Living trends 2016: The focus is on comfort and wood

Living trends 2016 living room-wooden-wall-light-green-wall-color-white-furniture-black-lamps

A new trend for living is announced for 2016: The trend is towards nature! Indigenous types of wood are used with preference in the design of floor coverings, walls and furniture. People like to set up comfortably and comfortably again. Wood with its warm appearance and lamps with pleasant light play a decisive role in furnishing apartments according to the latest living trends of 2016. Wall stickers that can be individually designed are also very popular and, above all, inexpensive.

Overview of the living trends for 2016

Living trends 2016 bedroom-wood-stone-chalet-style Photo of a cozy bedroom

When it comes to designing modern living areas, cosiness will again play a major role in 2016. The trend is moving away from a puristic design towards natural materials.

The following features should be taken into account when furnishing modern rooms this year:

– create a cozy atmosphere

– Comfort comes first

– mainly use of natural materials

– Use of local wood in the manufacture of flooring and furniture

living trends 2016 living room-cozy-wood-low-board-colorful-cushions-indirect-lighting-wall

While purism has played a decisive role in furnishing modern living areas in recent years, things can now be a little more playful again. The designers take a “cuddle course”. It is becoming more important that you feel comfortable in your facility. People want to feel at home again in their own home and “shut up”.

You can use the following graphic to furnish your own apartment taking into account the living trends of 2016:

Living trends 2016 ideas-flooring-kitchen-lamp-wall-motifs

Other new trends – Let a computer control your own kitchen

Another trend for 2016 should inspire all technology freaks. In the kitchen, special apps now control the individual devices. This gives you the opportunity to sit back and relax in your own kitchen because the computer will set and monitor important functions in the future.


The following news are now available in stores at low prices:

iDevice Kitchen Thermometer

– monitors the temperature of the food

– suitable for frying and cooking

– sends the data to the smartphone

– the mobile phone gives an alarm when the optimal temperature is reached

Coffee machine with Bluetooth connection

– Precise cooking of the coffee possible

– Numerous maintenance functions can be set

automatic extractor hood

– always switches on when the stove is in use

– can also be monitored and controlled via smartphone

The trend colors for 2016


All fans of pastel shades can look forward to this year! The colors Rose Quartz and Serenity became the ones Trend colors 2016 chosen. These colors should be used when designing your living space. B. be taken into account when choosing furniture or wallpapers. These two colors can also be combined with each other and in this way create a pleasant ambience.

Tip: When buying wallpaper in trendy colors, you should look out for the label “The Blue Angel”. These wallpapers are particularly environmentally friendly because they are made from waste paper. With the purchase, waste is avoided and recycling is promoted. In addition, wallpapers made from natural materials ensure a pleasant room climate.

Guide – How to integrate new trend colors and living trends into an existing living space


If you want to integrate a modern trend color or a new living trend into the living area, you should make sure that the new color and the trend do not appear too dominant. It is best to concentrate your changes on the wallpaper or individual accessories. This gives you the opportunity to try out a little bit until you have found the right amount of change that goes well with the rest of the interior.

You can e.g. B. buy a nice new pillow in the trendy color. Then you can z. B. integrate a large picture or photo in another trendy color into the living room. Always make the selection of news in a room dependent on the respective individual effect of the overall context. In this way you create a pleasant ambience and cozy rooms to live in. If you want to make a change, don’t paint the entire room right away. You can often achieve a subtle and successful effect by painting just one wall in the new trend color.

Patterns on the walls – these are the new trends

Living trends-2016-wall-design-wallpaper-pattern-walls-wooden floor

Since natural design principles are in vogue in 2016, wallpapers with a stone, wood or even leather look are in great demand. Digital prints with floral patterns or individual wall motifs, such as those on, are also very popular can be found. On wallpaper, geometrically oversized forms line up with eye-catching graphic patterns. “Oversized” is back in fashion, but should be avoided in smaller rooms.


Tip: This is how you optimally arrange print motifs on the wall:

– The same motifs or similar colors in the individual images create a harmonious relationship with one another

– Smaller wall motifs should also be used in small rooms

– Large motifs are suitable for spacious rooms and can even lead to an optical enlargement of the room

From old to new! – This is how the Germans renovate


Germans like to renovate their living space. Especially in spring, many are full of energy and want change their home. In many cases, current trends are taken into account when redesigning the living space. The following statistics show that around 3.6 million Germans were very interested in renovating their own living space last year.

Combination of different living trends in 2016 and ideas: tips and recommendations


According to the Trendyone online lifestyle magazine Of course, it is also possible to combine various interesting living ideas with one another. The current trend colors z. B. look if your living space is dominated by white or gray color. Metal is also a living trend for 2016. Accessories made of metal, e.g. B. to advantage if you are positioned in front of a wall in gray color in a suitable place. Even in an apartment with a black basic color, metal objects make a very good impression.

Conclusion for the living trends 2016 – natural design and comfort are in demand again

living-trends-2016-hoyboden-lowboard-wall-mounted-tv-white-brick-wall-corner-sofa-hanging chair

In 2016 it should be very cozy again in many of the newly designed apartments. Flooring made from local wood is becoming increasingly popular. The natural materials create a cozy atmosphere and radiate warmth. Current trends in lighting design are moving towards cosiness and away from puristic design.

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