Living ideas with sloping ceilings in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom

sloping roof apartment bachelor industrial living room desk

Sloping ceilings simply exude a wonderful atmosphere and that applies to all rooms. Because of this, they should by no means be viewed as a disadvantage. Instead, use the areas to accommodate various storage spaces such as shelves or cupboards, to display custom-made and thus unique furniture and thus to create a breathtaking ambience. Are you still not convinced and need a few Living ideas with a sloping roof? No problem, because you will get them in this article!

Living ideas with sloping ceilings – modern style in the living room

living ideas modern windows sloping ceilings design shelves seating area dining table

We have divided our living ideas into four categories depending on the room. So you will be able to look at great examples for the living room and bedroom, as well as for the kitchen and even the bathroom. By the end of the article, you will also see that rooms with sloping ceilings do not limit your imagination, but can even stimulate them. But just take a look for yourself! Here are the impressive 25 living ideas with a sloping roof:

Living ideas with sloping ceilings in the living room

sloping roof design idea style modern living room sofa gray

Small sitting area under a sloping roof

Roof pitch window long living room furnishing wooden beams modern

Living idea in white and dark laminate for the living room with a sloping ceiling

living ideas with pitched roof parquet black and white furniture beanbag pillars

Living ideas with a sloping roof in the kitchen

living ideas sloping kitchen country house style modern dining area chandelier

Modern, white kitchen under a sloping roof

living ideas white kitchen built-in cupboard dining table carpet pendant light

Living idea in a rustic style for the kitchen with a sloping roof

living ideas rustic wood furnishing kitchen design round dining table lamp

Pitched roof with built-in shelves in the kitchen

ideas for living with a sloping roof kitchen parquet shelf white furniture

Kitchen with sloping ceiling and beams in Mediterranean style

living ideas country style kitchen dark wooden beams mediterranean sloping roof

living ideas furnishing kitchen sloping roof black furniture steel parquet

living ideas sloping ceilings furnishing kitchen small bedroom white

dachschraege kitchen modern bar skylights brick columns

Pitched roof in the bedroom

living ideas with sloping ceilings orange bedroom bed carpet window

sloping roof bedroom design simple beam wood bedside table

living ideas scandinavian style simple wood light sloping roof checkered curtain

sloping roof wardrobe bed bedroom idea window parquet

living ideas with sloping ceilings romantic bedroom sky chandelier

Bathroom with a sloping ceiling

ideas for living with sloping tiles white shower washbasin

sloping roof white bathroom green yellow wood window round design

roof pitch idea bathroom wood attic design closet romantic

Roof pitch bathroom modern white wood glass bench

living ideas white bathroom shower ceiling wood tiles

sloping roof living ideas wall salmon bathroom tub hearts