Living trends 2021: 100 ideas for a breath of fresh air in your home!

The coronavirus pandemic forced us to spend much of our time in our own four walls. This resulted in the desire for new living ideas and renovations to breathe a fresh breeze into our rooms. Discover the living trends for 2021 and let yourself be inspired for new living ideas!

Living trends and styles in 2021

Living trend nature 2021 sage green wall and yellow sofa

Living trend nature

In 2021, the focus will be on the connection between people and nature. Natural, durable materials such as wood and stone bring the feeling of being outside into your own four walls. One speaks also for a new lifestyle trend, called Friluftsliv.

Living trend nature 2021 lots of plants and jungle feeling

In times when technology overwhelms us, we long for a return to nature. A home where you can experience a piece of nature is therefore more popular than ever.

botanical prints in picture frames brass table lamp green sofa and green plants

There is a tendency to create little nooks in peace to disconnect from TVs, computers, cell phones, and all of the technology that surrounds us. A small indoor garden can be perfect for digital detoxing.

modern country house style with wooden ceiling paneling and wooden pillars

Large green houseplants are very popular today because they create a jungle feeling at home. Evergreen climbing plants that creep through the room also reinforce this effect.

Natural fiber carpet under the round wooden dining table

Living trends 2021 inspired by nature

Japandi living trend

Japandi living trend 2021 in yellow wood and white

Japandi is a mix of Nordic and Japanese styles. He combines Scandinavian cosiness with the timeless puristic elegance of Japanese aesthetics to create a style that offers the best of both worlds.

Japandi living trend 2021 dark wood and bonsai

It’s not hard to see why this home trend has captured the hearts of interior designers around the world. Although they come from different parts of the world, they have similar principles. Both are minimalist and want to free modern people from consumer-oriented thinking. The rooms are only furnished with the bare essentials.

Japandi living trend 2021 - living room in light colors

It’s the differences that make this mix of styles particularly interesting. While Japanese rooms can be overly elegant, the rustic details in the Nordic design ensure comfort. While the typically Scandinavian color combinations are neutral and simple, the rich color palette of the Japanese design brings warmth and contrast into play. You can find out more about this exciting new furnishing style in our article “Japandi living trend 2021”.

Japandi dining room with round wooden table and black wicker chairs

Industrial chic

Industrial chic in the living room in anthracite and beige

Some of the defining features of industrial home design are brick walls, exposed concrete, metal shelves, reclaimed wood, and industrial materials such as grids and tubes.

Industrial style with concrete ceiling and open plan living area

The furniture is usually simple and unobtrusive. The decor is minimalist because it is the architectural features that stand out.

Nordic Clean and Scandi-Style

Scandinavian furnishings in white and gray tones

The Scandinavian style of living is still trendy. The Scandi style lives from white walls, lots of natural light, a neutral color palette with few color accents and natural textures such as wood and stone.

Scandi style dining area with

The style is harmonious, casual and creates a place of rest and relaxation. The focus is on optical clarity, airy space and elegant restraint.

Scandi style dining room with a minimalist flair

Linen curtains and fur rugs and simple, unobtrusive elements that provide a touch of cosiness everywhere with their great feel and the cozy look.

Modern Rustic – The modern country house style

Modern rustic living style 2021 with rafters

In the rustic-modern mix, modern pieces of furniture meet rural elements. You can add the icing on the cake to a modern ambience with recycled or handmade items.

Modern rustic living style 2021 with natural materials in focus

Typical of the rustic style are wooden or stone beams, columns or solid wood floors. If these elements are not part of the architectural features of your home, it is possible to add imitation beam to the ceiling to achieve that barndominium flair.

Modern Rustic - The modern country house style

The furniture is mostly made of wood or metal. But other materials such as rattan, linen, sisal, jute, cotton, wool, leather or fur can also be used in the interior design.

modern kitchen in ecru high gloss with black tiled surface

Vintage style

Vintage modern style mix in the living room

The vintage style has been very popular for several years and is also very much in trend when it comes to fashion in 2021.

