Heating with infrared – which type of infrared heating in which area?

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Like the rays of the sun on a warm day – this is how the warmth of infrared heaters feels. The alternative heating system is a type of electrical heating that does not heat the room air, but the bodies in the room. These then give off the heat again and distribute it evenly in the room. Infrared heaters are also versatile: the radiators can be mounted free-standing on the wall or on the ceiling in any room. If used correctly, IR heating can still result in great savings in energy consumption. In the article, we reveal where heating with infrared makes sense and which types of infrared heaters fit which area!

When is it worth heating with infrared??

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So that infrared heating is really worthwhile, it should be used correctly. Such a heating system, for example, would not be a sensible decision for an old building without good insulation. For well-insulated new buildings, on the other hand, or as additional heating in the transition period, infrared heaters offer a good alternative to conventional heating systems. They are much cheaper to purchase and warm up very quickly, which ensures optimal comfort of use.

In contrast to standard radiators, the infrared heaters do not take up as much space in the room and can be installed almost anywhere where there is a socket. the Infrared heating is also offered in different versions so that you can find the right solution for every area of ​​the apartment. With providers like Digel Heat, the variety of designs is really great. Whether you opt for picture, mirror, blackboard or glass heating with infrared radiation depends primarily on the area of ​​application.

Heating with infrared in the living area

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Especially in the transition period, when the central heating is switched off, you need an alternative solution in order not to get cold feet. At this point, infrared heating offers a cheaper alternative to convectors or fan heaters, which consume more electricity and do not distribute the heat produced evenly. In the living area, the radiator can be placed so that you stand directly in the radiation area. In this way the body warms up faster and you feel a pleasant warmth, similar to a fireplace.

From a health point of view, heating with infrared is recommended in the living room, especially for allergy sufferers. Since the heating does not generate any air movement through radiant heat, no dust is swirled around the room.

infrared heating application area living room picture heating

In the living room, the infrared heater can either be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. Picture heaters are very popular because they transform the radiator into a beautiful wall decoration. You can choose the motifs yourself and adapt them to the interior. Using a special printing technique, any motif can easily be printed on the radiator. In the end, the radiator is barely perceptible as such, but it still radiates pleasant warmth in the room.

Blackboard heating is the right choice for the kitchen or home office. Did you think of something for your next purchase? On a blackboard heater, you can take notes, make to-do lists, or just get creative.

Infrared heating for the holiday home

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Infrared heating is a cheap option where it is rarely heated. In holiday homes and weekend homes, installing central heating is usually not worthwhile, as it would be more expensive than operating an electric heater. When heating with infrared, on the other hand, there are no maintenance costs and only low acquisition costs. In addition, the rooms can be heated quickly even with a spontaneous visit, which would take significantly longer with a different heating system. Which type of infrared heating you choose for your weekend house depends mainly on the area of ​​application.

Infrared heating in the bathroom

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In the bathroom, the room temperature plays a major role in wellbeing. If you want the bathroom to be a few degrees warmer in the morning and in the evening, you can heat the room with infrared. Thanks to programmable thermostats, the temperature in the damp room can be easily controlled. Since the infrared heater warms the surfaces and does not dry the room air, it can also prevent the formation of mold.

Bathrooms are usually small and often there is not enough space for a radiator. However, if you decide to use infrared heating, you can save space with ceiling or mirror heating. Mirror heaters are practically invisible in the room and can be combined with a towel rail.

The terrace and winter garden are heated with infrared

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Infrared heating is also often an option for the terrace or winter garden. The radiated heat feels very pleasant and is also good for your plants. In these areas, a glass heater with or without printing is best. The surface of these radiators is resistant to splashing water and can be cleaned like a normal pane of glass.

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