??

Dream house plan floor plan sketch laptop

At this point the glass ball must be taken out that provides information about it,

whether the basic idea of ​​a family exists … Then one, two, three or even more children’s rooms have to be planned.

whether the vision is in the room to work at home one day … Then a study, a sewing room, a workshop or other suitable space should be planned.

whether the dream of a dressing room should be realized in the dream house … Then it is important to calculate this space and position it as close as possible to the bedroom.

whether a wellness area should be integrated in the dream house … The basement is often used for this, which is then ideally already planned in such a way that the sauna, mini pool or other facilities of the wellness oasis can be implemented in the best possible way.

There are hardly any limits to the creative ideas. Anyone who works with an architect to create ideas in numbers, lines and abbreviations will find it here some tips to scale, Minimum information, room arrangement, number of rooms and room size.

3.) The look of the house

Single-family house with a gable roof and terrace with gray roof shingles

The first sight of the house could suggest the builder. This is why not only the interior can be considered when planning the house, but also the exterior design takes up a lot of space. The variety of facade materials couldn’t be more extensive. Brick, concrete, cement, glass, wood, clay, metal, plaster, stone, vinyl or a mix of materials is possible – as long as this is permitted in the development plan of the building area. If you want to mentally take care of the facade of the house, you will also opt for a dream home style that can be modern or Scandinavian, Mediterranean or even rustic. Natural materials include wood and stone. A modern design usually combines a simple color such as gray, white or beige with many glass elements.

Screed flooring open living area fireplace

Tip: The dream home becomes harmonious when the outside view of the house is taken from the inside. So if you rely on a traditional wooden facade, you could combine it with a country-style interior. If, on the other hand, you prefer a modern, maybe even colored paint, you can continue this look with a modern interior. These pictures show how harmonious a combination of solid wood, steel and concrete can appear at first glance.

4.) The outside area

Single-family house with thatched roof and winter garden

If you think about the outside area of ​​the house, you shouldn’t only think of the terrace and garden, but should also consider the garage, parking spaces and other buildings in the outside area. Basically, the same applies here: There should be a common thread.

An example: Anyone who works with natural stone in the garden – using this to create a property boundary, perhaps building a rock garden or integrating a stream – should also use the naturalness of the stone on the exterior of the house. A stone staircase to the entrance or window sills in stone optics can be an option here. If the natural stone then shows up as a detail in the entrance area or perhaps in the stairwell, the overall design is quite coherent.

Garden design, outdoor facilities and the house should result in a coherent overall picture

Natural stone garden gravel walkway concrete slabs house entrance Mediterranean

Image sources: © 1. kul2r, 2. GregoryButler, 3. cocoparisienne, 7. Masson-Wintergarten and © 4./5./6./8. (CC0 Public Domain)