Made-to-measure built-in wardrobe for hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms as space-saving furnishings

The modern, minimalist style at its best – this is shown by this apartment, which is located in Poznan, Poland. Despite its relatively small size, the piece of jewelery is not lacking in cozy and relatively spacious pieces of furniture, including a kitchen with a kitchen island, the good old built-in wardrobe in every room, as well as a comfortable sofa and a large dining table. Above all, the built-in wardrobes make perfect use of the space and offer important storage space to stay true to the minimalist style and avoid chaos. We will show you how the designers have used built-in wardrobes in the various rooms.

Practical built-in wardrobe made to measure and an extendable canvas

Made-to-measure built-in wardrobe in the living room made of wood and gray walls and textiles

We have already mentioned that the apartment is basically not lacking in comfort. But all these living areas in the open living room have their price, because there is no free wall left for a wall unit with a television and all the trimmings. That is why the designers at mode: lina came up with a sophisticated alternative. They used the space in the ceiling to integrate a remote-controlled screen that can be rolled out if necessary and stowed back in the ceiling later. The opening for this is located directly in front of the made-to-measure built-in wardrobe, which can be found in the hallway and is also part of the wall cladding in the hallway, the kitchen and the living room.

Screen that can be extended from the ceiling instead of a wall unit with a television as a space-saving solution

The made-to-measure built-in wardrobe is one of the many warm wooden elements in the apartment that alternate with gray wall colors and upholstery as well as silver metals. This color contrast definitely attracts everyone’s attention, because it guarantees a cozy atmosphere despite the minimalist style. The hall floor is visually divided into two halves: one side is made of wood, while light gray tiles decorate the other half on the side of the kitchen.

The function of the built-in wardrobe

Custom-made built-in wardrobes in the hall, kitchen and living room for storage space

The built-in wardrobe in the hallway seems to make up the entire wall at first glance. However, this appearance is deceptive. In truth, it is a combination of built-in wardrobes, wall cladding and doors. It also goes right into the kitchen, so that the built-in cupboard in the kitchen can also be used. For example, there is also space for the refrigerator in the built-in cupboard. An integrated open shelf in the hallway accommodates the remaining devices.

Open kitchen in a minimalist style with a modern kitchen island

White, minimalist kitchen

White kitchen cabinets and wooden surfaces, combined with a built-in refrigerator in silver

The built-in wardrobe, wall paneling and doors form a flat surface

Made-to-measure built-in wardrobes, doors and wall cladding create an even wall

Shelves and cabinets on the wall for storage space

Made-to-measure built-in wardrobe with integrated, open shelf in black for living room technology

Wardrobe as a built-in wardrobe

Bright bedroom with peach walls and white built-in wardrobe

The color scheme changes in the bedroom. There value is placed on warmer nuances. A peach-colored wall in combination with a wooden floor like from the living room creates the perfect ambience for a bedroom. The built-in wardrobe in the bedroom, which was integrated into a niche, has the only neutral color. It remains minimalistic in this room due to the sparse use of decoration. Only a large wall mirror and the ceiling and wall lights in high-contrast black adorn the room next to the furniture.

Black wall lights as decorative accents in the bright and warm bedroom

Made-to-measure built-in wardrobe – in the bathroom

Modern bathroom with white mosaic and built-in cabinets

The built-in bathroom cabinet was also integrated into wall niches. White mosaic tiles adorn the area with the two sinks, while the cupboards on the left and right with their warm wood again form a contrast. All other walls, including the shower, are again gray in color as in the living area, so that the bathroom by and large combines the colors from both the living room and the bedroom.

The study

Modern shelf and antique desk made of solid wood

Also worth mentioning is the chic study, in which a tailor-made shelf with cupboard compartments adorns the wall behind the desk. Not only is the contrast between gray and wood striking here, but above all the interplay between the modern and the antique. The desk and desk chair are unique pieces made of solid wood that make the room something very special.

Original study with minimalist and rustic elements

Floor plan of the apartment

Floor plan of the apartment with a space-saving built-in wardrobe made to measure

Minimalist kitchen with built-in refrigerator and kitchen island

Dream kitchen in an apartment in Poland - spaciousness, built-in refrigerator and kitchen island

The perfect living room – spacious, comfortable sofa and large dining table

Large sofa and inviting dining table for parties with friends

Design by fashion: lina.