Vintage style Mid Century Modern in the living room

Art Deco or furniture in a classic style are combined with contemporary materials and textures. We explain exactly where the difference between vintage and retro lies in the article “Designing a bedroom in vintage style”.

Vintage decor in green and dark wood

The vintage style is about furniture and objects that show real signs of use and that are already considered antiques. Vintage furniture and accessories in mid-century and Bauhaus styles are particularly popular.

Vintage bedroom in white

Dark blue wall and retro feeling in the interior

dark blue walls and medium dark wood in the dining room

Living room interior in vintage style

Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi living trend 2021 in the living room in beige-gray

The term “Wabi Sabi” stands for the transience of all things. It’s about highlighting the beauty of the old and worn. Objects inherited from previous generations, found items from the second-hand market, DIY projects, folk art and vintage pieces coexist together in this new interior design style and set accents with their many patterns and colors.

Living trend Japandi in the living room

Wabi Sabi living trend 2021 in the living room

Living trends in 2021: furniture and materials

Rounded sofa

And what can we expect in terms of furniture design? In the following we show you the most famous furniture trends for 2021.

Dark woods

Kitchen 2021 dark wood white and metal accents

While light woods have been very popular in recent years thanks to the Scandinavian trend, darker wood tones now dominate furniture. They bring the retro glamor back to life and provide a fresh look at modern luxury.

Retro and industrial mix of styles in an old apartment

Metal handles and feet are the perfect touches to add an extra touch of glamor to wooden furniture. A mixture of walnut, brass and black marble gives many pieces of furniture a very sophisticated look.

Kitchen 2021 with marble worktops and back wall

While oak is still very popular, many new pieces of furniture can be seen in dark wood, such as wenge. Bleached wood is no longer trendy, this year everything revolves around rustic and dark woods.

dark wood, white and marble are trendy

modern kitchen in black marble and medium dark wood

modern kitchen in dark wood and black

Furniture with round shapes

Blue velvet sofa with rounded lines

Curved and curved seating furniture is all the rage in 2021. Armchairs and sofas with flowing lines are real eye-catchers in the living room. One piece of furniture that is making a big comeback is the shell armchair. This chic armchair is a real eye-catcher not only because of its unmistakable shape, but also because of its pleasantly soft velvet cover. With shiny golden armchair feet, it looks even more luxurious.

Shell armchair in pink with metal legs in a glamorous interior

Shell armchair in orange brass console and dark green wall


Terrazzo floor and wall panels

What do you think of the big indoor terrazzo comeback? The terrazzo trend started last year and conquered not only the interior world but also other areas such as design, graphic design and architecture.

modern bathroom with tiles in Tarrazzo optics

The terrazzo floor was the typical flooring in Venetian houses of the 16th century – an inexpensive solution in which pieces of marble and granite were scattered together in a mosaic shape.

Tarrazzo-look bathroom tiles and black washbasin

But while the actual historical terrazzo is a mixture of really small remnants scattered on concrete, the terrazzo we see today is a mixture of different types of marble with larger dimensions, lower density and a more noticeable graphic look.

Tarrazzo floor and wall with white kitchen and terracotta wall paint

The developer Max Lamb called the material “Marmoreal”. It consists of four different types of Italian marble and 5 percent polyester resin to create a stone that is more resistant, less porous and more durable than natural marble. Its appearance is very different from the traditional terrazzo and looks much more interesting.

Wicker chairs

Dark wood chairs with wickerwork

Dining room chairs in retro shapes, such as these wooden chairs with woven seats, are one of the clearest living trends in 2021. And the best thing is that they go with almost every living style.

Dining room trends 2021 chairs with wickerwork


Cord sofa in rose combined with sisal carpet

Cord is also currently celebrating its comeback. The trend material exudes 70s vibes and gives sofas, armchairs and cushions a beautiful structure.

