Living with style: which living style suits me?

Living with style furnishing style french gray neutral colors

The way an apartment is furnished says a lot about a person. Finding the right furnishings is a wide-ranging topic that not only concerns you when you move into your new apartment or house. It usually takes a long time to get a clear idea of ​​what your home should look like and how you would feel most comfortable in it. In search of the style of living that best suits your individual personality, you need support or at least a few great ideas. This is how we enrich you in this article. Whether clear lines or rather vintage, colorful or rather simple, the selection is large and living with style means something different for everyone. Above all, it is advisable to take your time and not buy the facility quickly. It is worth investing in high-quality main furniture and benefiting from the quality. You can find more helpful tips in the post.

Living with style in different countries

Living with style furnishing style neutral colors gray furnishing including sofa

The living style is primarily influenced by the respective location. The facility differs greatly from country to country. You can take a look at neighboring countries for inspiration. Is there a country that is close to your heart and that you have visited or dream of? Various elements from a foreign country, which may be particularly far away, give an exotic touch and create a very special atmosphere. We briefly present some particularly popular furnishing styles that have established themselves over the decades.

Living with style: Asian furnishing style

Living with style furnishing style asian wood light seat cushions furniture

Warm tones, little furniture and a lot of space, lots of light and a touch of nature – that’s how you imagine living in an Asian style. However, this is very diverse and is shaped by the different countries of Asia – China, Japan and India. However, there are some general signs that stand for Asian living style. The furnishings are largely made of natural materials such as wood or stone with a natural look: bamboo, mango wood, teak, elm wood, slate, lava stone, etc. The natural incidence of light is of great importance and nothing should stand in its way. Instead of solid walls, screens and flexible partition walls ensure more privacy. The decoration and the green houseplants, which create a special flair, are very important. Well-known elements of the Asian furnishing style are: small side tables, floor cushions and small pieces of furniture, Asian characters, cherry blossoms and Buddha statues as decorative elements. The Asian style is appealing to people who like minimalism and at the same time do not want to forego a touch of exoticism and decoration.

Living with style: furnishing in an oriental style

Living with style furnishing style oriental carpet living room white sofa

In an oriental furnished room you feel a bit overwhelmed at first, but comfortable and ready for relaxation. The focus is on luxury: large opulent carpets and rugs, high-quality furniture decorated with lots of fabric, velvet and silk hang as curtains on the windows. Artful elements decorate every piece of furniture and every area. The oriental style is especially popular with people who have a love for detail, luxury and eye-catching designs.

Living with style: Mediterranean ambience

living style furnishing style mediterranean living room wood upholstered furniture bright

Living with style that is reminiscent of a vacation on the Mediterranean is a dream of many. In the meantime, the charming furnishing style has become known all over the world and is very popular with many cultures. The focus is on earthy tones such as cream, beige and orange. This allows natural materials such as terracotta, clinker and wood, rough surfaces such as rattan and plaster, which is characterized by a coarse structure, and scrap metal to be beautifully combined. The floors are often tiled and often decorated with mosaic elements. Bowls and vessels made of clay serve as a great decoration. People who particularly like sun and light and for those who focus on comfort will certainly find the Mediterranean style of furnishing appealing.

Living with style: French chic 

living style furnishing style french pastel colors neutral

The combination of classic and modern is typical of the French style of living. Playful elements are optimally combined with one another, but no different designs are mixed. The attention to detail is not lacking, which makes for a playful character. Delicate pastel colors and filigree elements of the French Provence are harmoniously combined with modern, simple design. Decoration is very important: magnificent chandeliers, enamel products, metal optics in all facets and simple dishes. Living in the French style suits everyone who values ​​small details and a warm ambience.

Scandinavian living with style

living style furnishing style gray black fireplace sofa velvet wood

Scandinavian countries are not very comfortable due to the climate, but still have a very positive effect in their design. First and foremost, very light, neutral tones are used and beautifully combined with colored elements. A lot of white, gray, delicate pastel colors and small accents in black can often be found there. Living in the Scandinavian style means keeping everything as simple and plain as possible and creating a cozy living area for it. Areas like the dining table and sofa, where the family come together, are very important. Oversized couches and large, robust tables are preferred. When it comes to decoration, the main focus is on home textiles such as pillows, blankets and covers. Handcrafted items such as small pieces of furniture, decorations and antique objects are very important here. The Scandinavian living style suits everyone who likes light colors, likes to do without frills and wants to live comfortably at the same time.

Living with style: pure minimalism

living style furnishing style modern minimalist black and white kitchen

Interpreted in a modern way, the Scandinavian style borders on minimalism. Also light colors, especially white, little decoration and simple designer furniture characterize the minimalist living style, which is now very popular. Those who want to live minimalistically rely on clear shapes, simple matt or glossy surfaces, high-quality materials and neutral colors such as white, beige, cream, gray and black. People who are easily distracted, who like order and clear design, for whom less is always more, will be able to live well with minimalism.

Living with style: vintage and country house style

living style furnishing style country house style kitchen white tiles vintage

Perhaps the opposite of minimalism is the country style. Although vintage is mainly characterized by old favorites from the legacy of the old generations, you don’t even necessarily have to exclude “new” furniture. There are many pieces of furniture that are kept in the country house style and at the same time correspond to the latest trends in functionality and technology. Natural wood and romantic combinations of white and floral patterns should not be missing. Living in a country house design is for everyone who always feels comfortable in the country and who likes rustic furniture.

Living with style: which style of living suits me?

living style furnishing style white modern minimalist living room

If you are still not sure which style of living is best for you, the following questions may be helpful to you.

living style furnishing style black and white modern scandinavian wood

  • Past or present?

If you are inspired by retro looks from the 20s or 60s, inspired by antique objects and comfortable upholstered furniture, then you can choose between country house and “French chic”. Anyone who dreams of ultra-clean living spaces and only wants a small amount of very high-quality furniture should opt for minimalist or Scandinavian furnishings.

living style furnishing style oriental exotic eclectic bohemian bedroom

  • Colorful or rather neutral?

Minimalist living with style is not very colorful and does not look particularly cozy. The oriental and Mediterranean furnishing styles inspire with their colorful accents. The perfect compromise is the Scandinavian decor with colored accents. If you like neutral colors, you can choose between country house and French style.

living style furnishing style scandinavian white wood dining table

  • More is less or more is simply more?

According to this motto, the furnishing styles can be divided into two groups. The minimalist and Asian furnishings are dominated by clear lines and simple shapes. On the other hand, the decoration is in the foreground in the other furnishing styles listed.

living style furnishing style rustic country house vintage wood natural stone

  • city ​​or country?

This point is less about the location of the apartment or house. It’s more about the ambience you want to create. Furnishings in the country house or Mediterranean style are suitable for people who appreciate rural cosiness. Urban dwellers, in particular, want to live in a minimalist or Asian style. The perfect compromise is the French furnishing style.

living style furnishing style asian minimalistic furnishing bamboo floor