Household contents insurance tips: Insure your belongings properly

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At Christmas in particular, the thieves get out there. And even an Advent wreath can catch fire. Or has there been damage caused by leaking tap water? For example because of a burst pipe or a defective water machine? You protect your property with home contents insurance. But what exactly does it insure? In which cases does the protection apply? And what do you have to consider when concluding a contract? You can find the answers here.

What does the contents insurance do?

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The provides information about what a household insurance provides Association of the German Insurance Industry V. (GDV): The insurance reimburses the financial value of goods that have been stolen, destroyed or damaged – for example in the event of a break-in or fire. The services include the replacement price of stolen or completely destroyed inventory, the repair costs of damaged items or a reduction in value for items that can still be used to a limited extent.

According to The basic tariffs include “damage after burglary, robbery, vandalism, fire, damage from tap water, storms and hail”. Bicycles that are not stolen from the house but on the street, on the other hand, would have to be insured separately.

Which items are insured?


All movable objects in your household are insured – this includes furniture and decorative items, carpets, lamps and electronic devices, clothing, books, musical instruments and toys, jewelry and cash. This also includes household appliances that are stored in the basement or garage – such as tools, garden furniture or lawn mowers. Cars, motorcycles and mopeds are a special case – these may have to be insured with comprehensive vehicle insurance.

When is the household insurance not responsible??

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Household contents insurance only pays for property damage to your own property. If goods are accidentally damaged by third parties, the liability insurance is responsible. Household contents insurance does not cover damage to buildings either; building insurance provides protection in this regard.

What does a household insurance cost?

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Household contents insurance is already available for an annual amount of less than one hundred euros. The amount of the contribution depends on the size of your household, the amount of the sum insured and, of course, the insured risks. Not all tariffs insure all risks. Possible extra services also include the costs of temporary hotel accommodation if the living space is no longer usable after an event.

What do I have to do for the protection to take effect?

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It is important that you can prove the loss of objects in an emergency, so It makes sense to prepare a list of all valuables as a preventive measure, to take photos of them and to document the value with “receipts, receipts, guarantee certificates, repair invoices”. This list should not be kept in your own household, but deposited with a person of trust or in a safe deposit box. In the event of fire damage, there would then be no risk of the receipts being destroyed.

So that you cannot be accused of negligence in the event of a break-in, you should also make sure that you lock windows and doors at night and when you are absent. Special valuables should be deposited in safes.

Household contents insurance – what you should consider when taking out

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The various household contents insurers differ in terms of services and prices. Before deciding on a particular insurance policy, you should therefore compare different providers and tariffs.

Online comparisons save you a lot of time. The comparison portal, for example, offers you free and non-binding comparison calculators – If you wish, you can also search for specific tariff modules there.

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