Cord sofa in gray in the industrial living room

Brown leather

Leather Chesterfield sofa as an eye-catcher

Cognac leather will never go out of style. One of the great classics of home furnishings is undoubtedly the leather sofa. It goes wonderfully with an industrial or retro style living room.

brown sofa and rug in a used look

Brown leather furniture goes perfectly with the Mid Century Modern Retro style

Industrial style metals

Industrial style living room with black steel brick wall and wood

Metallic tones and industrial-looking metals such as black steel, brass and polished nickel are making a comeback. Mixing hot and cold metals such as iron and bronze is also allowed.

Metal accents in the modern living room

Floor screed and black steel

Terracotta tiles

Terracotta hexagonal tiles and pink metro tiles on the wall in the small bathroom

Warm materials on floors and walls such as terracotta tiles make the cool white or nude tones look more cozy. Unlike the 1980s, modern terracotta designs have a natural, matte finish and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Find out which wall color goes with terakorra tiles in this article.

Terracotta floor tiles in a modern country kitchen


Cork wall cladding in the bedroom

Cork is a material that exudes warmth and comfort and is also ideal for soundproofing. It is used to manufacture furniture and lights, but also as wall cladding.

Frosted glass lights with a cork frame

Cork wall design goes well with the country house style

Cork wall in the home office 2021 helpful

Cork stool and sisal rug

Cork stool with storage space for magazines

Cork side table next to bed

Side tables made of cork and metal

Wallpaper in botany or watercolor look

Watercolor wallpaper with gray flowers

Wallpapers that look like watercolor works of art, such as mountains or flowers in an XXL look, are also part of the living trends for 2021 and ensure a striking look in every room.

Wallpaper mountains in a watercolor look

Wallpaper with palm trees

Living trends 2021: decoration and home accessories

Ethnic ornaments

Boho living room with shaggy carpet, aztec pattern and co

Decoration from distant countries and foreign cultures bring a touch of the exotic to our four walls. The earthy tones of clay, terracotta and ocher appear in ethnically inspired prints that will play an important role this season.

Ethnic home accessories such as floor cushions and carpets will be popular in 2021

Patterns and prints of different origins can be wonderfully combined with one another, e.g. B. Batik and Shibori patterns, oriental paisley and Arabic ikat patterns, Indian Navajo and Central American Aztec patterns, etc..

Boho vibes and ethnic decorations in the living room

Ethnic carpet cushions and seat cushions are trendy in 2021

Interplay of different textures and materials

Persian carpet as an eye-catcher under the dining table

Structure and feel play an important role in the living trends in 2021. Furniture has a natural, handcrafted feel, especially with materials like rattan and bamboo. Decorations on textiles, such as B. borders, embroidery and other details not only look beautiful, but also fascinate with their special feel.

Modern Rustic living style 2021 Cotton and natural materials

A simple mix of different textures and materials has a strong influence on the visual impact of a room. Whether wicker furniture, macrame cushions or a combination of marble and metal: Don’t underestimate the power of the different textures and haptics.

Interplay of different textures and materials in the bedroom

Metallic accents

green velvet brass furniture and black marble for a glam look

The trend for luxurious metallic elements as an accent in the interior is not new, but the big difference this year is the color of the metallic surfaces. Copper and rose gold are used less, but more bronze.

Glamor chic furnishings with metal lights as an eye-catcher above the dining table

Bronze accents in furniture, mirrors and accessories give any room a luxurious finish. Soft pink and emerald green bring out the bronze tones perfectly.

Bronze accents living trend 2021

Smaller lamps and accessories are the perfect way to bring a new trend into a room without having to invest in larger, more expensive furniture. Incidentally, bronze gets along wonderfully with marble.

