Important information about air conditioning at home

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Air conditioning is not an unnecessary extra in our interior. Modern air conditioning systems are elegant, noiseless, equipped with rapid temperature changes, efficient and not harmful to health. Modern devices offer an attractive option two in one – they can be used for heating and cooling! With a Air conditioning at home the desired room temperature can be reached quickly, which is another advantage of this device, which actually wins many fans. Experts say that heating with air conditioning is between 30-70% cheaper compared to electric heating.

Air conditioning at home – what do specialist retailers offer?

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Split units are definitely the most popular type of air conditioner. They have a significantly better cooling capacity than the compact units. This air conditioning system is divided into an indoor part (in the building) and an outdoor part (outside the building). Both parts are connected to one another via a pipe. Class A air conditioners have the most economical energy consumption. For larger rooms and professional use, the mobile air conditioners are recommended as a better option. Their advantage is that they can be easily transported from one room to another as long as there is ventilation there.

What are the main advantages of inverter air conditioner at home?

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The inverter air conditioners are a great option for home heating. The latest models offer excellent energy savings and good performance thanks to the latest generation of inverter technology that regulates the speed of the compressor at an effective energy level.


A novelty on the market are the Clima Canal units, which combine air conditioning, heating and ventilation in one. Everything is pre-assembled and suitable for installation in ceilings, walls, cupboards. A grille looks nice and can be integrated into the interior.

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Heating with infrared rays? Yes, this is not only possible now, it is efficient and energy-saving! The switchboard convectors heat the room quickly and maintain the freshness of the air. They are equipped with a thermostat. Their special construction allows heat transfer up to 30% faster, so they are very efficient. The low temperature of the case is safe to touch, even for children. There are also waterproof models for bathrooms. With their modern and compact design, they can complement any elegant interior.

What technical features of the air conditioner should you pay attention to??

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Before deciding on a make and model of air conditioner, you need to correctly calculate the size of the rooms and choose your air conditioner accordingly. For example, if the room is up to a hundred cubic meters, you need an air conditioner with a capacity of 5 kW. Second, it is desirable, for economic reasons, to select the air with a higher rate (e.g. 5) of cooling / heating. Ask about a guarantee – big brands offer a two or three year guarantee. Find out if the faceplate is easy to remove and clean. Another tip: if you have an air filter (located under the hood of the indoor unit), take it out every two weeks to wash and dry it before putting it back in.

What are the most important extras in an air conditioner?


It is better if your air conditioner has a bio air-purifying filter. A special sensor (Panasonic) signals that it is dirty. As you know, the home air conditioner dries the air in the room, so some Sharp, Panasonic models have an air filter that destroys the bacteria and brings ozone air into the room. What matters is the noise level that the various brands and models have, from 21 to 48 dB. The sleep mode is a valuable function in the event of a power failure. And the device will turn on automatically when power is restored. Most models have an on / off timer and remote control.

What are the suggestions in terms of design?

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Brands like LG offer designer performances, so the customer can not only choose functional air conditioning for the home, but also a suitable interior addition. In addition, the Cool series allows the front panel of the device to be used as a picture frame. Slim mirrors in pastel colors and a delicate shimmer can be suitable for modern interiors. A variety of colors – blue, yellow, red, silver and mirror surfaces are also offered by other brands. The Haier models with their oval aerodynamic design are particularly suitable for small rooms.

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Have you already decided on a particular brand of air conditioning? Or go on your shopping spree only now?