Metal accents white and pink

Dried ornamental grasses in vases

Living ideas 2021 brown leather sofa, ethnic carpet and dried grass in vases

Dried ornamental grasses and dried flowers are currently very popular and an attractive eye-catcher in every apartment. Pampas grass decoration comes into its own in beautiful glass vases. If you are in the craft mood, you can try this idea for DIY embroidery hoop decoration.

dried grasses in vase as a modern decoration

Upholstered headboards

Upholstered headboard in black, bed linen and curtains made of linen

Wood headboards are currently dominating the market, but upholstered headboards are making a comeback in 2021. They are a classic element for decorating luxurious spaces, but their use has become increasingly popular in recent years and will boom in the years to come.

Upholstered bed in gray to a wall in concrete look

Regardless of whether you opt for a classic model in neutral tones with buttons or in velvet, an upholstered headboard brings a lot of glamor to any bedroom.

modern bedroom with upholstered bed

Living trends 2021: patterns

Botanical prints

Home Trends 2021 Pattern Botanical Prints

Floral and botanical prints are likely to never go out of style. This year, however, the flowers can be seen on a small scale, as if they were taken from an artist’s sketchbook or a handbook for plant collectors.

botanical and geometric prints

Rich shades of green look stunning combined with dark furniture and anthracite and navy blue walls that are so trendy in home decor right now. Large-format leaves, insects, wild animals and exotic birds can also be used for this.


geometric and botanical prints

From curtains to bed linen to pillowcases – in 2021 all home accessories will be provided with graphic patterns and geometric shapes. Rhombuses, triangles, lines & Co. are popular in both minimalist and Scandi-style interiors.

geometric prints in the retro living room

geometric patterns are among the living trends for 2021

Trend colors and color combinations for 2021

yellow sofa as an accent in the light gray living room

Gray may still be the neutral choice for many rooms, but this year it can also be a little more colorful. Stronger colors can be seen on both walls and furniture, especially sofa collections. Accents with spirited colors such as purple, navy blue and striking emerald green are more popular than ever. Incidentally, in this article we have also compiled the trend wall colors 2021 for you.

Pastel colors

Pastel colors like vanilla and rose in the kitchen with a dark floor

Pastel colors will be very popular again in 2021. Light vanilla, delicate blue, pearly beige and fresh mint green create spring fever everywhere and go wonderfully with many living styles.

Pastel colors in the living room and copper floor lamp

The Pantone colors 2021: yellow and gray

Gray and yellow in the modern living room 2021

In 2021, Pantone named two shades of color of the year, namely yellow and gray. The two trendy colors can be implemented in a variety of ways in the furnishings and harmonize wonderfully with other trendy colors such as mint and blush pink.

Retro living room in yellow and gray

Shades of purple like lilac and lavender

Lavender lilac and gray on the wall

Lilac and lavender are two colors that exude a lot of optimism and create an atmosphere full of lightness and romance. Their potential can be brought to life through sheer fabrics, silk and velvet.

90% white 10% color

Nordic clean living style in trend in 2021

White relaxes the senses and creates the perfect basis for colorful accessories. The look is fresh, modern and timelessly beautiful.

Living room in white with a few color accents

Dark green

dark green wall in the living room in combination with a brown leather sofa

Dark green tones are one of the hottest colors in 2021. Emerald green is the perfect color to add an accent in rooms where white and neutral colors as well as beige and brown tones predominate. Especially as a wall color, green inspires with a strong pinch of nature and visually gives rooms more depth. You can find out more about this in our article “Green wall as an eye-catcher in the living room”.

dark green wall and retro furniture in the living room

Dark blue

Dark blue wall in the living room with brass side tables and a wall lamp

Cobalt blue has always been a classic in interior design and is set to experience a particular boom this year. You can find out which colors go best with this in the article “Correctly combining shades of blue in the interior”.

Taupe / Greige

Greige wall paint home ideas 2021

Taupe is a shade between gray and beige. It looks very elegant and fits perfectly with the rustic and modern living style. Similar to gray, the color is reserved, but the beige undertone also makes it warm and cozy.

Greige wall paint in hallway